Physical Education

Participation in physical activity provides individuals with  many health benefits. One of our Physical Education goals is  to help students recognize the importance of regular exercise  in their lives and to encourage daily participation in physical  activity. We hope that participation becomes a lifetime habit  for our students.  

It is our belief that students who are well enough to be at  school are generally well enough to participate in modified  Physical Education activities. In circumstances where a  student has an illness (common cold, sore throat, stomach  ache etc.) that reduces their ability to participate, we request  that a note from the parent/guardian explaining the nature of  the ailment and any modifications that can be made or ways in which the student can still participate be sent on the day(s)  in question. On these days students will still be required to  change and participate to the best of their ability. If they are too ill to do this then they should not be in school. A note from  a parent/ guardian will excuse a student from class  participation for a maximum of 3 days (a note is valid for one day unless otherwise stated in the note). Students will not be  allowed to phone home during class time to be excused. If the  injury/condition is likely to affect involvement in 4 or more  successive P.E. classes then a doctor’s letter will normally be  required, specifying range of dates affected. 

Gym Strip

Recommended Rideau Park gym strip purchase list for grades 5 to 9:

  • Indoor shoes (required)
  • Rideau Park shorts and t-shirt (required)
  • Rideau Park hoodie (recommended)
  • Rideau Park jogging pants (optional)

 A complete gym strip is required by October 15. Please visit our Merchandise page to purchase a Rideau Park  gym strip.

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