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Health & Wellness at the CBE

At the CBE, we believe in a whole school approach to health and wellness. We call this our Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach. CSH is about healthy eating, active living, supportive social environments and positive mental health. As a system, we focus on the following four areas: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health. Each school creates its own approach and goals for health and wellness.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about health and wellness in schools.​​​​​

Health & Wellness

Healthy Students Learn Better Initiatives

In collaboration with our Public Health Nurse, The All Boys, Killarney and Eugene Coste School’s, Richmond School invites our parent community to be part of an important series of workshops that take place the second Tuesday of every month in the evenings. The purpose of these sessions is as follows:

  • Comprehensive School Health minute, value of fruits and vegetables, supplements, vitamins
  • Empower parents to impact the students to be ready for learning and ready to create good life habits Sustainable health

Monthly Health Topics and Dates

  • September 11 - Back to school (lunches, snacks, sleep, yearly check-ups)
  • October 9 - Mental Health
  • November 13 - ANTI-BULLYING, healthy relationships
  • December 11 - (developmental health, Healthy Choices, having hard conversations with your children (friendships, peers, pressures, relationships)
  • January 8 - Physical Activity, reducing screen time (City of Calgary)
  • Spring/Summer programs book
  • February 12 - Injury Prevention, head trauma, concussions
  • March 12 - Cyber Safety and Screen time (CRO, Paul Davis)
  • April 9 - Oral Health (understanding guidelines, sugary snacks sugar board)
  • May 14 - Mental Health
  • June 11 - Road Safety, Sun Safety

Health & Wellness at Richmond School

Richmond School celebrates the many different ways that students stay physically active. Everyday students are active at school in the gym or during active living classes. During the year, make sure you find out how to get involved in a school club or activity.

We Are Mindful

At Richmond School we promote and develop mindful attention to ourselves and others. We help build a tolerance of differences and the capacity to grow as a human being and as a learner. We find the time to be still and to reflect on our thoughts and feelings. This self-awareness of emotions and feelings help us to build strategies. These strategies help us to react appropriately and to respond to challenges in reflective ways.

Flexible Recess/Nutrition Break

All students are given a flexible recess/nutrition break. These breaks coincided with natural learning breaks that were determined by individual teachers and/or teams. Your child’s homeroom teacher or grade team teachers will provide the necessary supervision for these natural breaks. Students will be eating lunch at 12:00 in our lunchroom (gymnasium or childcare) with a recess break to follow at 12:20 PM until 12:43 PM.

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