Jun 30
June 2022

Richmond School has truly shown HEART again this year. Students successfully demonstrated HEART (Harmony, Engagement, Adaptability, Respect, Truth) through their actions. They are creating a legacy of HEART through another year of challenging times. Students continued to show HARMONY by working together in the classroom, in cohorts and during outside play. They were definitely ENGAGED learners while they focused on completion of assignments, projects and welcomed the collaboration with one another.  There is no doubt that our students have been ADAPTABLE to the circumstances of our current times and daily situations that required their adaptability to be successful. And they continued to be RESPECTFUL to our whole community and environment. Students speak their TRUTH, advocate for themselves and have their voice heard. We are so very proud of each and every student.

Richmond School embraced the Indigenous Teachings of Ryan Willert. They welcomed Ryan with HEART and listened attentively to his story. They learned to ‘Be A Buffalo’, to charge into the storm, face their daily challenges then to ‘stand tall’ and be proud of all they have accomplished. Students were courageous and always tried hard (Eee gah key mah).

We enjoyed the Grade 6 Farewell Celebrations and will miss these students who lead with HEART. We had to say good bye to some staff members and will be welcoming others. A big ‘thank you’ to School Council for their endless support of students and programs. Everyone has contributed to Richmond’s successes. This is a community of HEART.

It is time for a well deserved break and we wish our families a fun filled, adventurous summer.

Hand to heart, thank you and take care.

Mary Ann


Nov 24
Richmond School 2021-2022

Our students at Richmond School are working extremely hard on HEART (Harmony, Engagement, Adaptability, Respect, Truth) this fall and winter. Students from K-6 strive to work together in harmony to create caring and welcoming learning environments for each other, which supports their engagement in learning. Student engagement focuses on their achievement in literacy, mathematics and well-being skills through enriched activities and tasks. Through their HEART words and actions they are also working on citizenship within the school and community. 

We will be welcoming Ryan Willert, an Indigenous Artist, into the school in January. Ryan will be sharing the Blackfoot teachings and creating a large mural with our students in the main hallway. The Blackfoot teachings, along with the Indigenous Education Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework, will be weaved together with HEART. We are excited about the sharing of stories while learning to be respectful of each other and student voice. We are proud of each and every student at Richmond. They are the HEART of Richmond.

Thank you to our parents/guardians and community for your continuous support this school year. We appreciate your understanding as we continue into a second year of Covid Protocols.

Thank you to School Council for your continued support, collaborative conversations and being there for every student as we plan for the upcoming school year 2021-2022.



Mary Ann Fullerton

Jun 28
Richmond School 2020-2021

Our students at Richmond School  have worked extremely hard on HEART (Harmony, Engagement, Adaptability, Respect, Truth) throughout the school year. Students from K-6 have strived to work together in harmony to create caring and welcoming learning environments for each other. Their engagement has been exceptional. Students have been focused on improving their literacy, numeracy and well being skills through tasks and activities. Student achievement increased overall. Between in person learning and on line learning and following Covid Protocols, students proved to be adaptable in many ways. They consistently had their voice heard  in a respectful manner to their peers, staff and the community. This is evident in their actions of respect in classes, throughout the school and to our environment. Students have found that speaking their truth serves them well. We are proud of each and every student at Richmond. They are the HEART of Richmond.

Thank you to our parents/guardians and community for your endless support during this most unusual school year. Your care and understanding during Covid has been greatly appreciated. Thank you to School Council for your continued support, collaborative conversations and being there for every student.  

We wish our familes a safe, fun and adventurous summer.

Take Care

Mary Ann

Jun 24
Richmond School 2019-2020

This has been an exciting year of teaching and learning. We have also faced the challenges of these unprecedented times which resulted in a virtual learning environment.  It is important to acknowledge the work in the classrooms related to our literacy, numeracy and well being  goals of our School Development Plan. It is also important to recognize the hard work of the Richmond School Community, especially this spring when we quickly moved to the google classrooms. Thank you to our students, parents/guardians, grandparents and all staff members who supported student learning. We have worked together and in a partnership to ensure that learning in new ways was successful.  We have missed each and everyone of you and look forward to welcoming you back in the fall.

Stay safe and healthy this summer. 

Mary Ann Fullerton

Jun 03
We have had a very exciting and successful school year at Richmond School.

Throughout this year, we have continued to work together on the Calgary Board of Education’s Mathematics and Literacy strategies. These strategies are embedded into our School Development Plan. We are very proud of the achievements, progress and growth of all of our students! 

We were pleased to offer a number of events and activities at the school this year, including our recent volunteer tea, musical celebration assembly June 6, school leadership. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to parents who served on the School Council this year. ​As we get closer to the end of the year we have some additional events and celebrations planned.

June 17 – 21 – week long Aussie Rules Football during regular gym times
Thursday June 21- Sports Day, our opening ceremony for all students will be at 9:00 AM. Our Grade 6 students will be helping to run the stations with support from teachers and volunteer parents.
Friday June 22 - Talent Show and Volunteer Appreciation.  Our talent show will begin at 10:00 AM.
Tuesday June 25 - Gr​ade 6 Farewell and Celebration at 2:00 PM. 
Wednesday, June 26 – Talent Show at1:00 PM
Wednesday June 26 - Last day of school. Report cards go home.​

Dec 10
December Update

Here we are again and December is upon us and with it comes all the excitement that the season brings. It is a busy time filled with the hustle and bustle of gift shopping for friends and family near and far. It means travelling to visit family or opening our homes to receive guests.

Trad​itions such as visiting Santa, singing carols and decorating our homes in beautiful lights is all part of the holiday celebrations. Life at school is also very busy.

We anticipate a wonderful performance on Thursday, December 20th and we are looking forward to our Holiday Lunch (supplied by our School Council & Association) that is taking place on Thursday December 13th. We are also working together to raise funds for our Holiday Baskets.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and parents for their continued support. Our school is truly a community school and it is at this time of year when the closeness of friendship shines in our students` faces. The new-year will bring new learning experiences, new challenges and new fun.

I look forward to what lies ahead for us as a school community in 2019. I wish you all Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness during this Holiday season and throughout the New Year.​

Duncan White - Principal

Oct 03
October Update
Welcome back to another great year at Richmond School!  We have many activities and initiatives planned that we believe enrich and engage our learning community.  An event we are very excited about is our Orange Shirt Day theme titled, “Around the Fire”.  This day promises to help build indigenous cultural awareness and friendship training through hip hop and traditional arts with Movement with a Message.

At this time a special welcome to families and children new to our school. The school’s population has grown beyond the projections with our Kindergarten program reaching new heights rarely seen in the past 20 years!  We know you will enjoy our Kindergarten through Grade Six learning environment.

Classes for the 2018-2019 school year were thoughtfully created by teachers last June and reviewed again in August. Teachers looked at special needs, gender, social groupings, friends, and learner profiles, while keeping the big picture in mind. Students are matched to teachers and classroom arrangements that will ensure they are successful learners.

We succeeded in the month of September to establish routines, review academic and behavioural expectations, assess students and build positive relationships so that our students and families feel a sense of belonging at Richmond School. Your child in grades 1-6 will bring home a daily communication journal or agenda each day. Please take time to review and discuss with your child. The purpose of the agenda is to help your child with organizational skills and to support communication between the home and Richmond School.

Additional teaching supports for students include education assistants, music specialist, and a school based Resource Teacher and Learning Leader to assist with diversity and resource support. This year we are very fortunate to be able to support literacy with greater intentionality through the provinces Classroom Improvement Fund.  Dr. Robin Parker will be working with grades 1-6 M-Th morning (and sometimes Friday) to support our balanced literacy approach.

We invite parents and volunteers to visit classrooms and help in the school, only after signing in at the office and receiving their visitor pass/nametag. Please contact your child’s teacher if you plan to volunteer at the school, and/or you would like to be a room parent volunteer. Volunteers are a crucial part of our school success. Visit our website here for more information about volunteers: http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/richmond/get-involved/volunteer/pages/default.aspx

Parents are welcome at our school at all times. Volunteers are greatly appreciated and allow for special relationships between parents, students and teachers. Please come in to the office to complete Security Clearance requirements, which are valid for five years with the CBE, and complete the annual volunteer form being sent home with our School Information
School Council

Wednesday, September 28th is our Community Potluck in the gym followed by the School Council Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 6:30 PM. All parents and students are welcome. Please watch for more information from the School Council.
Our first school council meeting is on Wednesday, October 3rd in the music room. We hope to see as many parents who wish to become more involved in supporting and making decisions for Richmond School.   Don't forget to consent to receive electronic communications from Parent Council and find out about events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities and more!  Click on the link to provide your contact information and consent.  https://richmondschool.wufoo.com/forms/z6n0z7n1ml64sx/.

Any parent of a child attending Richmond School is a member of School Council. The Council is run by a board (elected for a one year term at the annual meeting), consisting of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Fundraiser. Committee Chairs and Coordinators, which include the Key Communicator, Special Events Coordinator, Casino Volunteer Coordinator, are generally responsible for attending meetings and sharing reports that pertain to their mandates. Council also includes the Principal, and throughout the year Teacher Grade Teams will present to the council.

School Council meetings offer you a firsthand opportunity to further understand and appreciate your child’s learning experience. Studies have shown that when parents are involved in the educational process, the child shows and increased appreciation for his/her learning and academic achievement. It is also a great way to meet other like-minded parents and grow with our learning community.  

We can’t wait to work with you!  Thanks for an awesome start to our year.

Duncan White
Jun 26
Year End Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we close out this school year and begin anew as Principal of Richmond School it has been great working closely with the many members of our school community. I have many people and groups to thank for making this year a great success. Richmond Childcare for their continued support of our program, Nurse Emmi for her support to help us to make healthy choices, and our incredible school council for graciously sponsoring many field trips, residencies, library resources, and special events. Additionally, we have had incredible support at a system level with tremendous professional learning and support from many area strategists and system specialists. I would also like to thank the many parents who have come to see me. These interactions with parents have helped me to have a good understanding of our parent body. This connection is very important to enable the school to meet the needs and aspirations of our families and students.

Most importantly our students have enjoyed another fabulous year. They have excelled in so many fields it is impossible to list them all. Many of our classrooms are celebrating their learning events in special ways this June, and I have enjoyed listening in awe as student achievements have been described. These achievements have been in their academic studies, sport, music, and the arts to name just a few and we are justly proud of all. We also learned about many new talents this year at our talent show last week, we do indeed have many courageous and talented students that attend Richmond.

Over the summer vacation I will be working with colleagues to put into place a smooth opening to the new academic year and setting the priorities to build upon the successes of the school so that we can improve still further. We should always seek to do better; to challenge ourselves and our students to set the highest standards and achieve our ambitious goals.

I would like to wish you all the very best for the summer vacation and look forward to welcoming you all back, refreshed, for what will be an exciting, new academic year.

Best regards,

Mr. Duncan White - Principal

Mr. White’s Top Five Summer Reads for Children:

  1. Elmore by Holly Hobbie
  2. Islandborn by Junot Díaz, illustrated by Leo Espinosa
  3. Savvy by Ingrid Law
  4. Love by Matt de la Peña, illustrated by Loren Long
  5. And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner, illustrated by Jaime Kim
Apr 10
Swimming at Killarney Pool

This week students in Grades 3-6 will be swimming at Killarney Pool.  Did you know our bodies have to maintain a streamline, horizontal body position when we swim, so swimming regularly can help children develop and improve good balance. Once a child learns to swim, they may hop in a pool at any point in their life to get a low-risk, high-intensity workout.  We would also like to share this swim message too - click to read this tweet from @richlearningcbe: https://twitter.com/richlearningcbe/status/972194983456382977 

Apr 03
Conference Follow-up and Prepare for Daily Learning

Welcome Back! We do hope you all found some quality family time during this break and are enthusiastic to get back to school! We welcomed a great number of families at our March Student-Led Conferences. We hope that you were able to see that these conferences are an essential element of the assessment process that involve parents, and provide students with important learning opportunities. We look forward to your continued involvement. Additional meeting times may be arranged to accommodate private conversations if parents or teachers require. Personal conversations between teachers and parents are an important part of the relationships we value to support student learning.

As we return from a short break, this is a great time to revisit your child’s level of preparation for school on a daily basis. Our teachers expect students to be prepared daily for learning. Establishing regular daily home reading and/or homework routines at home is also an important tool to support your child’s success.

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Enjoyed the land while singing together today to honour National Indigenous People’s Day. https://t.co/oeqXocuPp9

Mrs. Rae wowed us with her talent this week when she played the harp while reading a story. It was a wonderful experience! https://t.co/VTJI7IU2Y8

Enjoying our week with Blackfoot Artist, Ryan Willert! Students and staff can’t wait to share our mural with our families! https://t.co/SzwdlpzZIw

Yesterday, Mrs. Alderson's Grade 5/6 Class had a virtual meeting with Rick Wilson, Alberta's Indigenous Relations Minister. They asked wonderful questions and were engaged in his responses. Great job, Grade 5/6! https://t.co/GEeAAptycR

Thank you Alien Inline for a great 2 weeks of skating!! Thank you to School Council for providing this wonderful opportunity! https://t.co/cIWnG2IQDA