Our Visual Identity

Riverside School Identity

On June 1, 2021, the Board of Trustees changed the name of our school to Riverside School. The name change was made in response to recent events, including the tragic discovery of the remains of 215 children buried at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.

Some of the activities related to the name change happened right away. These included updates to our website, school clothing, interior signage, documents and letterhead. The removal of exterior signs on the building happened over the winter break and we are just forming our Advisory Group that will lead the work of the creation of a new school logo and visual identity. This group of students, staff and families, as well as members of the Bridgeland community, Indigenous leaders and community members will provide input into our new identity, which will be incorporated into all signage, symbols and team names at our school.

Visual Identity Advisory Group

Students: Zoe, Keeyan, Joy, Addison, Dominic

Parents: Kevin, Jaydan, Emily, Jocelyn, Kenneth

Council Chair: Cherie 

Staff: Mme Arko, Ms. Gray, Ms. Logan, Ms. Clark, Ms. Gillott

System Principal, Indigenous Education: Michelle Ranger

Community Member: Deb

This webpage is your source for all information, engagement opportunities and materials related to the name change and our new visual identity.

Thank you for being part of this very important journey with us!

Engagement Opportunities

We are pleased to let you know that our Engagement and Communication Plan for our new visual identity has been approved by the Trustees and Superintendents.  While we had a design chosen by the end of June, the Visual Identity Advisory group asked we hold off on the final design until students could submit ideas for colors. We will have those submissions by October 14 and will work through the dot voting process again to choose a final design. 




  • 1: Announcement of school renaming
  • 1-28: Classroom work around renaming.


  • 23: Smudging ceremony with an Elder and CBE leaders
  • 23: Consultation for signage removal



  • 1:  Classroom visits begin with an Elder who will share the importance of naming.


  • 18: School council meeting
  • 18:  Staff Professional Learning Day- "The Land is Our First Teacher"
  • 19 : Letter to the Community with Updates
  • 20:  Classroom visits continue with an Elder who will share the importance of naming.


  • 3: Classroom visits continue with an Elder who will share the importance of naming.
  • 15: Invitation to participate in the School Advisory Group
  • 18-20: Removal of exterior signs



  • Share engagement plan with the School Advisory Group and develop questions for a survey
  • Brainstorming and idea sharing about new school logo with the School Advisory Group

February - April

  • Generate questions with each question/ provocation- display in the learning commons alongside images of field studies, connections to the land and connections to each other.
  • Administration met with an Elder and System Principal, School Improvement

May - June

  • Use a design thinking process with all classes to surface what it means to be a student at Riverside School
  • Use a Design Thinking Process with the students and the School Advisory Group
  • 1-22: Classroom work around renaming, Students at Central Memorial High School PVA program develop designs to submit for the logo. Three designs will be voted upon.
  • 22 to 24: Teachings  around the meaning/ symbolism with the 3 final designs

September- October

  • Teachers work with students to encourage students to submit ideas for colors. Student ideas (colored sheets) will  be posted in the learning commons.
  • October 15- dot voting 

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