Feb 03
Integrated School Support Program (ISSP)

​Dear Radisson Park families.

 The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child", reminds us of the importance of schools, families and community coming together to support all children to be their best. With this in mind, we are very excited to announce that our community village has become bigger, as Radisson Park School has been selected to be part of the Integrated School Support Program (ISSP)!

 What is ISSP? The Integrated School Support Program is intended to provide supports and services to address various needs within our school and community, with the goal of improved academic performance and the social, emotional, and physical well-being of students. It is based on a holistic approach, focusing on areas of nutrition, fitness, academic success and well-being to  build a safe and strong community. This comprehensive health model aims to ensure that children have access to wrap-around supports at school. It includes meal programs, after school programs, structured physical education and access to a mental health professional, as well as other community supports, including a positive police presence. 

 ISSP at Radisson Park School: This program is funded by the Calgary Police Youth Foundation, and is a collaboration between Calgary Police Service, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School District and the City of Calgary's Community and Neighborhood Services. Programs and supports currently in place at Radisson Park School, including meal supports and structured physical education program, will continue. Our ISSP partnership will support us to build a positive police presence, with opportunities organized for Calgary Police Service members to perhaps attend special events.

 It will also fund a full-time psychologist for our school!  We are very excited to welcome our new psychologist, Ashley Gobin.  She will become part of the Radisson Park staff in early February and will work alongside teachers to support well-being. For example, Ashley may become part of PAThS lessons (Promoting Alternative Thinking Skills, our social-emotional learning program), or may support whole-class conversations about friendship skills, etc.  She will also be able to work individually with students for required assessments or counselling, with parental consent.

 We are so thrilled to have been chosen for this incredible opportunity, and are looking forward to working together to help our amazing students be even better!

Thank you for your ongoing support, and please join us in welcoming the Integrated School Support Program into our village!

Jun 02
Before and After School Safety

Just a reminder that teacher supervision begins at 8:05 am on school days, and students should not be coming to school before this time, unless they are coming to the Breakfast Program.  If you are dropping students off for breakfast, please ensure that they come into the school. 

Please also know that there is NO SUPERVISION on the playground after school and we insist that students go home and check in with you before playing on the playground unless you pick them up from school.  Thank you for supporting these important safety piece and developing responsible habits.

Jun 02
June Principal Message


It is so hard to believe that we are already writing the June newsletter, and that this crazy 2020/2021 school year is coming to an end!  As we finish our year, let's take a few minutes to celebrate our work together and our many accomplishments.


First of all I would like to congratulate STUDENTS.  We are very proud of the academic progress and personal growth that each and every one of our students has made.  Each student has demonstrated growth as a reader, writer and mathematician, and they have all learned so much about themselves as learners.  Student learning and growth has been visible all across the school – posters, performances, research projects, artifacts, learning journals, artwork, writing samples, conversations – and students have been actively engaged in reflecting on and assessing their own learning and work in all grades.  We continue to see students taking ownership and responsibility for their learning as they set different goals that they wanted to work towards, collaborated with peers, and shared their projects and learning.  Even more impressive was that, through everything that has gone on around us, including pivoting to online learning and back to class several times this year, our students have demonstrated incredible RESILIENCE.   They adjusted to new routines and protocols, adapted to different learning opportunities, and continued to focus on their learning.  Please take a few moments to talk with your child about their academic progress, as well as the ways in which they have helped shape our school community through their resilience, positive word and respectful actions.  All we can ask as teachers is that our students show up each day to work hard, try their best, take risks in learning, and challenge themselves, and Radisson Park students do just this!  Students, thank you for showing us each day that you are RESILIENT, RESPECTFUL, REMARKABLE!


Second I would like to congratulate our STAFF on another incredible year.  Although we have faced challenges with new protocols and changing some of our usual teaching plans, our talented and dedicated staff worked collaboratively together each day to provide the best learning opportunities for our students and challenge them to achieve the high expectations set for them.  Every staff member plays a role in making Radisson Park School the safe and caring school it is, where we all feel comfortable challenging and pushing ourselves.  Staff have been excellent role models for students, demonstrating resilience and a commitment and openness to learning with and from each other as we continue our own learning journeys and build our practice.  To all staff, thank you for demonstrating each day your dedication to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to design opportunities for students to learn and grow with confidence, to take that next step in learning with the knowledge that you will catch them if they fall, and to achieve and celebrate personal growth and success!


Third I would like to celebrate our PARENTS AND FAMILIES.  You are truly our partners in learning, and students are most successful when families and school staff work together to achieve high academic and behavioral expectations for students.  All staff members at the school feel very supported by the families of our students, and your commitment to supporting all of the new processes and expectations, such as online Learning Conversations, we've faced this year is to be commended.  THANK YOU for your support!


Next I would like to thank our SCHOOL COUNCIL/PARENT ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERS.  Again this year I would like to recognize the amazing efforts of our wonderful School Council members.  This group of parents has done a tremendous amount of work on behalf of all parents, staff and students.  It is through the amazing work, guidance and fundraising efforts of the School Council members that the school is able to access additional resources, bring in performances, provide field trip opportunities for all students at no additional cost to families, and super excitedly, this year replace several older smart boards with new digital displays!  Please remember that all parents are members of the School Council and are invited to join our monthly conversations whenever possible.  We hope to see you at Council meetings next year!


Finally I would like to thank our COMMUNITY PARTNERS who have also helped provide a variety of opportunities and supports to Radisson Park School.  Thank you to our partners:

  • Mark and Lauren Giordano, and all of the CBE and Flames personnel who have made our Team Gio partnership possible
  • Grace Baptist Church and the CASP folks
  • Our community daycares and staff
  • Brown Bagging for Kids and Meals on Wheels for supporting our lunch program
  • Youth Center of Calgary and First Alliance Church for after school snack bags and frozen dinners
  • Our teams of specialists – Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, counselors, psychologists …


On behalf of all of our staff, I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone for working toward another incredible year of learning, and to wish all of our families a safe and happy summer holiday.  Please remember to read together, talk about stories and movies, visit the public library, and have fun outdoors.


Just a reminder that we will be returning to the modified calendar for the 2021/2022 school year.  Our first day of school will be Tuesday August 17 – see you then!​

May 21
Back to School on Tuesday May 25, 2021!

​We are excited to have students coming back to school on Tuesday May 25, 2021.  Just a reminder that school starts at 8:20 am (breakfast program available at 7:45 am).  Students are asked to enter through their normal doors and wear masks in school as all health and safety protocols and processes will continue.  

We know that RPS students will continue to model our motto of being Resilient Respectful and Remarkable for the rest of the year!

May 05
May 5 - Hats On for Mental Health!

​On May 5th we invite all students, staff and families to wear their favorite hats to school and in the community as we all take some time to think and talk about the importance of mental health.  Being able to identify and talk about feelings, recognizing the impact of our words and actions on the feelings of others, and learning strategies to work through uncomfortable feelings are all important life skills that are taught through our whole-school PAThS program.  Looking after and talking about our mental health is just as important as looking after and talking about our physical health.  Please wear a hat on Wednesday May 5th and when asked why, be sure to tell everyone how important it is to look after our heads as well as our hearts!

May 05
Principal's Message - May 2021

How can it possibly be May already?  It is so hard to believe that we are down to our last two months of school, and as always, these last two months will be busy and will fly by. 

SCHOOL HEALTH AND SAFETY:  With the ongoing changes and concerns with Covid-19 in our world we want to take a moment to thank our students and our families for all that you are doing to follow community and school health and safety restrictions, protocols and processes.  While we have had a very small number of isolated community covid cases in the school, thanks to everyone's hard work and vigilance to these restrictions, protocols and processes, there has not been any in-school transmission.  Thank you, and let's stay strong together in our commitment to health and safety for everyone's sake!

THANK YOU SCHOOL COUNCIL/PARENT ASSOCIATION!  Although this has been a unique year, we have been fortunate to be able to continue to provide different opportunities for students including virtual field trips and presentations, which are authentic and exciting ways to connect classroom learning with the world beyond the school.  Please know that these opportunities come at a cost, and because of the fundraising efforts of our Parent Association parents, these costs have been covered by them rather than being passed on to families.  At this time then we need to say a huge thank you to our School Council/Parent Association parents for this incredible support.  Thank you! 

 SKIP THE DEPOT FUNDRAISER:  Radisson Park Parent Association has partnered with Skip the Depot for a virtual bottle drive fundraiser.  This is an easy way for all families to support the Parent Association as they work to continue to cover costs for different opportunities for students at the school, and we are encouraging all families to try to donate at least one time.  Here's how:

Radisson Park School Parent Association & Skip the Depot!

What is Skip The Depot?  A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easier than 1, 2, 3!

1.       Download the app and book a pickup using


2.     Place your bags of bottles outside

3.     Receive a refund or donate to the RPS Parent Association

Skip The Depot will allow everyone to donate directly to our organizationwith ease.  Spread the word with families and friends.

 ​NEXT YEAR INFORMATION/FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN:  Thank you, too, to all families who returned the information regarding plans for next year.  Knowing students who are moving from or staying at Radisson Park at this time helps us with our planning for the fall.  Each year we gather this information so that we can make informed budget decisions and allocate staff as best we can.  If you have not yet returned this information sheet, simply jot a note in your child's agenda or communication folder letting us know if you will be living in our area and staying at Radisson Park in the fall, or if you have moved or are planning to move over the summer.  Also, if you know of any families who have moved into our area or who have kindergarten-aged children, please encourage them to register as soon as possible as this also helps us with our planning.  We are happy to hear that we will once again have full day kindergarten for the 2021/2022 school year!  As always, we will only be accepting and keeping student registrations for families living within our designated boundaries.  Thank you!


HAVE A SAFE AND HEALTHY SPRING:  At this time, we also have some 'asks' of our families:

  • Spring is here and with it comes warmer and longer days.  Although we are thrilled that children are able to be outside playing and being physically active in the evenings, we are also asking for family help to ensure that children are getting enough sleep.  Elementary aged children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night to be rested and ready for each day of hard work and learning at school, and often increased negative behaviors are a result of being tired.
  • Especially with ongoing covid concerns, it is important that students are at school each day on time, entering with their classroom cohorts through their assigned doors, and we ask for your continued support with this.  School starts each morning at 8:20 am, and believe me, every instructional minute counts, especially in these last few months.  Teacher supervision starts at 8:05 in the morning, and spring is a great time for children to start their day with fresh air.  Remember, too, that our breakfast program (no cost, no registration) runs each day from 7:45 to 8:10 am, and all children are welcome to attend. 
  • As the weather hopefully continues to be warm, please know that we ask all staff and students to dress in a professional manner for school. Students are asked to remove hats inside the school.  The school is climate-controlled, meaning that it is often cooler in the school than it is outside, making it important that students are dressed appropriately.  We also ask students to remember to pick up their sweaters and jackets each day if they take them off outside, and please ask your child to visit the lost and found so that we can get all lost pieces back to their owners.
  • Finally, please help us ensure the safety and security of all children by having your child come home directly after school to check in with you before going to play at a friend's house, a neighborhood park, or the school playground.  There is no supervision on the playground after school, and if there is no adult to supervise, we insist that children go home to drop off their belongings and check in with an adult before they stop and play.  We have been working with members of the Calgary Police Service who support this, and we thank you for your help in developing and practicing safe, healthy habits!


Just a reminder that the school is not responsible for any child's valuables that are brought from home, including electronics, jewelry, and toys.  These valuable items should be left at home.  Children who ride their bikes to school will need to be sure to lock them carefully on the outside bike racks (we encourage them to use the racks outside of the office), and remember to wear helmets!  We also want to take a minute to remind all dog lovers that all school yards are “No Dogs Allowed" areas under Calgary bylaws.


The official Radisson Park 2021/2022 school calendar will be sent with the June newsletter.  Just a reminder that we will be returning to the modified calendar (same number of school days, just spread out differently) in the fall, with our first day of school being August 17, 2021.  Again this year the Calgary Board of Education has made all non-instructional days common to all schools, with schools only required to personalize calendars with dates for Learning Conversations and other special events.  At this time we know that our school start and end times will be the same for next year, with school starting each day at 8:20 am and ending at 3:05 pm Monday to Thursday.  Fridays will continue to be our early dismissal days, with the student day ending at 11:45 am.


As well, the Calgary Board of Education is continuing to gather ideas from all stakeholders about issues such as transportation and fees, and we encourage all parents to provide input.  Please check the CBE website (www.cbe.ab.ca) for more information about how your voice can be heard.  As always, as decisions are made regarding things such as fees, we will share that information and paperwork with families.


Once again I want to thank all of our families for your ongoing support and partnership in learning, and please know that we recognize that our students could not have demonstrated the resilience, growth and progress they have so far in this unusual year without your continued support.  Please take a minute to reflect with your child about how much they have progressed and learned since September, and celebrate their successes.  Remind them that together we expect them to work hard and learn at school, and that we will not accept anything less than their personal bests.  Yes, it is already May but we still have lots of work and learning to do, so we will continue to push hard, have high expectations and celebrate each child's learning.  Thank you for sharing this as well.

Mar 02
Principal's Message - March 2021

After an up-and-down January and February we are all hoping that March 'comes in like a lamb' and brings us some warm weather!  Even if we begin to see more sun, though, please remember that the weather in Calgary is unpredictable and so we must always be ready for whatever Mother Nature might send us.  Children should always be dressed appropriately for the weather, in layers, because not only do we go outside each day when we can, the school is often cool and in the event of an emergency, there is no time to stop and get outdoor clothing on.  As I sit to write this message, there are students at school today wearing only thin, short-sleeved t-shirts and if there were an emergency, these students would be pretty cold and could experience a significant health risk if we had to evacuate the school!  Please ensure that children are dressed for the weather, and that all clothing is labeled with your child's name as it will be easier to return the jackets and such that are left outside.

I would also like to remind all students and families that all valuables, including electronics, toys and Pokémon cards for example, should be left at home and NOT brought to school.  Things brought to school can get lost or broken, and always there are issues with fairness when trading or sharing happens.  Students have been asked again to please leave all such valuables at home, and we appreciate your support with this.


Looking back, for a short month February was quite busy as our daily hard work and high expectations kept us thinking and moving forward to begin our second term.  March will be another busy month of learning, and we will also have virtual Learning Conversations, our Scholastic Book Fair, and spring break all upon us this month.  Please see the attached calendar for a more detailed list of activities planned for March.



We are hoping that we will be able to connect with all parents and guardians through our virtual Learning Conversations (conferences) with teachers either Thursday March 25th, 2021 evening or Friday March 26th morning.  These conversations will again be held online through Microsoft Teams or via the telephone. Please remember that these conversations are an important part of the reporting process as they will focus on student progress and growth, as well as goal-setting for the last part of the school year.  We do ask that parents please book a time to speak to teachers, as with many parents to schedule we are not able to accommodate drop-in meetings.  It is also important that you are on time for scheduled conversations so that we can be fair in our time with you and with other parents.  Please watch for information about when you will be able to book your conversation time online through your My CBE account.


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Radisson Park School this month as well!  Students will have an opportunity to view and purchase books at the school, or families will be able to view and purchase online as well.  This is an opportunity for families to purchase new Scholastic books at a very reasonable price, and all school proceeds will go towards purchasing new books for the library.  Students will be bringing home more information as we get closer to the Book Fair.


There will be NO SCHOOL for all students on Friday March 26th, 2021 as this is a RPS non-instructional day (Learning Conversations) then the following week is Spring Break.  STUDENTS WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL ON TUESDAY APRIL 6TH, 2021.


Planning for the 2021/2022 School Year

It is that time of year when schools are beginning to plan and organize student information for the next school year.  As we move into this planning phase, it is important for us to have current, up-to-date information.  If you know your child will NOT be attending Radisson Park School next year, please let the school know as soon as possible.  We thank you for your cooperation as this really helps with school organization.


We are thrilled that Radisson Park School will be returning to the modified calendar again for the 2021/22 school year!  The first day of school for next year will be August 17th, 2021.


For the upcoming year we will again continue to only accept registrations for students who live within our designated community boundaries.  A child who started this current school year within our boundaries and moves away during the school year is entitled to finish the school year here, but is then required to register in their community school for the next school year.  If a child moves during the summer they are required to register in the school within the community they have moved to.  School designations are done by a child's PRIMARY home address, and daycare or childcare in the area does not qualify as a residency requirement.  As we do each year, the office will be closely reviewing all demographic information for all children in all grades, and any current students who are NOT living with a parent or legal guardian within our designated boundaries may be designated to their community schools.


Kindergarten registration for August 2021 is ongoing.  If you have a child eligible to start kindergarten (born in 2016), or know somebody in the community who does, we encourage parents to please register as soon as possible as this helps with planning and preparation.  Please know that we currently are registering for half-day kindergarten, as yearly Calgary Board of Education decisions about the possibility of full-day kindergarten are dependent on budget considerations.


Internet Safety

The first week of March is Internet Safety Week, and we ask all parents to take this opportunity to talk to your children about this important topic.  It is important that we guide our children to understand the benefits and pitfalls of cyber space.  The best way to help our children is to know what they are doing online, and to talk with them about their cyber activities.  As well, according to our Community Police Officers, children should not be on Facebook and many other social media platforms until they are at least 13 years old!  Children should know that cyberspace is a huge environment, and nothing that they do online is truly protected or private.  They should know that it is impossible to really tell who else is online.  Cyber bullying and predators are serious police matters and two dangers that we hope none of our children ever experience.  We thank you for working with us to help all children become responsible cyber citizens, as together we can help our children navigate the Internet safely.

Feb 05
Report Cards

​Report cards for the first semester are now available online through your MyCBE account.  

For information about how to create a MyCBE account or how to access report cards online, please see the information that was sent out last week or contact Mrs. Wagler at the school.

Feb 05
February Principal's Message

RESILIENT, RESPECTFUL, REMARKABLE is our school motto, and never have we seen these words lived more strongly than during our first semester of this school year!  As we completed and read report cards summarizing the progress, growth and achievement of our students so far this year, it became very evident that our students have modeled our motto.  The resilience they have demonstrated, returning to school in uncertain times and quickly adapting to the health and safety protocols we've all had to learn, is amazing and has had a significant positive impact on our ability to push forward with our learning tasks and expectations.  Everyone has been so respectful of our new learning, the new routines, our uncertainties, and others' feelings, and students have been kind and friendly to all, which has really make our Radisson Park school community even stronger.  Finally, students have been absolutely remarkable as they have worked hard, tried their personal best, and have made excellent progress and growth.  As you review your child's report card, available online through your MyCBE Account beginning Tuesday February 2nd, we hope that you are able to celebrate the hard work and learning, as well as the personal growth that we have all made together in this uncertain year. 


Thank you to students for returning from winter break and online learning with positive hard-working attitudes, and it has been wonderful to see everyone being flexible and doing whatever it takes.  Thank you to families for your continued support of our school and your child's learning!  Please continue to read your child's agenda or communication book (Kindergarten) each evening and encourage your child to tell you about their day at school.  Healthy eating, early bedtimes, and getting to school every day on time will continue to support learning as we start this second term. 


For a short month February is always busy at Radisson Park School!  Classrooms are always busy places, and it is so wonderful to see the amazing work and inquiries that students are doing across the school each day as they think and work like authors, mathematicians, scientists, artists, etc.  Thursday February 11th and Friday February 12th are Teachers' Convention dates, and there is no school for students.  There is also no school for students on Monday February 15th for Family Day, and we hope that the weather is fabulous so that you can enjoy this day together.  Thursday February 18th is our 100th day of school and I am sure that there will be many mathematical activities happening that day.  With restrictions in place regarding items coming into the school, teachers are busy planning different ways to celebrate our 100th day of school and acknowledge Valentine's Day.  More information will come directly from your child's teacher.


Thank you for dropping off children on time at their designated doors each day and having an outdoor meeting space.  When the weather is too cold to go outside, supervising staff monitor all doors except the front door and ensure that all children get into the building as quickly as possible.  Students are always dismissed out of their assigned doors and we ask that you meet them there rather than the office.  Please remember to use our school patrolled crosswalk, and to be cautious when driving or parking around the school.  Parking is limited around the school (please do not park in the staff parking lot or block community driveways, etc.). ​

Looking forward to a fabulous month of hard work and learning!

Mrs. Drefko


Dec 23
January 2021 Return to School Reminder

January 4th to 8th, 2021​ - Online Learning - Please see classroom schedules, tasks and activities in the online learning package that your child(ren) brought home.


Tuesday January 11th, 2021 - Return to face-to-face classes.  Breakfast program will be available at 7:45 am, with class starting as usual at 8:20 am.

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