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Away for the Day | Personal Electronic Devices

We have an "Away for the Day" device policy for all students. Students may not use phones during instructional time unless the activity is approved by the teacher. Students must comply with the CBE Code of Conduct and AR 1062 Responsible Use of Electronic Information Resources.

Students may use their personal electronic devices (including ear phones/earbuds) outside of the school building and outside of instructional time. 

  • During instructional time, personal devices and earphones/earbuds are required to be locked up in a student’s locker. While students may use their devices at lunch if they are outside of the building, they may not use their phone as a recording device to photograph other students.
  • Students without lockers may give their phone to the teacher who will secure them for the day so they have access before and after school. A student can come to the office and ask for safekeeping until the end of the day.  The same would apply if they chose to bring a personal device for a school project.

Responsible use of any personal electronic device will be at the teacher’s discretion during classes, that is, teachers may specifically request students to bring personal electronic devices for use within the classroom context, specific class work, and/or as adaptive technology outlined in a personalized learning plan.  

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