Illness & Medical

Attendance Line: 403-777-6510   ext.1

In the event of student absence, the parent/guardian is asked to call the school and leave a message. Please leave the following information:

  • name of student(s)
  • grade(s)
  • teacher(s)
  • reason for absence or lateness
  • length of absence if known 

Attendance will be taken each morning and afternoon, and in cases where the parent/guardian has not informed the school, every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian to verify the absence. 

Medical Conditions

Please inform the school if your child has any medical condition and/or requires medications while at school. If a child needs any prescriptions dispensed at school there must be a doctor’s signed Student Health Plan form on file at the school. You can pick up this form at the school office or on the CBE Forms You Need page.


Many students and staff have allergies or asthma. To support these students and staff members please do not wear heavy perfume or cologne to school or school functions.


Due to the very serious nature of peanut and nut allergies for some of our students, we ask all members of the school community to avoid bringing peanut and nut products to school in snacks or lunches. While we realize that there are a number of other foods which can be potentially life threatening to those with severe allergies, we are targeting nuts. Our school wishes to be known as a “peanut sensitive” school.

Anaphylaxis Plan

At Riverbend, we have several children who are at risk for potentially life-threatening allergies. Most are allergic to food and some children are at risk for insect sting allergy. Anaphylaxis (pronounced anna-fill-axis) is a severe allergic reaction that can be caused by foods, insect stings, medications, latex or other substances. Anaphylaxis reactions can be avoided. Education and awareness are key to keeping students with potentially life-threatening allergies safe.

School responsibilities with regard to food allergies:

  • Children with severe allergies sit at the same designated spot everyday for lunch and are well supervised.
  • Children are expected to wash hands before and after eating. Liquid or bar soap or antibacterial wipes can effectively remove peanut butter residue. Please note that anti-bacterial hand sanitizers are not as effective.
  • Children eat only food they have brought from home.
  • Not allowed to share food, utensils or containers.

School responsibilities with regard to insect allergies:

  • Keep garbage cans covered with tightly fitted lids in outdoor play areas.
  • Ensure that students finish their snacks and lunches inside the school to avoid any food attracting insects to children in play areas.
  • Have insect nests professionally relocated.
  • Coordinate emergency planning with parents.

It is the responsibility of the parent to:

  • Inform the school principal of their child’s allergy
  • In a timely manner, complete and/or update medical forms and the Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan, which includes a photograph, a description of the child’s allergy, emergency procedure, providing school with an epi-pen, contact information, and consent to administer medication. The Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan is posted in the office and key personnel are made aware of each child’s needs.
  • Provide an epi-pen contained inside a fanny pack that can be worn by their child when outside. It is recommended by Anaphylaxis Canada to also supply a back-up epipen.
  • Have the child wear medical identification (e.g. MedicAlert® bracelet) - The identification could alert others to the child’s allergies and indicate that the child carries an epinephrine auto-injector. Information accessed through a special number on the identification jewelry can also assist first responders, such as paramedics, to access important information quickly.

Children who are allergic to stinging insects should know to:

  • carry an epinephrine auto-injector with them during insect season
  • stay away from areas where stinging insects gather such as gardens, hedges, fruit trees, and garbage cans
  • wear light colours and avoid loose flowing garments or hair that could entrap an
  •  insect (tie hair back)
  • wear shoes instead of sandals during the warm weather (do not go barefoot)
  • avoid highly fragrant varieties of products such as perfumes, colognes, suntan lotions, cosmetics, hair sprays or deodorant that attract insects
  • drink from cups rather than beverage cans or bottles where insects can hide, it also helps to use a straw if drinking beverages outdoors

To respond effectively during an emergency, a routine has been established:

  • One person stays with the child at all times.
  • One person goes for help or calls for help.
  • Administer epinephrine at the first sign of reaction. The use of epinephrine for a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction will not harm a normally healthy child. Note time of epinephrine administration.
  • Call 911 and contact the child’s parents. Have the child transported to an emergency room even if symptoms have subsided. Symptoms may recur hours after exposure to an allergen.
  • One calm and familiar person must stay with the child until a parent or guardian arrives. When the child is being driven to hospital, another adult should accompany the driver to provide assistance to the child if necessary. The child’s back-up epinephrine auto-injector should be taken.

Please plan to stop in at the school office and update your child’s emergency plan. Arrangements for fanny packs and epi-pens need to be in place. Student health and safety is paramount. For more information, visit

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