Parking & Drop-Off

Idling Cars/Parking Issues

For families who drop off/pick up their children from school we would like to ask that you do not leave your car idling while waiting in the neighborhood.  Please help to keep our air cleaner for our children by turning off your engine.  We very much appreciate your assistance in this.

The parking lot is designated for staff only. For student safety, please do not drop off or pick up students in the parking lot.  If you are volunteering, please park on the streets surrounding the school. 

Please be reminded that when dropping off your children at school, be aware of the safety of our students and show courtesy to others. Recently we have been made aware by the City of Calgary Police of a number of complaints about parents parking in front of the school unsafely, letting children out on the driver’s side and pulling out without looking.  

Parking Around Schools: Photo Enforcement

Calgary Parking Authority is helping to make school areas safer for our students and school communities. Here’s what you should know.

  1. The Calgary Parking Authority is now using photo enforcement in addition to Enforcement Officers in school
  2. areas, so tickets may be received in the mail or placed on vehicles that are in violation of parking regulations.
  3. You must follow posted signage, even if you remain in your vehicle.

Parking responsibly around schools is very important for the safety of the students attending these schools and members of the community.

TIPS: Avoid Parking Fines

  • Stay back at least 1.5 metres from entrances to garages or driveways
  • Watch for “No stopping” and “No parking zones
  • Keep school bus zones clear
  • Leave five metres between your car and cross walks
  • Park at least five metres from stop signs, yield signs or intersections

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