Students grade 3 to 9 are assigned a locker and are expected to use it for outdoor clothing, books and backpacks. Lockers are school property and the school reserves the right to open them at any time. This may occur when a student is absent for a cleanup, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the administration. Students need to make sure the condition of the locker and its contents are acceptable to school standards. Students are issued locks for their lockers which must be used. Use of personal locks is not permitted.  Students must keep the combination private and keep their locker locked at all times to ensure that their personal items and valuables are safe and secure.


  • are responsible for the proper care of the locker
  • should not give their lock combination to anyone
  • are responsible to keep the locker clean 
  • will remove all contents when requested to do so
  • will be held responsible for damages to the locker

Physical Education Lockers

All Physical Education items are to be stored in the locker room locker. Students are given a lock to use in the locker room. PE clothing and personal items are often lost when students: leave clothing/belongings on top of benches or floors, do not securely lock their lockers, tell other students their locker combination, or do not properly label their clothing. If something is lost, it is the student's responsibility to check daily with their teacher to see if it has been found. In the meantime, students may wear 'loaners,' but after a 5-day grace period, new regulation clothing must be purchased. (Please speak with the office or PE staff if finances create difficulty.)

Students should place all school supplies in their hall locker before coming to Physical Education classes.

Locker damage

Students are responsible for the condition of their assigned locker. They should not overload, deface or add stickers to lockers. Locker door replacement costs $100.


The use of personal locks on school lockers is not permitted. If a replacement lock is required there will be a $5.00 charge. 

How to use your combo lock

  • Turn in a clockwise direction passing zero three times, stopping at your first number
  • Turn counterclockwise passing your second number and then stopping at it the second time.
  • Turn clockwise to your last number and stop there.
  • Pull open.
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