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Google Apps for Education and Google Docs

Students in the CBE have access to the Google apps for education platform that includes Google Docs. This platform allows students to collaborate with one another and their teachers. It also has a number of inclusive | Richmond School Handbook 12
technology options that are helpful for learning. Students will be introduced to voice typing (speech to text) as a way of representing their learning in content areas.


Grades 3 to 6 students have school and home access to this exciting on-line math environment. Students are encouraged to hone their math skills by regularly working on Mathletics. Mathletics is a program supported and paid for by our Richmond School Council. Please ask your child's teacher for the username and password.

We are excited to introduce a new online coding program called We have been given this unique learning opportunity with thanks from a Richmond Parent. This learning space allows students to be part of a growing community of coders using a relatively new coding application. RoboGarden provides integrated development environments for young learners to empower their ability to innovate and learn computer science concepts in a very easy, enjoyable way. We anticipate that many students would like to participate and will be distributing usernames and passwords to students over the coming months. Additionally, we would like to begin a coding club. Please contact the school if you’re able to be involved.

RAZ Kids

Grades Kindergarten to Grade 4 students have access to RAZ kids, a levelled reading program that allows students to practice their reading at home. We recommend that students spend time every night practicing reading either through digital or printed texts. As a guideline we recommend 10 minutes per grade level per night for optimal results. RAZ Kids is a program supported and paid for by our Richmond School Council. Please ask your child's teacher for the teacher ID, username and password.

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Teachers spent the day analyzing data and planning for our School Development Plan.

Our Grade 3/4s were featured on Romero Britto’s Instagram! Check out their amazing self portraits! #WeAreCBE

RT @ELLcbe: So humbled and honoured to lead this ELL ATA Professional Learning Session. We and our teacher experts are building each others’ capacities by opening up our classrooms and sharing best practices. #wearecbe #ellcbe

RT @duncwhite: Such a remarkable final day with the @richlearningcbe community. I am very grateful for my time at this incredible hidden gem! #richlearningcbe

RT @ELLcbe: Another thank you to our students @richlearningcbe @PLougheedCBE @GWGreyWolves @KenTayloryycbe for writing letters to welcome our new CBE students and families! We have hung them on the walls of the Kingsland Gym. #Wearecbe #ellcbe