Our Staff

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Name and EmailPosition
Matt ChristisonPrincipal
KrIstal DerbyshireAssistant Principal
Clare HaneyAssistant Principal
Shelley Barber
Administrative Assistant
Danielle, FoisySIS Assistant
LaPierre, Jennifer
Office Assistant
Madhavan, Deepa
Business Manager

Success Center

Ingram, DebGrade 10     
Nieman, CharleneGrade 11             
Richmond, LeanneGrade 12       
Horricks, KimCareer Practitioner

Teaching Staff

Name, Email and Learning Community Position Subjects
Abrams, JoelTeacherFine Arts
Anders, AlmTeacherELA
Andries, LeahTeacherCTS
Baum, JulieTeacherPhys. Ed.
Beck, BrandonTeacherMath/Sci
Blenkhorne, ScottTeacherCTS
Campagne, WhitneyTeacherScience
Cheng, MarcoTeacherMath
Connelly, JacquiTeacherELA
Cowley, SandraTeacherPLP/ALP
Crowell, BenTeacherMath
de Lange, OwenTeacherMath
Duguay, AnneTeacherScience
Fitzpatrick, LeanneTeacherFine Arts/Second Languages
Fortier, KeltieTeacherELA
Frizzell, PaulTeacherScience
Gordanier, BradTeacherScience/DEI
Hardy, MadeleineTeacherCTS
Heron, NatashaTeacherScience
Hogaboam, KyleTeacherSocial Studies
Holmes, JarrodTeacherELA
Issler, StephanieTeacherPhys. Ed
Jankowski, TracyTeacherPhys. Ed
Lake, WarrenTeacherScience
Lakhani, ReneetaTeacherMath
La Roche, PaigeTeacherMath/CTS
Lau, LeonTeacherScience
Liew, VernonTeacherMath
Little, AdamTeacherMath
Love, KateTeacherCTS/Dance/Yoga
Lutzmann, CarlyTeacherSocial Studies
MacGillivray, ClareTeacherSocial Studies
Maciejko, AlexisTeacherSocial Studies
MacWilliam, LindsayTeacherPhys Ed.
Mann, DonnaTeacherCook Trade
McCarty, KellyTeacherPhys Ed.
Melnyk, TylerTeacherSocial Studies
Morrow, DawnaTeacherScience
Nickerson, JanetTeacherScience
Pattison, JenniferTeacherELA
 Pearson, KirkTeacherELA
Pelletier, JanineTeacherELA
Piechotta, SuzanneTeacherCTS/Art
Pierpoint, AngieTeacherPLP/ALP
Pysyk, KarenTeacherSocial/ELA
Rensby, ZachTeacherPhys Ed.
Sandberg, Victoria TeacherSocial Studies
Schaub, CherylTeacherMath
Sheehan, KateTeacherScience
Smith, LyndaTeacherLearning Commons
Stevenson, ErikTeacherSecond Languages
Sullivan, JenniferTeacherScience
Walters, BenTeacherCTS/Construction
Walyuchow, CoreyTeacherCTS/Work Experience
Wilde, AndyTeacherPhys. Ed.
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Friday, Nov 20 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE https://t.co/0RwiQnUZmW

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