Aug 30
Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year!

A huge welcome back to the entire Riverside community: students, parents, guardians, staff, and all caregivers! Teachers have been back in the building since Monday and our Support Staff colleagues are joining us today. We're all so excited to see you again tomorrow to get the 2023-24 school year started, whether you're an old friend or a new one.

Over the next few days, you can expect to receive information about our Meet The Teacher night, athletics, and all of the other activities that mark the beginning of the school year. We're looking forward to opportunities to reconnect with our community at the Welcome Back Tea hosted tomorrow morning by our School Council and Parent Society, and our inaugural Welcome Back BBQ for students and staff on Friday.

Speaking of School Council and our Parent Society, the first meetings for these groups will be coming up within the next few weeks. I'll share the dates and details in a future update. We enjoy a productive and amazing partnership with these groups, and I know that new voices are always welcome.

Thank you all for your continued support. Fist bumps all around!

Steve Radder, Principal
Riverside School

Jun 29
Year End Reflections

​An amazing school year is coming to an end.  This is a time of reflection and celebration, while also recognizing that we are saying 'farewell' to valued members of our school community, both on our staff and in our student population.  It's the people who are part of our community that make Riverside such an amazing place of learning.  If you are leaving Riverside School at the end of this year, we wish you the very best wherever your journey takes you next.   

Our main office (and school) will close for the summer at noon on Friday of this week.  Staff will be enjoying a well-deserved break and will respond to any queries you might send over the summer months when they return in late August.  The office will reopen at 9:00 on August 28.  

On behalf of our entire staff, thank you for a wonderful school year.  Our students benefit greatly from the partnership between home and school.  We also wish your families a restful, enjoyable, and safe summer!   

As always, I am so grateful for your continued support.  Have a wonderful summer break!  

Steve Radder  
Principal, Riverside School 

Jan 23
Thank you and goodbye.

Jan 23, 2023 


Dear Riverside Families, 

Every day I am grateful to be part of a progressive community that wants the best for their children. Today is no different except I am chasing one more dream, and that is to influence our youngest learners as a principal in an elementary school setting.  

I have been named the Principal of Dr. Freda Miller School and will be transitioning to my new role following the Family Day weekend. My last day at Riverside school will be February 15, 2023. This means I will get to celebrate the Science Olympics and pass the torch to the staff to do what they do best, which is providing exceptional care and programming for students. 

Thank you to parents for supporting your children, staff, the science program, and how we come together as a community. Your dedication is immeasurable. Thank you to the staff at Riverside for your love of children and this important work. The way you engage students in deep scientific thinking and respond to the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of all students is inspiring. To the students, what a privilege to watch you all grow to meet your full potential. Thank you for showing great compassion for one another and for bringing a love of learning.  

Riverside school families make an enormous difference in our community. Thank you for your support in navigating our way back after a health crisis and for working together as a community to build a beautiful path for Truth and Reconciliation. 

Riverside parents and guardians will soon receive a survey from the Area 3 office to gather input about the attributes desired in the next principal, who will be hired to begin the 2023-24 school year. In the interim, an Acting Principal will be assigned for the remainder of the current school year. 

Thank you, with deepest gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this incredibly special school community.

Nancy L. Gillott 


Riverside School ​

Nov 05
November is the best!

This is my favorite time of year. Students are settled into routines, there’s rich learning going on in classrooms, our bulletin boards are populated with symbols of peace, and we’re working together with buddies. We have collaborative projects on the go and have had 70+ field studies already. In our new block of time called Riverside time, we are taking up the Dare to Care Program using the 4 words gifted to us last year from an Elder- Respect, Inclusion, Connection, and Kindness. 

This week we posted the final color designs for the new logo from more than 100 entries. This work represents a year of design thinking, creativity, voice, and choice. We are so proud of all the work done! We have an amazing staff who always put in that little bit extra to help students be part of our school community and whose task design is second to none. Being in classrooms is an absolute joy! 

Thank you to the many many parents who are supporting our school community by volunteering, asking good questions, being part of our school council and parent association, and joining us on field studies. All of this contributes to the well-being and higher learning of our school community. When you visit us in November you’ll see that the school is freshly painted.  We have our four themes proudly displayed in our foyer, the word welcome in the treaty languages, Land as Teacher,​​ and our school name in Blackfoot- Issuihtaa.  We are so proud of this work and the purposeful work in classes that shows our commitment to truth and reconciliation.Thank you for being part of something extraordinary. Your commitment to well-being shines through your children accompanying us on a path of excellence. 

Aug 10
Welcome to Riverside

Dear Riverside Families,

As the Principal of Riverside, it is my pleasure to welcome new and returning families to a great 2022-2023 school year. 

We are one of 6 Science Programs in the CBE with an instructional focus on inquiry, experiential learning, and integrated project work.  If you are new to our school community know we have an amazing staff, students, and parents! You might also want to look at the two presentations shared at our open house last year that detail our programming. 

It will be great to be able to meet families in person in September and we look forward to hosting in-person events, field trips, guest speakers, and athletics.  

I encourage all of our parents to become active members of our School Council. With your support, our staff and students can have amazing events, enhancements to the curriculum, and bussing support for field trip opportunities.

To stay current on all that is taking place at Riverside please be sure to have an updated email address to receive information via our School Messenger messaging system.  Also, remember to visit our website and Twitter (@Riversidecbe) regularly for current news and upcoming events. We send out a Weekly Update on Wednesdays and teacher emails are listed on our website. 

I am honored to serve as the principal of Riverside School.  It is great to be a part of a strong community where students, teachers, and parents go the distance to build relationships foundational for an inclusive, caring, and respectful school. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at I look forward to working with you.

Nancy L. Gillott

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