Our Staff

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Teresa MartinPrincipal
Megan AdamsAssistant Principal
Brad MurrayAssistant Principal
Shelley Barber
Administrative Assistant
Zamzam SalemSIS Assistant
Jennifer LaPierreOffice Assistant
Siobhan TempanyBusiness Manager

Success Center

Ingram, DebOrange Community
Nieman, CharleneRed Community
Richmond, LeanneBlue Community

Teaching Staff

Name, Email  Position Subjects
Abraham, RossTeacherSocial/ELA
Abrams, JoelTeacherFine Arts
Anders, AlmTeacherELA
Armstrong, LauraTeacherTASC/CSSI
Bayer, EvanTeacherAthletic Director
Benavides, DanielTeacherMath/CTS
Bird, AshleyTeacherScience/Math
Brittner, SavannahTeacherELL/Social
Cheng, MarcoTeacherMath/Science
Clark, JamesTeacherCTS - Computer Science
Connelly, JacquiTeacherELA
Cowley, SandraTeacherPLP/ALP
de Lange, Owen
Duffy, MikeTeacherLearning Leader - Phys Ed.
Duguay, Anne 
TeacherLearning Leader - Science
Frizzell, PaulTeacherScience
Gentile, JodiTeacherELA
Gordanier, Brad 
Grant, LeanneTeacherELA
Herrera, PaulaTeacherLearning Leader - Languages
Hogaboam, KyleTeacherSocial Studies
Holmes, HarloweTeacherELA
Hoover, DanielTeacherScience/Math
Huddleston, AmandaTeacherELA
Issler, StephanieTeacherPhys. Ed
Jankowski, TracyTeacherPhys. Ed
Karimwabo, MelissaTeacherTASC/CSSI
Laatsch, TanisTeacherLearning Leader - CTS/Fine Arts
Lake, WarrenTeacherScience
Lakhani, ReneetaTeacherMath
La Roche, PaigeTeacherMath/CTS
Lew, WilliamTeacherGrade10/Leadership
Liew, VernonTeacherMath
Lloyd, ShannonTeacherLearning Leader - ELA
Lutzmann, CarlyTeacherSocial Studies
MacGillivray, ClareTeacherSocial Studies
MacWilliam, LindsayTeacherPhys Ed.
Mann, DonnaTeacherCook Trade
McCarty, KellyTeacherAthletic Director.
Melnyk, TylerTeacherCTS
Morgan, RyanTeacherScience
Oakes, TamaraTeacherCTS/Social
Pattison, JenniferTeacherLearning Leader - Social Studies
Pierpoint, AngieTeacherPLP/ALP
Rensby, ZachTeacherPhys Ed.
Salem, AbeTeacherLearning Leader - Math
Saini, PuneetTeacherScience
Smith, LyndaTeacherLearning Commons
Stevenson, ErikTeacherSecond Languages
Sullivan, JenniferTeacherScience
Venter, ErikaTeacherLearning Leader - Science
Walter, BenTeacherCTS/Construction
Walyuchow, CoreyTeacherCTS/Work Experience
Warawa, ColtonTeacherScience/Math
Warner, KerryTeacherFine Arts - Art
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RT @gale_school: Here are a few more of the outstanding homeroom displays our students have created. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/W9jW2nZD59

RT @elboyacbe: What an opportunity…students listened to FIFA soccer referee, Drew Fischer who officiated at the 2022 Men’s World Cup in Qatar. Talk about working towards and achieving one’s highest personal potential. Very inspiring! #wearecbe@yyCBEduhttps://t.co/y2M94sUnCs

Congratulations Trustee Vukadinovic! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/VHwIyysP0P

Thank you to everyone for your patience. Report cards should now be available. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/AWDFQYowfD