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One of the most important ways parents/guardians and community members can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on the school council. Under the Education Act, a school council is a collective association designed to advise the principal and the CBE Board of Trustees on matters related to the school. School councils have legislated advisory and decision-making authority. They are different from Parent Societies & Associations, whose main function is to raise funds for the school.​​ You can find more details in the CBE School Council Handbook​.​

Information about the impact of COVID-19 on School Councils is available on the CBE website​.​​

School Council

All parents are automatically members of this important body. Meetings are open to all parents and everyone attending has a voice. The purpose of School Council is to provide a venue and opportunity for parents/guardians to participate in discussion of policy and decisions made by the school and to offer advice and support. School Council is an excellent way for parents to become involved in their child’s education.

Meeting Dates/Schedule

Richmond School Council meets monthly at the school. Meetings begin at 6:30 PM and conclude by 8:30 PM.  

Our School Council Members

  • Chair – Sandy Shanks 
  • Vice-chair – Melissa Frankiw
  • Treasurer – Vance Wanchulak 
  • Secretary – Terris Grunert 

School Council Committee Members 

  • Events Director – Denise Wanchulak 
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Heather Riome 
  • Fundraising – Nadine Griffiths 
  • COSC Representative – Heather Ganshorn 
  • Community Association Liaison – Heather Davis 
  • Casino - Vance Wanchulak
  • Richmond School Childcare Liaison – Dana Nevison

Contact the School Council

Email: richmondschoolcouncil@gmail.com

Richmond School Council Role Descriptions

Chairperson - Chairs meetings, establishes agenda, and works closely with the Principal.

Vice-Chair - Assists as required when Chairperson is unable to chair monthly meetings.

Treasurer - Maintains council and society bank account.

Secretary - Keeps minutes of meetings, distributes minutes to the school and to members.

Key Communicator(s) - Represents Richmond at one CBE system wide meeting held every other month. Reports system issues to council. Updates School Council infor-mation board and assists with write ups for community Review publications.

Fundraising Representative(s) Receives information regarding possible funding from outside sources reviews and presents applicable projects to council. Coordinates volunteers for Casino fundraising when required.

Special Event Organizer(s) - Plans and organizes in school events such as Welcome Back Breakfast, community building activities, and parent education evenings. Assists with organizing volunteers as required for larger school activities.

Community Representative - Shares information from Richmond Community meetings, brings forth Community issues to council.

Charity Coordinators - Receives and seeks information regarding charities that are applicable for support by council. Presents applicable information and projects for council consideration as required.

Casino Coordinator(s) - Completes Provincial requirements to update applications for future Casino dates as required. Collects and schedules all volunteers.

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Who’s ready for the first day of school tomorrow??!! We sure are!! Can’t wait to see of all of the smiling faces! Richmond has HEART ❤️

Our Kinders have been busy this week beading Indigenous patterns and representing Harmony! Great work! https://t.co/kOcj4Rnm0r

It may have been virtual, but the Grade 4/5 students enjoyed their Open Minds week with the Calgary Public Library last week. They managed to get out for daily walks each day! https://t.co/vIq8OA3QLb

Mrs. Alderson’s Grade 4/5s showed HEART today by taking time to talk about, and recognize that, Every Child Matters. Please check out their art work in front of the school. ❤️ https://t.co/bILRjut6Bo

Our hoodie design challenge has been a screaming success!! Mr. G’s class was the Division 2 class with the most participation!!! They were just a little bit excited!! Grade level winners and the favourite overall design will be announced next week!!! #richmondhasheart https://t.co/S4uFtwoTRu