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Learning Resource Links

Dear Grade Six families and students,

To support your child's learning at home and your ability to check in on their progress, please find links to the following sites below: - Our Grade Six online learning platform - Mathematics practice site - Grade Six digital portfolio

Support for parents: 

Supplementary Educational Sites: - Virtual Art Galleries - printable coloring pages from a 100 museums.

Grade Six Message - Rideau Park School Closure 

Dear Grade Six families,

As you are all aware, as of today Rideau Park School will be closed to students indefinitely due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

This was a sudden announcement, but a carefully considered one to help keep our students, families and staff safe during this time.

With little doubt, grade six students, and families, will have questions about how the school year will be moving forward from this point onward.

Grade Six students can expect to receive information about online classroom work and assessments shortly. This week, a version of our classroom work will be posted online on a D2L platform for grade six students. Currently all teachers are setting up online platforms which will allow us to post learning activities daily for students, while school closures remain in place.

Please see Ms. Hadden’s email to parents for further details.

I can confirm that spring break is still happening between March 21st – March 29th at which time a staff and student break will occur.

Please expect that new updates and information will be sent out by the CBE during the days ahead. Please continue to check your email.  

Despite the obvious interruptions these events will create, we will do our best to continue to provide learning for your child.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Mr. Shewry

Mon 9th - Fri 13th

Science - Students are close to finishing their flight assessment. We have started work on our Sky Science unit. By looking at an online virtual model of our solar system we’ve begun to explore the idea of creating a scaled down model which could represent some of the physics involved in planetary relationships.

Mathematics – We have been working closely with place value as we’ve explored the need to understand how various place value strategies can support multiplying various decimal numbers.

Humanities/LA – Students have been working on a newspaper article regarding a political situation, while learning the fundamentals of writing good functional writing. We’ve discussed the use of the five W’s and avoiding bias. Students will hand in their article soon for some teacher feedback.


Please see Mathletics – Students have been reassigned decimal multiplication practice and have been assigned some integer work.

Mon 2nd - Fri 6th

Science – Students have been working hard to stay on schedule, use their classroom time wisely, and complete their flight side show which has a due date of Monday 16th. We have also begun discussions about our next unit, Sky Science.

Humanities/LA – This week students worked hard to complete grant proposals for review by their teacher. All students worked to complete an improved grant proposal that was short and to the point. The winning grant proposal considered their community members and the positive future impact of their plan.

We have now started work on functional writing. Specifically, the practice of journalism. Students will prepare to write an article about an event that effects their neighborhood, and will detail local and provincial government involvement.

Mathematics – While working on the place value of decimals this week, students have tried out a new card game which involves translating base ten numbers to base two numbers, or binary. We’ll continue to play mathematical games such as this, to support student understanding of foundational ideas from different perspectives.


-       Please return your child’s acknowledgement or risk form by Monday 9th. Our field trip will be taking place Thursday March 12th. We are looking for four volunteers for this event. Please contact our homeroom rep, Sarah Sparke at if you are available.

-       A letter was sent to families via school messenger indicating that our Health lessons will begin shortly. Please read the letter and send an email to the homeroom teacher only if you wish your child not to take part in these lessons.


- Students have been assigned Mathletics homework, due on Wednesday 11th

- While it has been made clear to students that their flight slideshow is to be completed in class, students may gather relevant information and resources to bring to class to use for their slideshow.

Calgary Safety Expo 2020

Dear families

On Thursday, March 12th, Grade Six students have a field trip to the Calgary Safety Expo, located at the Municipal Building (City Hall). This will be an all day event.

Your child will be bringing home an acknowledgment of risk form. Please sign the form and ask your child to return it to their teacher.

There is no fee for this event. Students are asked not to bring money on this trip. 

We are also looking for four parent volunteers to help with the supervision of this trip. Please contact our homeroom rep at if you are available to volunteer. 

Mon 24th - Fri 28th

Science – We’ve begun work on our wrap up assessment for Flight and Air Aerodynamics. Please see the posting below about this weekends at home science lab assignment.

Mathematics – We’ve concentrated our efforts on practicing integer based questions. In conversation with students this week, the class will be prepared for a larger variety of mathematics questions during practice time and on assessments. This is an effort to have students use their math skills on concepts we looked at earlier in the school year. Mathletics practice will also reflect a mixture of new and older practice questions.

Humanities – Students were asked to refine their neighborhood grant proposals after an initial reflection by their teacher. There new goal is to create a more concise, dynamic grant proposal.


Jump Rope for the Heart fundraiser deadline is on Wednesday March 4th


At home science lab assignment - Please remember support resources for this assessment are available for download on My Blueprint.

At Home Weekend Science Lab Assignment

Dear Families

To support clear communication and understanding, grade six students have been given the task of performing a simple science experiment at home this weekend as part of a final assessment for flight and air and aerodynamics.

Students were asked to pick an experiment that can show that air has mass, creates pressure and can be connected to air being like a fluid.

Your child should be coming home today to talk to you about what they want to do and the materials they will need.These should be common household materials. 

Your child will appreciate parental help and support. Their goal is to record the experiment with a choice of one of the following:

1) Video 

2) Photography 

3) Sketches 

Included in their recording process, all students will be discussing how their experiment shows how air has mass, creates pressure and can be connected to air being like a fluid.

Most students experiment should be safe and straightforward but any experiment choice could require specific adult supervision. It will be your child's responsibility to share the details of their experiment choice and how it is performed, just like a scientist must do before being allowed to perform any laboratory experiment. 

Resources and assessment details can be found under our science class on 'My Blueprint' to help support the experiment recording at home. 

Enjoy your scientific conversations and connection making this weekend with your son or daughter.

Jump Rope for Heart - fundraiser deadline

Dear families

We at Rideau Park hope your fundraising is going wonderfully well. Please be aware that this fundraiser will end on Wednesday March 4th. The best of luck and thank you for your support for this important cause.

Feb 18th - Feb 21st

Science – We’re soon to wrap up our flight air and aerodynamics unit after this weeks reflective work and assessment.

Humanities – Since our work reflecting on our novel study The Breadwinner, we have been tying in the harsh realities of life in Afghanistan with our neighborhood design. We’ll be considering the privileges we enjoy, while understanding how government structure is here to support community infrastructure.

Mathematics – We’ve moved into practicing the order of operations and have enjoyed a fun card game that challenges students to create expressions based on their knowledge. This is an easy care game to play at home with a deck of card and one dice. Please feel free to ask your child how to play.


The TELUS Be Brave Hitmen Hockey Game takes place on Thursday, February 27th. If you have not already done so, please pay the cost of $20.00 which covers the cost of the hockey game, a pink Be Brave t-shirt and bus transportation.    On the day of the field trip please ensure your child:

·     Wears comfortable footwear

·     Brings a snack, drink and lunch to eat at the game

Please Note:  Students will not be allowed to purchase items or food from the concessions during this trip.  Please do not send your child with money.


Please visit Mathletics for the following practice:


order of operations

multiplying and dividing decimal practice, due date Wednesday.

Science Flight Test Resources

Here are some other resources to support our test on flight and air and aerodynamics:

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising Campaign

Dear families,

Students and families are encouraged to collect donations for the Heart & Stroke Foundation to help them advance life-saving research and provide education about heart disease and stroke prevention.  All students who register online will receive a free skipping rope so they can practice their skipping skills and stay active all year long.  As a school, we have decided that any prizes awarded for donation targets will be generously donated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Skipping activities will take place in our Physical Education classes during the month of February.  Our Jump Rope for Heart fundraising campaign will begin on February 12th and will close on March 4th, 2020.

How to get started

1.    Visit and click on “Join My School”

2.    Set up your personal fundraising page

3.    Send donation request emails to friends, family and colleagues.  If you need assistance, please visit and check out the instructional videos and step by step “how-to” resources.  

Skipping is a quick, low-cost and effective way to get a great workout in just 15-20 minutes. Here are a few of the benefits of skipping:

·      helps to improve heart rate and blood pressure

·      a good workout for all fitness levels

·      provides a full body workout which uses the abdominals to stabilize the body and legs for jumping & shoulders and arms for turning the rope

·      improves flexibility, coordination and balance

·      improves muscle tone in both the lower and upper body

·      assists with weight loss

·      it’s low cost and can be done anywhere

·      AND, it’s FUN!

Feb 10th - Feb 12th

Science – Students explored the concept of parachutes this week and made connections to air pressure and the components of air.

Humanities – Students have been continuing to present their neighborhood improvement projects and we’ll be discussing who receives an imaginary grant next week.

Mathematics – After finishing our work on fractions, ratios, percentages and decimals, we began our mathematical practice within the concept of the correct order of operations for complex expressions.

Science Test – Flight and Air and Aerodynamics

Students should focus on the following concepts:

-Properties of air

-The four forces acting on a plane

-Parts of an airplane

-Bernoulli’s principle of air pressure and flight (or ‘how does air pressure support hot air balloons, parachutes and airplane flight?’)

-The components of air

Flight and Air and Aerodynamics Resource:


No school Thursday, Friday and Monday. Have a wonderful family day!

Feb 3rd - Feb 7th

Mathematics – Students deeply explored the multiplication of fractions and decimals this week, by connecting symbolic and pictorial understanding, while also enjoying a fraction to percentages conversion game show.

Science – Shortly students will be showing what they know regarding flight and air and aerodynamics in a quiz.

Humanities – We moved into the presentation phase of applying for neighborhood grants. A table group counselor presented what they wanted for their community and why and then were challenged by thoughtful questions by other students. This supported some rich political discussion about what communities need to thrive and why.


Please make sure your child has returned their camp commitment form signed by a family member. The due date was today Friday 7th. $50 deposit can be made online.

Please return Hitmen field trip forms by February 18th. $20 payments can be made online.


Math Quiz on Tuesday.

Please see link for text book practice sections. Students can re-try a few of the questions on these pages for practice and re-read the example pages:

Mixed number to improper fractions – p166-171

Percentages of whole numbers – p186-p190

Transferring fractions to ratios, percentages and decimals – p190

Keeping the Home Language Alive Session

Dear families

Please see the attached invitation. This family seminar promotes supporting first languages at home to support literacy development.

Language at Home_Handbill_Updated_Print.pdf

Life Touch Picture Retakes

Life Touch is offering two studio dates for retakes of the Celebration Photos:

Saturday, February 29th

Saturday, March 14th

Retakes by appointment at the Life Touch Studio:  3628 Burnsland Road SE

To book an appointment, call  403-255-5440

Jan 27th - Jan 30th

Science – Continuing our focus on flight, students engaged in scientific research spurred by the question ‘How does a bird’s anatomy help it to fly?’. Students created detailed diagrams of their understanding, going so far as to make connections between bird anatomy and the parts of aircraft.   

Humanities – While students are still engaged in municipal planning for their communities, we also began a novel study, reading the book The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. The book is helping us to begin the consider the structure of societies in other parts of the world and how the beliefs and values found in these communities’ effect overall government and leadership.

Mathematics – Coming close to the end of our work on percentages, fractions, ratios and decimals and the relationship between these measurement, students practiced their understanding in the context of scenario based word problems. These word problems focused on helping students understand how these measurements can be applied in a variety of situations, while preparing them to think critically about the best and most simplified answer.


-Please return the permission form for the February 27th Hitmen game by February 18th, which includes an online payment of $20.

-Please read the Camp Horizon financial commitment letter going home today with students. Please note there is a deadline for a return of this letter to be signed and a deposit payment made online, both due by February 7th.


Mathletics practice, due Wednesday 5th February. 

Grade 6 Open House Day - February 6th

Dear Families

On Thursday February 6th, grade six students will have the opportunity to take part in our open house day. This will be a very helpful session, supporting students to prepare for their transition between elementary and junior high school.

Please see the attached letter for further details.

Grade Six Open House Day.pdf

Jan 20th - 24th

Mathematics- In preparation for practicing working out percentages of any given value, we have been working on transitioning between fractions, ratios and percentages using one hundred blocks.

Humanities – In groups students created a more realistic community, with a specific location and climate. This is in preparation for running the community, and choosing government roles, just as a real community would be organized in Calgary.

Science – This week we explored more concepts about air and how we use it to fly hot air balloons. Our week culminated with creating paper airplanes in groups. Students were required to create a design individually and ‘sell’ it, using scientific language about flight, as the best paper airplane which their group should make. Table groups then competed with each other.

We tried out our first practice PAT test this week for the unit trees and forests. It was a great experience for the students to practice logging into the test and answering the test electronically. Practice test results were shared with students today.


Please complete the newly assigned percentage and fraction questions on Mathletics. 


Student portrait order deadline is Thursday January 30th, next week.

Grade Nine Enterprise and Innovation Market

Dear families,

Our Enterprise and Innovation class is having a market on Thursday 23rd at lunch for all elementary students.  They have exciting wares to sell.  Most items will be a toonie or loonie. 

Please send money along with your child on Thursday, to help them participate in the market.

Jan 13th - 17th

Mathematics – We’re talking as a community about test preparation and how we can feel confident during tests, like the PATs. We’ve realized that using our classroom practice time well means we feel more prepared during test situations.

Today we tried out a short practice quiz on our mixed number fraction understanding and reflected on our preparedness.

Science – Our flight investigations continues apace! We’ve been performing simple experiments to investigate Bernoulli’s principle, which lies at the heart of understanding flight. Student’s have hypothesized and then reflected on the science behind these experiments.

Humanities – Students finished designing their dream neighborhoods this week. Afterwards we shared our work and talked about how practical they really are when compared to Calgary communities. We were able to make significant connections to our own classroom community, which led to discussions about class systems in society and inclusion versus exclusion. 

Next we will design a more realistic neighborhood, with the purpose of experiencing how a community is administrated, and how government on the federal, provincial and local level impacts a community.


Thursday, next week, student’s will be trying a practice PAT field test for Science. It will be focused only on the Trees and Forests unit. Student’s have been asked to look over their Environmental Impact reports and any other resources from last term to prepare. Students will also be given class time during the week to prepare. This will be a great opportunity to experience a PAT under practice conditions. 

Jan 6th - 10th

We've had a strong first week back in grade six as we begin a new term and a brand new year...

Science - We are beginning to explore the specifics of flight this week, involving are and air pressure. We reflected on our 'freedom machines' built before the break and how this new knowledge applies to our designs. 

Humanities - Introduced this week was a neighborhood design project. To help use reflect on democracy and Canadian government, our neighborhood design project will help us consider government structure on the federal, provincial and local level and how we will meet future challenges based on how our government systems apply.

Mathematics - This week we've focused on fractions and their correct placement on number lines. This is in support of our next steps as we consider ratio, percentages and decimals and how they are interrelated. 


Please check Mathletics for related classroom practice this weekend. Due, Wednesday 15th.

Reminders - 

Monday is grade six picture day. Please dress appropriately. If you wish to pre order a composite classroom picture, please have your son or daughter bring the order no later than Monday morning. 

On Tuesday 14th, grade six students will have the opportunity to watch a presentation about Elboya School's French immersion Program. Students who choose to attend can watch the presentation during lunch time, while they eat lunch. 

Grade 6 Celebration Photos 

On Monday January, 13th grade six students will have a photo taken.  

Proofs will be provided for families to make decisions about ordering. If you would like to have a copy of the class composite photo, fill in the envelope at the bottom of the photo flyer, include the fee ($20 + GST) and return to the school on photo day.  

Class composite photos are available by pre-order only. Pre-orders for the composite will only be accepted on picture day, no later.

Dec 9th - Dec 13th

Science- After students successfully finished their Trees and Forests report we are moving into our flight and air and aerodynamics units. Inspired by our visit to Telus Spark, students have brainstormed and are constructing their own ‘Freedom Machines’. These machines are intended to fly, but with the requirements that they look unlikely to fly but will still travel the distance of our classroom. Please see my blueprint for your son or daughters design efforts so far.                                                      

Humanities- We’ve been researching the various departments of government and the structure of parliament. Soon we’ll be working on developing our own parliament, using the roles and rules we’ve discovered.

Mathematics – Students have been challenged this week with multistep mathematical word puzzle problems, while we’ve discussed strategies to find important information and look for clues to help use decode what we are reading. Some of our work connects with our continued focus on mixed numbers and improper fractions.


If not completed, please finish any outstanding practice work on Mathletics.

Nov 2nd - Dec 6th

Science/LA – We’ll be starting a new unit before our winter break. Our trip to the science center this week both bookended our work in trees and forests and kicked of our work in air and aerodynamics.

Humanities – We’re now developing our own ‘Grade Six Parliament’ based on discussing important classroom concerns and structuring a successful way to discuss issues and find solutions.

Mathematics – Students worked hard this week reflecting on their newest quiz and creating feedback in response to setting future mathematics goals. Please take time to sit with your son or daughter and discuss the newest quiz and have them share their feedback with you.

In class, we discussed the importance of reflection and understanding what happens to our thinking when we feel stress and pressure. Students were able to verbalize what they’ve recognized can happen, and what strategies can be used to feel confident and successful. Talking with your son or daughter about the strategies they use, when they are both successful and when they make errors, will be very beneficial for their learning.


Share your quiz and talk about your goal setting feedback. 

Christmas Concert - Thursday December 12th

Dear families,

Our Christmas Concert is around the corner! We will be singing a special song using flashlights. Please send a working flashlight from home no later than Tuesday, Dec. 10th. Be sure to label it clearly with your child’s name as it will not be sent home until after the concert.

Thank you. 

Nov 25th-Nov 29th

Science/LA – Next week we’ll be focusing on editing our reports. Students have been very focused and enthusiastic about their work and are excited for the end results.

Mathematics – This week we began work on mixed number fractions and discussed how we can continue to rely on our peers for support and make sure we ask questions when we aren’t sure what to do. We are having lots of discussions about relieving stress by not putting off asking for support and clarity.

Humanities – We specifically discussed and recorded a summary outline of the rights contained in the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights this week. We’re extending the thinking of government structure into our classroom structure, moving from relying on our anonymous voicebox to bring up concerns to preparing the students to hold their own classroom meetings, offer solutions to issues, then vote on new decisions in the form or a consensus and direct form of democracy.


  • -If you haven’t yet, please return your acknowledgement of risk form for our Telus Spark trip next Thursday. If you can volunteer, please contact our room rep at
  • -For fun lunch orders on Thursday 5th , you do not need to cancel. Fun lunches will be picked up and brought to Telus Spark Science center.
  • -Here is an important message from our kind club:

This is Kind Club!

We just want to let you know about our fundraiser for the Drop In Centre. We are selling cookies and lemonade December 4th and 5th. Together lemonade and cookies are $1.50 (deal), if you just want lemonade or a cookie you have to pay $1 for each. We are selling on Wednesday and Thursday this week by the vending machine at the front.  Our goal is to reach $260.  Please spread the word!  

Stay kind,

Kind Club


Please check Mathletics for some fraction practice this weekend.

Telus Spark Field Trip - Thur, Dec 5th

Dear families

We are excited to announce a field trip to Telus Spark, next week.

Our visit will celebrate the culmination of the hard work on our environmental impact report, and the beginning of our next unit in science.

Please see the attached pdf for more details regarding our trip such as what students need to bring, total costs and the number of volunteers we need.

Telus Spark Letter with itinerary 2019.pdf

Rideau Park Christmas Concert Thur, December 12th

Dear families

Please find attached a poster sharing the details of this years Rideau Christmas Concert.

The Season of Giving Christmas Concert Poster.pdf

Nov 18th - Nov 21st

Science/LA- Students have been working very hard and we are coming close to the end of our environmental report. The students are beginning work on the last summary page of the report. New feedback has been posted for page two of the report for families, on Powerschool, and on the student’s work for them to reflect on.

Mathematics- We’ve been reflecting on the Patterns and Relations Quiz and working on three distinct areas, in preparation for a new Patterns and Relations Quiz on Wednesday next week. We have discussed correct designing of co-ordinate graphs, the accurate way of creating a variable expression, and the recommended strategies for dealing with multi-step questions. A copy of the multi-step strategies can be found on My Blueprint.

Humanities – Today we had a worthwhile discussion regarding strategies to combat stress. We came to an understanding that grade six can be a stressful year for students, with new ideas and concepts to learn, and our preparation for the PAT exams. We decided that showing empathy and understanding towards others when they're experiencing stress is vital, and checking in with ourselves and making sure we are managing any stress we experience. The class agreed that lots of sleep, rest and healthy outdoor play activities will all help to alleviate stress during the school year.

We also discussed the importance of sharing with our families, any stress we are experiencing. 

Over the long weekend, please connect with your son or daughter and allow them to ask you the following question:

“Hey Mom/Dad, how do you deal with stress in your life?”

Homework –

1) Math quiz  - Wednesday’s math quiz will be similar to the last quiz. Please again look over the following:

Students will be best prepared by reviewing:

Take home mathematics duo-tangs to look over the following concepts which we have worked on in class:

  • -Finding patters in input/output charts
  • -Writing pattern rules for input/output charts
  • -Writing a variable expression for an input/output chart
  • -Correct creations of graphs to represent data accurately
  • -Plotting co-ordinates (ordered pairs) on a graph accurately.
  • -Two digit division practice.
  • -Two digit multiplication practice.

Please see My Blueprint for a pdf copy of our textbook work, so far, this year. Please click on 'messages' to see these resources. Please re-read relevant instruction pages to help refresh your memory of math concepts and vocabulary.

Please see My Blueprint, please look at the multiplication and division refresher pages. Try some of the questions on each subject until you feel confident.

Please see my Blueprint for a copy of multi-step questions strategies.

2) Stress management - Expect your son or daughter to ask about how you deal with stress in your life and what stress can look like, and how important it is to talk to someone if we're experiencing long term stress. 


·       No school on Friday November 22nd

Nov 11th - Nov 15th

Science/LA – Students have been working hard on a fascinating page of our environmental impact report. Students have been sharing a real-world man made or natural disaster on page three. They have used their co-ordinate graph mathematics understanding to share information about their chosen real world disaster, revealing interesting perspectives of the effects on our natural environment.

Humanities – We had vital conversations the last few days, which are helping to nurture care in our classroom community. We discussed how democracy is not something to take for granted and requires constant and consistent maintenance.

As a class today, we agreed that real listening means learning about others. We shared some of our beliefs and values in an effort to understand our community. We finalized our discussion by agreeing on avoiding the judgement of others, and instead thinking about how we can turn judgement into care for others when we are sensitive to an individual’s beliefs and values.

Mathematics – We’re coming to the end of our unit on patterns and relations and have been discussing the importance of letter symbols in mathematics, representing a variable value. Students are practicing multi-step questioning and understanding. Using foundational understanding, such as multiplication tables, is a base level requirement in grade six and allows students to take on questions with real world applications of their mathematic understanding.

Homework - Students are asked to gather any science report information they think relevant this weekend, which will support their work.

Nov 4th – Nov 7th

Science/LA – Our environmental action report is moving along nicely. We have been working on page two, gathering our knowledge about native trees to Alberta.

Mathematics – Our mathematical journey has led us into balancing expressions, heading toward considering fractions.

Humanities – In preparation of student led conferences, we’ve finalized our classroom charter of freedoms and rights. Students will be sharing our charter at our student led conferences, and reflecting with families.

Homework – Long weekend

Mathematics – Wednesday, next week, students will be taking a practice math quiz based on our recent work.

Students will be best prepared by reviewing the following:

Take home mathematics duo-tangs to look over the following concepts which we have worked on in class:

  • -Finding patters in input/output charts
  • -Writing pattern rules for input/output charts
  • -Writing a variable expression for an input/output chart
  • -Correct creations of graphs to represent data accurately
  • -Plotting co-ordinates (ordered pairs) on a graph accurately.
  • -Two digit division practice.
  • -Two digit multiplication practice.

Please see My Blueprint for a pdf copy of our textbook work, so far, this year. Please click on 'messages' to see these resources. Please re-read relevant instruction pages to help refresh your memory of math concepts and vocabulary.

Also added to My Blueprint, please look at the multiplication and division refresher pages. Try some of the questions on each subject until you feel confident.


  • -No school on Friday November 8th
  • -No School on Monday November 11th for Remembrance Day

Elementary Student-Led Conferences 

Grade 6 will be hosting Student-Led Conferences on Thursday, November 7th from 12:45 – 7:45 pm. These conferences are student-led which means your child will be leading you through various stations in the classroom. This is an amazing opportunity for your child to show you their learning and engage in learning tasks along with you.        

To book your conference, please go to MY CBE ACCOUNT beginning October 31st. Please note that you will see multiple spaces per time slot. Unless the square is shaded, this time slot is open to select. Each classroom can host up to 3 families each half-hour. When you arrive for your conference, please come right in, even if there are other families in the room. More than one family will be sharing learning with their child at one time. We’re looking forward to celebrating your child’s learning with you during Student-Led Conferences!

Oct 28th - Oct 31st

Science/LA - The students have made good headway, completing the introduction page of their science report. They've received, peer and teacher feedback, and have received written feedback on their Google Doc first page drafts. Please see Powerschool for a formative assessment of your son or daughters introduction page. Your son or daughter will also be assessed on how they will use feedback in the coming year. 

Mathematics - We are developing a strong understanding about the use of variables in mathematics and practicing our data analysis and graphing skills. Soon students will be tested on their knowledge so far, and will be informed of a math test, with enough time given to prepare for it. 

Today students partook in the 'Dungeon Master Masterthon', designing mystery rooms using ten by ten grids and their graphing knowledge, and testing them out on other teams. Expect a 'Dungeon Master' challenge at our student led conferences.

Humanities - We watched an inspiring video to support students in their science report writing and had a great discussion on the power of words and how they apply to social movements which create change. Please watch the clip below.


1) Please explore these basic fraction support pages, to refresh their memories about fractions.

2) Please look for an environmental disaster, or form of environmental impact that you could share on page three of your environmental report. Please be ready to use this resource on Tuesday next week. 

Oct 21st - Oct 25th

Science/LA – Our environmental impact report has begun! We have started a first draft of page one, utilizing a writing workshop approach of exemplars for attention grabbing writing, and teacher and student feedback. A schedule to support forward planning and organization has been created, with the deadline of November 20th.

Please see My Blueprint for a posting about your son and daughter's introduction draft, along with teacher and student writing workshop feedback. 

Mathematics – This week our work in coordinate graphing led is into dark dungeons! We utilized what we’ve learned about coordinate grids to create a mystery room, which a student partner had to escape from using ordered pair coordinates.

Please see My Blueprint for a posting of your son or daughter mystery room and introduction story. Feel free to create your own mystery rooms at home this Halloween with your son or daughters spooky help.

Humanities – This week we discussed our student vote and federal election results, making connections between the data analysis of the election with our mathematics work in graphing. We will be shortly inputting a data analysis graph into the science report.

Homework –

  • 1) Students can start to gather the information they need online for page two of their trees report. No one is to design page two at home, just collect information and pictures that they can email to themselves.
  • 2) New Mathletics tasks. Complete what has not been completed and complete new tasks by Wednesday, October 30th.

Reminders –

Wednesday October, 30th - Photo retakes

Wednesday October 30th – Halloween Dance from 5.30 – 7.30 – Please see the attached poster.

Thanks to all the families whom donated to our ‘Family Foodies’ themed raffle basket. 


Yearbook Front Cover Submissions

The 2019-2020 yearbook design is already underway!

Our yearbook committee is offering students the chance to design a page for their homeroom section. The theme of the yearbook and the design will be based on 'Empathy – Open-mindedness – Integrity'. One of the design submissions from the school will be selected to appear on the front cover. 

Designs must be submitted by Friday, November 29th on a standard sized piece of paper.

Good luck students!

My Blueprint Family Account

Dear families,

Attached is an instruction document that will allow you to set up a family My Blueprint account and connect it to your child's My Blueprint portfolio.

It is highly recommended you follow this procedure and it will make it much easier to regular check in on new posts created by your child and be notified when the teacher posts new messages. 

We hope this will give you greater insight this year into your child's learning. 

Please email me at if you have any questions about this process. 


Oct 14th - Oct 18th

Science- Using our ‘I wonder’ questions we discussed the Environmental Report rubric and an organizer, which will help students, was shared. We will start creating the report, using our environmental knowledge and passionate voice, to advocate for our natural environment.

Social Studies/LA – We researched the various parties in Canada’s upcoming federal election and today grade six took part in the Rideau Parks student vote. This weekend your son or daughter will be able to share a sheet describing the issues the care about and the party that most aligned with their thinking.

Mathematics/LA – Please look at My Blueprint and Powerschool this weekend with your son and daughter. You will find posted a formative assessment that tasked students with writing their own variable equation story problem. We will be practicing lots of problem writing this year in preparation for answers mathematical words problems in the PAT exams.

Reminders –

  • -Donations are beginning to come in for our Halloween Dance ‘Family Foodies’ auction basket. If you want to donate there is still time before the deadline of October 25th next week.
  • -Picture orders deadline is Tuesday October 22nd.
  • -Students have French homework to finish for Tuesday October 22nd.
  • -Picture retakes are scheduled for Wednesday October 30th.
  • -Students must complete the newly added tasks by Wednesday October 23rd.


  • -Students must complete the newly added tasks on Mathletics by Wednesday October 23rd

Parent Input Questionnaire

Dear families,

In an effort to gather information about individual student learning, and support parent and teacher communication, we're asking families to fill out the attached questionnaire. 

Please complete the questionnaire and send by email to

Please let your son or daughter know if sending a digital version is not an option, so they can ask their homeroom teacher for a paper copy. 

Thank you in advance for completing the form and sharing this information to help support your child's learning.

Parent input-programming for learning.docx

Mr. Shewry

Oct 7th - Oct 10th

Science - Grade six students played detective this week, trying to match leaves to trees and writing about how to minimize environmental impact on specific trees. 

Social Studies/LA  - We're beginning to work on our persuasive language for our environmental impact report, exercising our rights and freedoms to use our voice. 

Mathematics - This week students tried out a formative assessment to find a variable expression for the 'Runny Nose Variable Math Question. Results have been posted on My Blueprint. 


This long weekends homework has been posted on My Blueprint. Students must:

- Complete a new variable expression problem. Deadline Tuesday, October 14th

- Read the rubric for the Environmental Impact Report and prepare three 'I wonder' questions about it. Deadline Tuesday, October 14th.

If there are any problems with My Blueprint this weekend, please see attached documents. 


- Please bring in any donated items for a 'family foodie' gift basket for our Halloween Dance auction.

- No school on Friday, October 11th and Monday, October 14th

- The address for My Blueprint is:

Logging variable math question.docx

Trees and forest environmental impact report rubric.pdf

Sept 30th - Oct 4th

Science – We’ve continued developing our report this week, deciding what it should contain that would engage and grab an audience’s attention about our natural environment.

Social Studies/LA – We are closely following the current election campaign, watching democracy in action in such clips as:

We’ve been in discussion about Canadian’s rights and freedoms and the differences between equality and equity.

This has prompted students to find connections regarding our environmental report. During a discussion about Canada’s need to nurture and develop its population size one students shared:

“This makes me think of our trees and forests work. Old trees in a forest help the growth of new trees, such as when they share their nutrients, or when they die and what remains helps growth”

Mathematics – We’ve begun thinking about variables and thinking about how we can include some mathematical data and variable thinking in our environmental impact report.

My Blueprint - Today we began using a wonderful new portfolio tool 'My Blueprint'. This tool allows students to upload their work to share with others. We uploaded a piece of writing today that was a reflection about a design thinking task we undertook recently. The writing includes some feedback from their teacher. 

Your son or daughter will share this work with you this weekend via My Blueprint.


Mathletics - New tasks will be added for this weekend, with a deadline of Wednesday, October 9th.

My Blueprint - Please share your first post with family this weekend.


We have our Halloween Dance on Wednesday October 30th (Please see my post below for details). Grade Six is putting together a basket to be auctioned off. The theme is ‘Family Foodies’ which would be a basket of delicious foods that a family could enjoy together on a special occasion.

We are asking families to donate a ‘Family Foodie’ gift for our basket. If you can donate please have your son and daughter bring to school and we will collect items in our classroom. 

Rideau Park Celebrates Halloween 

Each Homeroom will support a Raffle Basket- please see poster for details and check your teacher page for more information, Volunteers are needed.


Sept 23rd - 27th

Environmental Impact Report (Science/LA) – This week our visit to Weaselhead enriched our classroom discussions. We learned about the environmental impact of the ring road on Weaselhead’s ecosystem.

As a class, we’ve developed an essential question to help us write our environmental impact report:

“How can we understand the importance of our natural environment and how it is so importance to us?”

Today we just began to talk about how we could share our work about the importance of trees with an important figure in Calgary and Alberta.

Mathematics – As we learn more about equations, we are talking about how we could show environmental impact on tree in a mathematical way.

In connection with our environmental work with trees, the class is considering keeping a plant in the classroom. We are asking families to share their plant expertise with their son or daughter. We would love to know which plants would be manageable to grow in our classroom, and which plants could we grow which are native to Aberta?

Weekend work

Please look at Mathletics for new tasks to complete. Make sure the last tasks have been completed.

Please re-watch this TED talk and think about the complexity of our trees and forest and what we need to do to look after them in Alberta:


- If you have not, please return vaccinations forms

 - School pictures are taking place on Monday, September 30th. Please be appropriately prepared for your picture to be taken. Orange shirt day will not be happening on Monday. Please don't bring orange shirt wear on Monday. Instead we will have Orange shirt day on Wednesday October 2nd.

Sept 23rd

Parent Representative Announcement 

Please allow me to introduce our new parent representative:

Hello Grade Six parents.
My name is Sarah Sparke. I am very excited about the up coming year. I am the parent rep for the class. I would love to hear from parents that have any questions about field trips, volunteering or any other general questions about Rideau Park school. I have a daughter Isabel in grade 6 and a son in grade 4. I am usually at pick up outside the school at 3:50. 
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Thank you,
Sarah Sparke

Sept 16th - Sept 19th

Despite the shortness of the week, we packed in lots of interesting learning experiences:

Environment (Science/LA/Math) - This week our discussion topics have been focused on facts about the trans mountain pipeline, it's importance in the current election campaign and how we should scientifically consider it's potential effect on the environment. We began to look carefully at trees and forests, and began to understand their complexity. We agreed to create an environmental action plan which could educate others on what to know when proposing construction around our trees and forest.  

Politics (Social Studies/LA) - We began exploring democracy from the perspective listening and speaking when debating nuanced topics. In this case we debated the use of smart phones in the classroom. Students ultimately decided against the use of smartphones, after hearing perspectives from both sides. 

Patterns and Relations (Math) - We've been exploring patterns within mathematical equations by focusing on the Fibonacci sequence in nature, realizing that patterns support strong natural structures such as plants and trees. 


On Thursday, September 26th Grade Six students will be joining Grade Five on a field trip to Weaselhead. An information letter and acknowledgement form has been sent home with students. Cost of the trip is $16 and online payment is now available. If you have already offered to volunteer, or want to, please email our room representative, Sarah, at, and confirm.

Please finish any and all Mathletics assigned courses. 

Bring your signed Weaselhead form on Monday.


Please enjoy some Beakerhead pictures below from our field trip today. 


Sept 9th - Sept 13th

Our first full week of the year.

Science - This week we began to delve into our science curriculum and the Trees and Forests unit. We've discussed Albertan forestry and typical Canadian environmental impact, and the proposed work on the trans mountain pipeline. We decided we must be professional scientists to understand the impact on our trees by environmental hazards, by understanding the complexity of our trees and forests. 

Mathematics - We've been discussing the idea of a balanced equation and the importance of value. We've begun to explore patterns found when using various equations. 

LA - We've begun our purposeful writing practice, preparing to create an environmental report that will help to clarify the importance of trees and forest protection.


- Check Mathletics for new practice work. Please make sure previous work from last week is complete.

- (Social Studies) Please spend 30 minutes reading about the concerns for Calgarians and the upcoming election. 


- Share your vaccination letter with your family and return Monday.

- Return your Beakerhead field trip form by Monday. Thank you to all parents who offered their time to volunteer. More parents than needed volunteered! Thank you to everyone and there will be more field trips to come.

 Please be aware, Thursday 19th is a half day, but with this field trip being such a wonderful opportunity, only available on this day, we are asking parents to be flexible and allow their child to leave later on that day. Students will return to school between 2pm and 2.30pm.

- Next Wednesday is the Terry Fox run day. The meet the teacher event is happening between 3.45pm - 6.00pm, after the finish of the run. 

Resources for students: 

Typing Websites:


Writing Websites


Math Websites:





 -  (scroll down to math)

Sept 3rd - Sept 6th

We've had a great first week!

This week students have been collaborating together to build a string structure in our ice breaker activity. We've also begun our work thinking about democracy and and community by starting to create our classroom contract for the year.

Students have been writing about their favourite place, and we've begun our mathematical thinking by working on the 'Sword of Knowledge' math problem. 


- Please work on completing the mathematical tasks set up on Mathletics

- If you have not brought back your demographic, walking permission or digital consent forms they must be returned by Monday.

- We are looking for three volunteers for a field trip happening on Thursday, September the 19th. This is to take part in the Calgary's scientific 'Beakerhead' event. The school schedule has students finishing at 12.03pm on that day, however we were fortunate to be given a visitors slot on this day. The Beakerhead event represents a wonderful way for students to consider the role of 'STEAM' in their lives and to begin our curriculum work for the year. A schedule of the day will be posted shortly. Please expect students to leave from Rideau Park school around 2pm on this day, instead of 12.03pm. 

Please visit this site to learn more about this exciting event:

Welcome Grade Six Students

Tuesday, September 3rd 2019

Dear Students:

My name is Mr. Shewry. I will be your grade six teacher this year. On the first day can we meet outside the front of the school before 8.50am. 

I look forward to meeting you all. We are going to have have a wonderful and exciting year together.

If needed, you can email me at

Mr. Shewry

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