​​​​​Volunteer with Us

​We welcome volunteers in the classroom, on field trips and with certain tasks at school or at home. Certain activities or field trips would not be possible without the active participation of our volunteers. Contact us about ways you can volunteer with our school.​

​(Please note, guest speakers or visitors to the school, and parents/guardians assisting their own child only are not considered to be volunteers and do not require a police information check.) 

Volunteer Security Clearance Process 

​Step 1: Prospective volunteers must first  register as a volunteer at the school office where you plan on volunteering. School administrators will verify your identity and register you in the CBE volunteer database. The school office will provide you with a letter enabling you to obtain a police information check from the Calgary Police Service (CPS). 

Please note, prospective volunteers must reside in Canada for a full year before registering. Police clearances from countries other than Canada are not accepted. 

Step 2: Visit the CPS online system, electronic Police Information Check (ePIC), to obtain your police check using your CBE volunteer letter. 

If you are unable to complete the process online, you may visit a police information check location instead. 

Step 3: Once you have received your clearance document from CPS you will need to share it with the school in-person or by email.


Your security clearance is valid for five years and the cost is $21.25 ($15.00 for police clearance and 5.95+GST service fee) which is charged during the online ePIC application. This fee is not covered by the CBE. 

Volunteering for an Off-Site Activity

If you want to volunteer for an off-site activity, please keep in mind: 

  • Volunteers on an activity are considered representatives of the Calgary Board of Education and are subject to the same expectations as staff
  • Volunteers are subject to the requirements of CBE Administrative Regulation 5003 – Volunteers, which includes an application and a police security screening check
  • Volunteers are covered by the CBE’s liability insurance policy while performing their assigned duties
  • Volunteers are covered by WCB while performing their duties
  • Volunteers receive direction from and are accountable to the teacher-in-charge​​​


Volunteer Opportunities

Teachers in all grades plan activities and field trips for students each year, and other volunteer opportunities will arise throughout the year so please watch for our monthly newsletters. Volunteers are most welcome, appreciated and encouraged at Radisson Park School. The support that volunteers play in the life of school is enormous, and helps children understand how home and school are connected. Parents are invited to volunteer in any way possible – on field trips, in the classroom, or from home. Whether you have the time to volunteer once or on a regular basis, your presence in the school is always welcome. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are interested in volunteering.

Note: All new volunteers must fill out a Calgary Board of Education Security Clearance form, available in the office. Basic information and two pieces of government identification are required to begin the process, and once the volunteer letter is generated, you will be required to take the letter to a Calgary Police district office. There will be no cost for a CBE clearance and once received, Security Clearances are good for five years. The Clearance process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete, so please apply early. Contact the office for more information if you are interested in volunteering.

Calgary Reads School

We're looking for a few GREAT volunteers to support our students in their literacy journey.  Our school is part of the Alberta Reads Network and we make reading a priority! If you are a school parent or community member and would like to be a wee read volunteer (the time commitment is once a week for 30 minutes, for 8 weeks, during the day in our school) training is provided and it takes just 90 minutes of your time. Ask at the school office for dates and times for on-site wee read training or check the calendar at Calgary Reads for wee read training dates offered monthly across the province.

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