Jun 30
June 2022

Richmond School has truly shown HEART again this year. Students successfully demonstrated HEART (Harmony, Engagement, Adaptability, Respect, Truth) through their actions. They are creating a legacy of HEART through another year of challenging times. Students continued to show HARMONY by working together in the classroom, in cohorts and during outside play. They were definitely ENGAGED learners while they focused on completion of assignments, projects and welcomed the collaboration with one another.  There is no doubt that our students have been ADAPTABLE to the circumstances of our current times and daily situations that required their adaptability to be successful. And they continued to be RESPECTFUL to our whole community and environment. Students speak their TRUTH, advocate for themselves and have their voice heard. We are so very proud of each and every student.

Richmond School embraced the Indigenous Teachings of Ryan Willert. They welcomed Ryan with HEART and listened attentively to his story. They learned to ‘Be A Buffalo’, to charge into the storm, face their daily challenges then to ‘stand tall’ and be proud of all they have accomplished. Students were courageous and always tried hard (Eee gah key mah).

We enjoyed the Grade 6 Farewell Celebrations and will miss these students who lead with HEART. We had to say good bye to some staff members and will be welcoming others. A big ‘thank you’ to School Council for their endless support of students and programs. Everyone has contributed to Richmond’s successes. This is a community of HEART.

It is time for a well deserved break and we wish our families a fun filled, adventurous summer.

Hand to heart, thank you and take care.

Mary Ann



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Enjoyed the land while singing together today to honour National Indigenous People’s Day. https://t.co/oeqXocuPp9

Mrs. Rae wowed us with her talent this week when she played the harp while reading a story. It was a wonderful experience! https://t.co/VTJI7IU2Y8

Enjoying our week with Blackfoot Artist, Ryan Willert! Students and staff can’t wait to share our mural with our families! https://t.co/SzwdlpzZIw

Yesterday, Mrs. Alderson's Grade 5/6 Class had a virtual meeting with Rick Wilson, Alberta's Indigenous Relations Minister. They asked wonderful questions and were engaged in his responses. Great job, Grade 5/6! https://t.co/GEeAAptycR

Thank you Alien Inline for a great 2 weeks of skating!! Thank you to School Council for providing this wonderful opportunity! https://t.co/cIWnG2IQDA