School Access

Our school office is open from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM  and 12:45 PM - 3:45 PM Monday to Friday. Exterior entrance/exits will be locked after morning and noon classes’ commence for the safety and security of our students. To gain access to the school, come to the main doors and use the security button on the right side. You will be asked to identify yourself before gaining access.

School Entrance/Exits

Students are expected to enter and exit the school using their designated doors. Students waiting to be picked up by parents and/or siblings should be waiting in the office. Exterior entrance/exits will be locked after morning and noon classes’ commence for the safety and security of our students. Parents, please use the front doors to enter the school during the school day and check in at the school office. There is now a security camera at the front entrance of our school. You must push the button to signal to our office staff that you would like to enter our school. Upon hearing from the office staff, please identify yourself and/or the purpose of your visit.

This is a further step to ensure the safety of our students.

Visitors and Volunteers

We require that all visitors and volunteers in the school sign-in and wear a visitor tag. These tags can be picked up in the school office. If you do not have one in the basket, please check with the office to ensure that all of your paper work is in order. Only those parents with appropriate screening will be allowed to volunteer in the school. See more on our Volunteer page.

Playground Supervision

Supervision on the playground is provided during morning recess. Lunch supervision staff provides supervision during the lunch hour. For the safety of students it is important that they don’t arrive prior to 8:25 AM as no supervisors are outside in the morning. 

Emergency Procedures

The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) at Richmond School is designed to keep students safe and keep parents informed in the event of an emergency. ERP procedures are reviewed regularly and follow appropriate school board regulations and provincial or federal legislation. All parents are highly encouraged to subscribe to our new School Messenger System. This is used as our main form of communication in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, school staff would first ensure student safety and then administration would begin the process of contacting parents as necessary. 

Emergency Contacts

This information is vital to ensure the proper care and safety of your child during an illness or emergency. When giving the name and phone number of an alternate contact we would ask that the person is someone who is available to pick up the child at school if necessary. Please notify us immediately of any changes so we are able to keep accurate records. If there is a serious health problem or some other family crisis, please make sure the office is aware of the situation so that we may handle these matters sensitively and with understanding.

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All CBE schools are required to practice lockdowns in the same way that we practice fire drills. The procedures for lockdowns are developed with the Calgary Police Service and are part of each school’s Emergency Response Plan. If you have questions about lockdown drills or lockdown procedures, please contact your principal.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that the school needs to be evacuated for any reason, all staff have been trained according to CBE standards. All schools have a primary and a secondary evacuation site. In the event of an evacuation, you will receive an email, phone or SMS notification from the school.