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Wigglesworth, Steven
Assistant Principal
Wong, Tania



Harich, Carrie

Grade 1

Kalmakoff, Jessica
Wong, Madeleine

Grade Two

Lalani, Aleesha
Lipowy, Jacquie

Grade Three

Lucash, Tara
Ellice, Colin

Grade Four

Staudinger, Stacey
Patel, Sargam              

Grade Five

Scheidegger, Siegfried 

Grade Five/Six

Hippe, Mark

McPhee, Susan


Paced Learning Program

Lutchmeesingh-Baker, Susie                                                                   


External to Classroom Teachers

Lytviak, Tetyana - HUB


Ford, Evan - HUB

Kis, Heather - HUB
Zhang, Ye - HUB

 Malcolm, Stephanie, English Language Learning

Musto, Aimee, Fine Arts
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