Ways to Get Connected

Communication between school and home is both formal (through weekly school messages - email and notices, report
cards, and parent/teacher conferences) and informal (through communication folders, twitter - @richlearningcbe, phone
calls, notes, emails and agendas – Grades 1-2 only). We encourage ongoing communication between home and school
using email but please feel free to call the school about any issues you wish to discuss with either teachers or
administration. The more we communicate, the better we can understand and provide for your children's needs. Your first
point of contact for any issues regarding your child needs to be directed to the classroom teacher. Many concerns can be
addressed through clarifying and direct communication.

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Please be aware that our school uses Twitter to share daily events – this is a supplement to our student agenda books. Twitter has proven to be a valuable tool to showcase the wonderful learning that occurs every day at Richmond School.

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Ways to Stay Informed & Involved with the CBE


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