Program, Focus & Approach

Science Program at Riverside

Riverside School is located in the community of Bridgeland and home to CBE’s Science Program for the communities west of Deerfoot Trail and north of Glenmore Trail.

Our programming follows Alberta Education curriculum with a focus on learning through science exploration and inquiry. This program of choice has a strong focus on collaboration and design and uses the Science Program Inquiry Model along with a significant number of field study experiences. Students spend a great deal of time outside engaged in field studies and are involved in off-campus opportunities throughout the school year to support their classroom endeavors. Through this program, staff foster critical thinking and problem-solving while further developing students’ scientific literacy skills across the disciplines.

We have a population of 650 students (K-9) participating in the program:

  • Two Kindergarten classes (am and pm class)
  • Two classes of each grade at Grades 1-6.
  • This year we have three classes at Grades 7 and GRade 8 and four classes of Grade 9 students.

Most students stay with us from Kindergarten through to Grade 9. Each year through the lottery process, we intake an additional class of Grade 7 students who typically stay with us until the end of grade 9. If students move from the school over the summer, spots are granted during the first week of school to students on the wait list from our lottery process.

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​​Middle Years at the CBE

Middle years learning refers to education offered to students between the ages of 10-15. These years are critical in keeping our students on the path to high school completion and their career futures. Keys for student success include: participating in hands-on, purposeful and relevant learning; creating positive relationships with peers, teachers and other adults; and being actively involved in the community and feeling supported by family, businesses and other organizations that surround them.

Learn more about our students in their middle years, including how their learning will change and how you can support your child, visit the CBE website.​

​​​​Exploring Career Choices

For Grades 5 to 9 at the CBE, we offer Career & Technology Foundations (CTF). This is an inquiry-based, hands-on program that focuses on essential skills common to occupational areas, and our students personalize their learning based on their interests and passions.​​​