High school English Language Arts (ELA) is more than reading and writing. ELA involves:
 communicating effectively in various places for many different audiences and reasons
 selecting appropriate forms, structures and technology for a variety of contexts
 understanding, appreciating and creating a broad range of texts (including multi-media,
visual, oral, and print)

Credits: The following ELA courses are 5 credits.

 50% minimum is required to progress to the next level in a sequence
 see Appendix B for details about transfers between course sequences
Important | Some schools have separate English classes in which English Language
Learners develop language abilities and background cultural knowledge while learning
course content, skills and strategies.

Diploma Path | -1 and -2 Course Sequences

ELA10-1, 20-1, 30-1
 engage with Canadian and international print and multi-media texts
 emphasize literary analysis to develop critical thinking skills
 develop strong comprehensive and communication skills for university and many postsecondary programs (entrance requirements for post-secondary institutions vary; be
sure to check their websites)

ELA 10-2, 20-2, 30-2
 engage with a wide range of texts and some literary analysis
 develop your communication skills through practical, creative and persuasive writing
and representing
 prepare you for some post-secondary education programs (entrance requirements for
post-secondary institutions vary; be sure to check their websites)
 Important | English 20-2 meets requirements Certificate of High School Achievement

Certificate of High School Achievement Path | -4 Course Sequence

ELA 10-4, 20-4, 30-4
 build language skills and learn additional reading and writing strategies for success
 emphasize practical applications that support your understanding, communication, and
other occupational skills
 prepare for the world of work or further training that may not involve post-secondary
Important | written consent and a learning plan are required to register in each -4
Knowledge and Employability (K&E) course

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