Knights' Block

What is Knights' block?

  • Knights' block is a flex period where students can find assistance or enrichment outside of the regular class structure but still during part of the school day.
  • Knights' block is a chance to seek more one on one help from teachers, to work with other students and to complete projects.
  • Knights' block provides significant benefits to you and supports your learning.

How will it be used?

The flex time will:

  • support your learning
  • improve academic achievement
  • promote student wellness
  • allow you to be more active participants in your own learning

You will have access to:

  • academic tutorials and support
  • enrichment opportunities
  • opportunities for project completion
  • support with online courses
  • opportunities to dive deeper and investigate other ways of earning credits (dual credit offerings)

What about teachers?

  • Teachers will be available in specific classrooms so you can access what help or support you may need.
  • Teachers will create a schedule so you can plan out your Knights' block activities.

How will I know where to go?

  • Monday & Friday - Period 1 class, Tuesday - Period 2 class, Wednesday - Period 3 class, Thursday - Period 4 class.
  • You will assess your learning needs and make a plan for the following week.
  • You will be responsible to check PowerSchool and D2L to see what you need.

Do I have to attend Knights' block?

  • Yes! This is a wonderful gift of time!
  • You must have a plan for the Knights' blocks. You are expected to use this time to enhance your learning.
  • Teachers may request students attend their Knight's block for extra academic support or if extra time is needed for a certain lab, writing assignment, test or project completion.

What does the schedule look like?

  • Flex time will take place in the mornings each day.
  • A schedule is available on our school website (view the bell schedule).

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