School Property

Student Responsibilities

Students are to play on the playground in a safe and cooperative manner.

  • Students will not ride skateboards, rollerblades, Heelys or scooters while at school
  • Students will walk their bikes on school property, and lock up their bike at one of the bike racks provided.
  • The school will not take responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen bikes.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to leave all toys, games cards and electronic toys or games at home. The school will not be held responsible for such items if they are brought to school and subsequently lost, stolen or broken.
  • Toys representing violence (guns & knives) are never allowed at school and will be taken away from students.

Bikes at School

Although we are very excited to see so many students riding their bikes to school, it is important to remember the following school rules about bikes:

  • Children under the age of 18 are required by law to wear a helmet when riding a bike. Please wear a helmet and be safe!
  • Bikes are not to be ridden on school property (compound, playground/field)
  • Bikes must be locked carefully on the bike racks outside. The school is not able to store bikes inside, and we are not liable if bikes get broken or lost

Outside Supervision- Safety of Students

Radisson Park students are welcome to be on the supervised school grounds from 8:05 AM – 8:20 AM and from 12:00 PM -12:20 PM. Students enter the school when the entry bell rings at their assigned doors and, if they have parents accompanying them, please say good-bye outside the school allowing students to enter the school independently.
After school students are always asked to go straight home after school to check in with families before playing on the playground, unless there is a family adult at the school supervising. Thank you for helping us with this very important after school safety message.

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