Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)

Construction Intro

Students will develop processes and methods to complete practical hands-on projects. Students will learn to use a variety of hand and power tools safely. Construction intro will expose students be basic construction skills from choosing wood or composite materials, creating shop drawings, and tool use and care. Prerequisite:  None


Construction Multi Level

Students will develop their practical skills by completing projects that are more complex, while emphasizing safety.  Construction Technology 30 students will develop awareness and skills more appropriate for further pursuits in a technical post-secondary institution. Skills developed at these levels may include joinery skills, web and face framing and/or door and drawer cabinet making. Students may also learn how to develop a product for mass production. Prerequisite: Construction 10 or 20


Electro-Technologies Intro/Inter/Adv

Students will explore an array of electronic and robotic functions, applications, and principles. Students may design, build, and program robots to solve real-world problems. This is a great course for students to apply knowledge and critical thinking, while building their knowledge and capacity to work with electro-technologies. Prerequisite: Robotics Intro or Inter

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