​One way parents/guardians can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on our school’s parent society. Parent societies are a formal group of parents, incorporated under the Societies Act for the purpose of raising funds for the school. A society is a separate legal entity from the school council. More information can be found in our CBE Administrative Regulation 5001 – School Councils and School/Parent Societies.​​

Parent Society

Our Parent Society is known as  the Riverside Parent Society.

Objective | To create a fundraising body and build community for Riverside School.

Membership | Open to all parents, legal guardians or extended family members of a student in attendance or registered for attendance at Riverside School .

Meeting Dates/Schedule

Meetings are held on Thursdays each month at 6:30 in the Learning Commons. .  Meeting agendas are posted on the website. 

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Dates for 2022- 2023

  • September 15
  • October 20
  • November 17
  • January 19 meeting time 6:30 PM
  • February 23 Change of meeting time to 7:00 PM
  • March 16 at 7:00 PM
  • April 20  at 7:00 PM
  • May 18 at  7:00 PM

Our Executive

  • President: Leslie Gault 
  • Vice-President: Melanie MacDonald 
  • Secretary: Kelsey Meyer 
  • Treasurer: Jacquie Harrison 
  • Fundraising/Casino: Emily McKnight

Contact the Parent Society

Email: parentsociety.riverside@gmail.com

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