Our Staff



Name & Email


Steve Radder

Assistant Principal

 Annie Yu

Teaching Staff

Grade / Subject / Role

Name & Email

Learning Leaders

Meghan Clark

Carole Ware 

Kate Logan

Meredith Angel

Drew Yeo

Sarah Ketcheson


Meghan Clark     

Grade 1

Lisa Hodgkinson

Jennifer Copot  

Grade 2

Andrea Taylor

Jamie Schroeder

Grade 3  

Sarah Ketcheson

Sarah Davey

Grade 4  

Jilayne Warne

Sonia Oppenheim

Grade 5

Kaaren Finlay

Kevin Higgins    

Grade 6

Karri Berg 

Carole Ware

Grade 7

Ryan Smith 7A

Danielle Miles 7B

Brandie Ferrell 7C

Grade 8

Sarah Fulwiler 8A

Jason De Jong 8B 

Kristen Beechey 8C

Grade 9

Paige Yeldon 9A
Chelsea Baxter/ Florence Lam 9B 

Nicole Enders-Berntsen 9C

Drew Yeo  9D

Specialist Teacher- Student Services

Kate Logan
Matt Sticksl

Physical Education

Meredith Angel

Jenny Feaver

Kirby Koch 


Amelia Pierson


Kayla Koshynsky

Support Staff


Name & Email

Administrative Assistant ETammy Reeves

Administrative Assistant C 

Aimee Wang

Behavior Support Worker (Jr High)

Joey Mah

Educational AssistantsLaura Clarke- Brubacher 
Joanne McClintock - ACCESS Class

Lunchroom Supervisors

Ilda Rende (Lead Lunchroom Supervisor)

Laura Clark-Brubacher

Sumya Tanjy

Library Assistant 

Meredith Dixon

Facility Operators

Henry Benguit

Alex Molina

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RT @RoyaloakCBE: On dress like your favourite book character day, there were princesses in the wetlands, living alphabets, and creativity found throughout the school. What a fun way to embrace the energy that fills June! #wearecbe #getoutside https://t.co/jOtfCyD22x

RT @WesternRedhawks: This past year, a committee of students has been hard at work gathering student voice and consulting with Elders and Knowledge Keepers in the planning of a garden in the courtyard area off of the main foyer. #wearecbe https://t.co/r5VyCRdCX9 https://t.co/CuBU8EuVan

LAST CHANCE to register for yellow school bus transportation. If you do not register by the June 11 deadline you will not be included in route planning for the fall and may be responsible for transportation for the first six weeks of school. https://t.co/EV8CAc6U9H #WeAreCBE https://t.co/wi3SDZ4VaI

Friday, June 9 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and stay cool! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/aZILp20jXS

RT @Miskanawah: A huge THANK YOU to the students of Forest Lawn High School for supporting our Indigenous children, youth and families to have FUN and POSITIVE learning experiences by donating 50 new backpacks. #miskanawah #YYC #ForestLawnHighSchool https://t.co/mgNkw7uns8