Maker Education

The Maker movement encourages learning through doing while working with peers. Building from DIY and incorporating a belief in the ability to make things better, cheaper, greener and more efficient, the Maker movement encourages students to make their learning visible. In schools, it encourages invention and creativity, prototyping and experimentation. It celebrates the human need to create, innovate, play and tinker. Students from K-12 are given opportunities to engage in design thinking and work with their hands, trades and technology.

Ranchlands School Makerspace

Welcome to our school makerspace where students use collaboration, critical thinking, perseverance, creativity, and empathy to explore concepts and ideas. These skills will help our students prepare for jobs that we haven't thought of yet. Check out this video to see what skills are necessary in the future. The Adaptable Mind

Design Thinking

Students are expected to pre-plan their creations in the makerspace. Teachers have been working with students to ensure that they create a plan of action and thinking. Students must include the following in their plans: Who will care about your project? Are you making for yourself? for your pet? for your neighbour? What counts? What is important in your project? What is its purpose? What do you need? What materials do you need to get going? What tools are available? What needs adjustment? After you test you may need to tweek your design. What did you learn? What did you learn through testing and creation?

Rules in our Makerspace:


Cool Maker Sites to Explore

Creativity Lab Our projects are tried and tested in grades K–12 in the Creativity Lab

Do it Yourself Huge library of hands-on projects, how-to videos, and an awesome kid community.

Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Come explore, share, and make your next project with us! a site to get excited about making, shop, and explore.

Lego Engineering Challenges

Maker Challenges

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