Noon Supervision

For more information see our Noon Supervision page.

Fun Lunches

This year School Council and Parent Fundraising Association of Richmond School have decided to try Fun Lunch Mondays (once a month) with the help of a new vendor called Healthy Hunger. It is an online program that will be bringing lunches to our school from various participating restaurants.

What is Healthy Hunger?

Here is a video from Healthy Hunger that will explain how you can create a profile. If you do not have access to the internet for online ordering a computer will be available at the school. All Hot Lunch ordering and payments will be done online. Any funds that we make from Hot Lunch will be used to support our school learning community.

Brown Bagging

Richmond School is very pleased to be part of a community program called “Brown Bagging 4 Calgary Kids”. Every Monday and Wednesday, we have fresh sandwiches, fruit, veggies and different healthy snacks brought in. These lunches are available to any student that may need it – whether it is every day or just an emergency when they have forgotten their lunch. We can feed any child if needed. 

If you find you are in need, do not hesitate to contact the office and speak to us. We are here to help, as we never want a child to be hungry.

Note: the school does not provide cutlery, hot water or microwave ovens for students. 


Please be aware that students may have allergies to things like tree nuts and that these allergens should not be brought to school. Parents of children with allergies must fill out appropriate forms. See more on our Illness & Medical page.

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Teachers spent the day analyzing data and planning for our School Development Plan.

Our Grade 3/4s were featured on Romero Britto’s Instagram! Check out their amazing self portraits! #WeAreCBE

RT @ELLcbe: So humbled and honoured to lead this ELL ATA Professional Learning Session. We and our teacher experts are building each others’ capacities by opening up our classrooms and sharing best practices. #wearecbe #ellcbe

RT @duncwhite: Such a remarkable final day with the @richlearningcbe community. I am very grateful for my time at this incredible hidden gem! #richlearningcbe

RT @ELLcbe: Another thank you to our students @richlearningcbe @PLougheedCBE @GWGreyWolves @KenTayloryycbe for writing letters to welcome our new CBE students and families! We have hung them on the walls of the Kingsland Gym. #Wearecbe #ellcbe