Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

Foods Culinary Arts

Foods Culinary Arts Intro

Students will learn food production, food preparation, and meal planning. They will explore nutrition, healthy food choices, food costs, and safe food handling techniques. Students in this class will prepare food for the school cafeteria and catering.  Each course contains theory and practical components. Students will complete a provincial food safety certification at this level that is required to proceed to the next level.  Prerequisite: None

Foods Culinary Arts Inter/Adv

Students will continue to develop the skills needed to work in a commercial kitchen, while building their kitchen leadership skills.  Safe and sanitary food handling practices based on industry standards will continue to be emphasized, and students will have an opportunity to complete courses necessary to challenge the first year Alberta Apprenticeship Cook Trade exam. Each course contains theory and practical components.  Prerequisite: Foods Culinary Arts Intro or Inter


Legal Studies

Legal Studies Intro/Inter/Adv

Students will explore public, private, relationship and employment law through debate, discussion, mock trials and projects. Students will analyze real-world legal cases and examine the criminal justice system, including the criminal process and the roles and responsibilities of the participants. Prerequisite: None

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Intro

Students are introduced to anatomy (bones, muscles and joints) and their relation to athletic injuries. Students will become CPR & AED certified by the Canadian Red Cross. The practical component of the course will involve an introduction to athletic taping and wrapping. Students will be required to complete 15 observational hours of athletics, outside of regular school hours. Prerequisite: None


Sports Medicine Inter 

Students will further their study of human physiology, athlete health and performance, and introduction to injury rehabilitation. Recognition and treatment of injuries is the focus, by using student’s background in anatomy, and teaching of more advanced taping and wrapping skills. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 25 hours as trainers, and students must be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time before and after school within the training environment. Prerequisite: Sports Medicine Intro


Sports Medicine Adv

Students will advance their study of anatomy and physiology, and examine Kinesiology, Physiotherapy and other related medical fields. Students will explore a variety of post-secondary opportunities and advanced rehabilitative methods available within the city. Some students will have the opportunity to work with Robert Thirsk students in a fitness and rehabilitation setting.  Prerequisite: Sports Medicine Inter

Sports Performance

Sports Performance Intro/Inter/Adv

Students will focus on the development of an individual’s fitness as it relates to improving performance in sport. Topics of study include: aerobic training, strength training, flexibility training, agility training, power training, speed training, nutrition, hydration and goal setting. Prerequisite:  Sports Performance Intro or Inter

NOTE | All levels of Sports Performance are extremely rigorous and physically demanding courses and should only be requested by students desiring high performance levels of physical fitness.



Leadership Intro/Inter/Adv

Students will enhance their leadership skills and demonstrate the application of these skill sets through modeling and mentorship.  Students will demonstrate commitment, responsibility, accountability and work ethic as they identify and implement projects that meet school and community needs. Prerequisite: Leadership Intro or Inter

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