Academic Guidelines

Rideau Park School strives to create an optimal learning environment that is responsive to all 21st century learners. Our primary objective is to build an academic framework for Kindergarten to grade 9 that provides multiple entry points for initiatives that embrace personalized learning, learner pathways, information and digital literacy. Incorporating technology to enhance our student’s skills in critical thinking, communication, research, and productivity is an overall school wide objective. We value the partnership with home and will work diligently to create a relationship that supports optimal student success!

Homework Policy

We cannot stress enough the importance of taking time to have your children talk about their learning -they have been at school for nearly 6 hours and a lot of learning has taken place.  Encouraging your children to focus on what they have learned reinforces their strength to understand themselves as learners.

Homework Hotel is available for students to complete their homework after school until 5:00 PM Monday to Thursday. in the Learning Commons.  Teachers are available for learning support.

We believe that parents should be directly involved in their child’s learning. Good study habits need to be introduced at an early age. We believe that home study will contribute to this as well as to the reinforcement of learning that takes place in the classroom. Students at all levels are strongly encouraged to read daily at home.

Parents are recommended to provide a home environment which facilitates home study or leisure reading. As children progress through the grades it is an expectation they will have increasing amounts of time devoted to reviewing, and to completing assignments on a daily basis. Parent interest and encouragement are invaluable to a child’s successful completion of homework. Please call your child’s teacher(s) if you have questions about homework.

It is suggested that:

  • Grade 1-3 students spend 15 minutes each evening reading with parents or talking about experiences they had at school that day.
  • Grade 4 -6 students may be assigned up to 30 minutes of homework (short or long range projects).
  • Grade 7-9 students may have approximately 1 hour of homework and review each night
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