Cafeteria & Menu

Our cafeteria provides a range of foods for purchase. Students can obtain hot or cold lunches and beverages and are asked to clean their lunch area after lunch is completed. The cafeteria items comply with healthy food standards of the CBE. 

Students are encouraged to stay in the school or on school grounds for lunch. They may socialize in the cafeteria, student gathering area, hallways or participate in teacher supervised activities in the gym, library, computer room, etc. Due to the short lunch period, we advise against leaving the building but do not prevent students from doing so. Parents are advised there is very limited supervision outside of the school or off school property. Students are reminded of their responsibility to be respectful of the property of others when off campus during the lunch hour. Being respectful of the property of others means that students do not loiter in or around business establishments, or trespass, loiter, or litter on private property.

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