Literacy at Ranchlands School

PhilosophyAt Ranchlands School we believe all students can succeed in literacy if they have a growth mindset. Our students are learning about the five parts of literacy. These include: phonics (the connection between sounds and letter symbols. and connecting sounds and symbols to create words), phonemic awareness (is the understanding that words are created from phonemes which are the small units of sound in language), fluency (reading with expression, speed, and accuracy), vocabulary (understanding what individual words mean), and comprehension (understanding the whole text). 

We help our students with literacy in many ways, by sharing reading experiences, modeling reading, practicing phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary in small groups, reviewing spelling patterns and vocabulary and demonstrating comprehension strategies in all subject areas.

There are strategies we use to improve the comprehension of our students. We use Adrienne Gear's works on reading and writing to guide our teaching. You can find out more about Adrienne Gear here.

Here are some visuals of the strategies we are working on.



Why read everyday?

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We are planning a drive by parade to loudly celebrate our Grade 6 students at 7:30 pm on June 24. Please watch for further details.

We had hoped to do something special this year to celebrate this day, however with the situation being what it is, we invite you to recognize this day at home with your children. One of many sites to learn more is..