Dress Code

As part of the expectation of courtesy and respect, all staff and students are required to adhere to reasonable and respectable standards in dressing and grooming for a focussed working and learning environment. Clothing worn by staff and students needs to facilitate comfortable interaction within the school community. Dress should be modest, appropriate for the school setting, and conducive to a safe environment. (CBE Policy 6010) The above guidelines work to reflect the focussed working and learning environment at Rideau.  Please note the following:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times for health and safety reasons. Please ensure that they are dry and clean before entering the school. If shoes are wet or dirty please remove them and wear an inside pair.
  • Outdoor clothing and footwear are to be kept in your locker.
  • School staff has the ability to determine what is not appropriate clothing and students may be asked to change into gym strip if they fail to comply.
  • If it is deemed that apparel is inappropriate, students will be asked to wear their gym attire for the day.
  • School wear and gym strip is supplied by Top Marks.  Order form and dates for available purchase will be posted on our merchandise page.

Dressing for the weather

Students must come to school wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather. Often school activities and events require you to be outside. 

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