We are fortunate to have teachers and students who invest their time and energy into maintaining a strong, well-disciplined school safety patrol of over 40 students. These students take their responsibilities for student safety very seriously and they work closely with Calgary City Police staff throughout the year. Student safety patrollers are located at the crosswalk on Ranchlands Boulevard.

Patrollers are on duty from on Monday to Thursday at:

  • 8:50 AM -9:05 AM
  • 3:50 PM–4:05 PM

On Fridays they will be on duty from:

  • 8:50 AM -9:05 AM 
  • 1:20 PM–1:35 PM.

Exceptions: Our patrollers are outside to supervise on all days where it is safe for them to do so.  On those occasions where road or weather conditions would jeopardize their safety, patrols will not be available, therefore, no patrollers on duty during heavy rainstorms or when the weather is –20C or colder.

It is an expectation that all people in our school community respect the rules for street safety and civility. School patrol students do have the right and the responsibility to record license plate numbers of drivers not following road safety or the rules of the road or those who are rude to the patrollers.

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