Girls Leadership Club

If your daughter is grade 4 or 5 at Richmond School, please read the letter on the right hand side of this page to learn more about our Girls Leadership Club starting this Thursday, May 3.   Please return the signed letter to the school by Wednesday, May 2nd if your grade 4 / 5 daughter would like to join this club.

Leadership Program

The Leadership program at Richmond School is an interactive and cooperative program that introduces students to leadership concepts and components with hands on activities to enhance personal development in Grades 4-6.  It incorporates team building activities, school-culture development activities, as well as fundraising initiatives, which allow the students to nurture their passion for Leadership opportunities.

Throughout the Leadership program, volunteerism is reinforced as a critical component of leading while allowing students to define where their passions are. We concentrate on efforts that can provide hope to help others, while at the same time, providing opportunities for our students to learn and grow throughout their time at Richmond. Our belief is that students helping their classmates, their school, their community, their city, and their world is of enormous value to the development of Leadership skills; moreover, these opportunities are of tremendous importance to students as they prepare for junior high, and beyond.

Our student leaders create and contribute to our school spirit and a very special school culture that makes coming to Richmond something to look forward to. It is a unique opportunity that our students take ownership of, and pride in. Their learning is literally in their hands, as student involvement determines both their experience, as well as, their grade.

Some of the leadership opportunities throughout the year:

  • Bake Sale fundraising
  • Spirit Days
  • Boks Fitness
  • Lunchroom Helpers
  • Equipment Monitors
  • Craft Club
  • “Fill a Sock, Fill a Need” program
  • School Patrols (Grades 5&6)

School Safety Patrols

AMA School Safety Patrols

We appreciate all of our patrollers and the work they do each day to provide a safe crossing on 26th Ave SW for our school community. The patrol team participates in training sessions. Find resources below:

School Safety Patrols will not be on duty when it is below -20° C and / or other inclement weather conditions exist (heavy rain, extremely icy roads etc.).  Students are urged to exercise caution when crossing the street on their own.

Patrol Events

We have a number of events throughout the year to celebrate patrollers' efforts providing safe crossing. Most notably, we host two pizza lunches for these important leaders in our community. 

For more information on events, please view our Calendar

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