Physical Education

Physical Education Program

Students at Riverside School will be participating in a variety of physical education activities. Each unit will range from 4 to 12 classes before rotating to the next unit with Health & Life Skills integrated throughout the year (see Resources on this page for details of what will be offered during the year). Within each unit we will be incorporating fitness training and scientific connections when possible.  Our philosophy is to expose students to a variety of activities, experiences and fitness opportunities in order to improve their overall fitness level and love of sport.

Physical Education Units

Volleyball, Cross-Country, Soccer, Touch Football, Gymnastics, Combatives, Dance, Floor Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Cricket, Lacrosse, Rugby, Broom Ball, Track and Field, Pedometers, Baseball, Orienteering, Basketball, Low Organized Games, and other activities.

The New Physical Education and Wellness K-6 Curriculum

Physical Education Clothing | Expectations

We ask that students in Grades 7-9 wear gym strip to participate in Physical Education.  Parents are asked to purchase clothing through the MyCBE app. 

Appropriate PE clothing at Riverside is:

  • Shirt 
  • Shorts
  • Workout pants (sweat, track or yoga)
  • Warm clothes for outside activities (we even go outside in the winter!)
  • Socks and non-marking running/athletic shoes

Permitted Changing Times 

  • A maximum of 5 minutes will be allowed at the beginning and the end of each class. 
  • Tardiness is unacceptable.


Jewelry must not be worn during PE class for safety reasons.  Each student is responsible for locking up his or her jewelry.  A small box or old yogurt container inside a locker makes a good storage place.

Personal Security

Your last name will be written on the back of your T-shirt.  Make sure to label your shorts and runners.  If you lose something, there is a greater chance of it being returned if it is labeled.  Lock up your belongings AND do not share your combination with others!


Students are responsible for locking up their belongings during class time. The School will provide each student with a PE locker and lock. Locks must be returned at the end of the year in proper working order.

Gym Rules

  1. No food or drinks in the locker rooms or gym.
  2. Cell phone/technology use is not permitted in the change rooms. Cell phones should be stored in the day lockers.
  3. Students are allowed in the gym for an activity only if a teacher supervisor is present.
  4. All students participating in class, intramurals or team practice are asked be changed into gym strip when classes are held inside.
  5. Everyone participating must have appropriate footwear (running shoes).  No shoes that mark the floor are allowed.
  6. Students are not allowed in the equipment room or PE offices unless they have permission.


Students will be evaluated on a 4 point scale under the following three stems:

  • Performs and refines movement skills
  • Cooperates to demonstrate fair play and teamwork
  • Explores strategies for leading a healthy, active way of life

Exemptions from P.E. Class

1. Short Term Exemption

  • In order to be excused from gym class, a note from home must be provided. 
  • Participation will be modified in order to meet the student’s medical needs. 
  • Students will be expected to participate in some capacity as they are able

2. Long Term Exemption

  • If a student is to be exempt from class for 1 week or longer, parents are asked to send an email to the Administrative Team-

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