Students are to be respectful to others and responsible for their actions and words on the way to school , at school, at all school activities and on the way home.

  • Students will speak and act respectfully.
  • Students will act responsibly and respectfully towards all property- school, personal and other people’s.
  • Students will show acceptance, in their actions and words, towards all people in the school regardless of age, gender, culture, religion or ability.
  • Students will make suitable restitution for all property at school that is damaged willfully.

Students are to ensure a safe and caring learning environment at all times.

  • Students will avoid all forms of physical and verbal aggression.
  • Students will avoid all forms of intimidation
  • Students will avoid making actions or using words that purposefully exclude others.
  • Students will avoid tackle games and play safely without fighting or play fighting.
  • Students will stay within assigned school boundaries during school time unless given permission by staff to leave the
  • boundaries.
  • Students will use the bathroom responsibly
  • Students will use technology in accordance with CBE’s acceptable use policy.
  • While inside the school, students will walk safely and speak quietly.


We look for opportunities to recognize and celebrate students who are following our code of conduct, and showing leadership through their respectful behaviour.

Consequences are intended to guide children to make better choices for their behaviour and to understand how their actions affect other members of our learning community. Consequences are most effective when they are applied consistently and when they are directly related to the behaviour of the student. Consequences are applied based on our knowledge of each individual child’s strengths and abilities. Consequences always respect the dignity of each child.

When children are not able to follow our code of conduct any or all of the following consequences may be applied at the discretion of school staff and in consideration of the severity of the incident.

  • Completing a problem solving sheet either in the classroom or in the office
  • Phone call home
  • Removal from the situation
  • Loss of privileges (eg. not able to play on the playground)
  • Community service – helping to clean the school or volunteering to help a teacher
  • Suspension from the classroom to the office
  • Incidences of violence and/or causing disruption to the learning environment may result in a suspension from school to home.
  • In extreme cases, a child may be suspended from the school to the Area Office
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