Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)

Computing Science

Our world increasingly relies on computers and there is a great need for people with the necessary skills to program and operate computers. Computing science helps students develop strong foundational skills in computer coding as well as what role they can and do play in our society. Computing Science 30 can be used for entrance into post-secondary intuitions as a replacement for any of the three traditional science courses (biology, physics and chemistry). Students must complete all three levels of computer science to use it for post-secondary entrance.

Computing Science 10 (1412)

In this course, students are introduced to a variety of computing topics, including the basics of how computers work, the relationship between hardware and software, the history of Computer Science, and how to build your own program. Students will learn how to build their own website using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The majority of concepts will be introduced by having students create their own games. Prerequisite: None.

Computing Science 20 (2412)

In this course, students further develop their skills gained in the 10-level course. We continue to look at how computers have impacted life and society. Students will be introduced to the Python language, while exploring more advanced topics of file access, working with graphics libraries, and a variety of data types. We will begin to study object-oriented programming. Prerequisite: Computing Science 10

Computing Science 30 (3412)

focusing on the object-oriented approach to programming. Students continue in the Python programming language to explore the object-oriented approach to programming. Other topics include dynamic data structures, recursion, and searching and sorting methods. If time allows, we will also introduce server-side scripting and databases. Prerequisite: Computing Science 20

Graphic Design

Graphic Design 10 (1416)

Graphic design focuses on the tools and technology used for 2D graphic design applications. Students will be develop skills in areas of photography, photo editing and vector graphic design. A variety of software tools and techniques used by real life graphic designers will be explored. Course will include:DSLR Camera & Lighting techniques, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects. Prerequisite: None

Graphic Design 20/30 (2416/3416)

Graphic Design 20/30 continues on from the introductory level where you will continue to develop knowledge and skills to work with real clients and create EPK’s (electronic Press kits), promotional campaigns, posters, flyers and even web presence graphics. All aspects of design 10 will be utilized and enhanced in creating these projects including Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, and Camera literacy. Prerequisite Graphic Design 20: Graphic Design 10. Prerequisite Graphic Design 30: Graphic Design 20.

Media Design & Comm

Media Design & Comm 10 (1417)

This course offers students a diverse experience in all aspects of film & video production (preproduction, filming, editing, green screen techniques, post -production and special affects). Students will use a variety of software programs in the production of your video & film making projects. The introductory 10 level will help students develop foundational knowledge and skills in many areas of pre-production, production and post-production. The course also covers an introduction to basic 2D Animation using Adobe After Effects as well as, Adobe Premier and Media 100 professional editing programs. Prerequisite: None

Media Design & Comm 20/30 (2417/3417)

Continues on from the introductory level where students will continue to develop knowledge and skills in many video & film making techniques all the way from script to finished product. Examples could include: TV programs, news and sportscasts, documentaries, short films, special effect scenes, 2D and 3D cartoon animation. Students will have a chance to experience all aspects of putting a professional production together including editing, music and sound design, special effects, color grading, 3D title sequences and these courses will provide them with the necessary skills to be considered for any film post-secondary film program. Prerequisite: Media Design & Comm 10/20.

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