Dress Code

Student’s clothing should allow for full participation in regular school classes (including gym) and special activities. Style of dress needs to support a good learning environment and not be distracting from it.

We discourage children from wearing short skirts, skorts and shorts, low riding pants, muscle/tank tops (unless a T-shirt is worn underneath) halter tops, tube tops, racer backs and spaghetti strap tops. Stomachs and midriffs must be covered and any logos or words on shirts must be appropriate for school. Hats, bandanas, toques, and gloves will not be permitted to be worn in the classroom. The use of make-up is strongly discouraged.


Students will need to have a pair of indoor and a pair of outdoor shoes. In accordance with Fire Regulations and good safety practices, students are required to wear footwear while in the school. Running shoes are required for physical education classes. Students without footwear will still be required to participate in fire drills. Outdoor footwear must be removed upon entering the school.

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