​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

School Spirit and Community Building are important aspects of Riverside School. In keeping with our Science focus, we celebrate the following:

  • Winter Solstice – Our last day of classes before winter break is when we celebrate Winter Solstice. This day includes activities related to the “shortest day” of the year followed by a shared lunch with our families.
  • Kid Inventors’ Day – Celebrated on or near January 17th, the anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth, who invented swim flippers at the age of 12! Students work with their buddy class to explore their creativity to invent or re-invent.
  • Science Olympics – A Riverside School tradition, students participate in a unique Olympiad, complete with Opening and Closing Ceremonies and science challenges that have them competing for points for their colour team.
  • Earth Day – Earth Day provides an opportunity to explore our responsibility as stewards of the environment. The most recent Earth Day saw classes taking on a variety of initiatives to help the planet.
  • Pi Day - on Pi Day students will go head to head in school-wide competition to memorize and recite the most digits of pi. For the 2021-22 year, the overall winner (and Division One winner) was a Grade 3 student Ariyanna D. with 161 digits recited. The Division 2 winner was Grade 5 Aaditya A. (131 digits)  and the Division 3 winner -was Grade 7 Taym S. (103 digits).
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