Global Studies

International studies will help you develop global citizenship in our ever-evolving world. Learn how to connect and lead in a global society through opportunities including: partnerships, exchange opportunities and 1 to 2 day intensive language learning events, participation in an international youth summit, international travel opportunities or completion of an international certificate ( products-services). Acquire second language skills to impact your intellectual potential, achievement in school, first language skills and citizenship. This program will
be continually evolving.

International students who require medical and dental assistance can go here

The 24 hour contact number is 1-866-883-9787

Regular contact number is 1-888-386-8888

6 am - 4 pm (Mountain time Monday - Friday)

7 am - 3 pm (Saturdays) 

Aboriginal Studies 10/20/30 (1454/2454/3454) – 5 credits each

Aboriginal Studies 10/20/30 is designed to enhance both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students understanding of the diverse Aboriginal cultures within Alberta, Canada, and the world. This program will explore the Aboriginal Cultures throughout their history, celebrating the rich traditions of oral knowledge, connections to nature and the continual pursuit of balance among individuals within the structures of family, community and society. As students’ progress in their understanding they will reflect on the connections and changes made to the aboriginal cultures by government legislation, policies, treaties and the residential school systems. Through this program students will be an active member of reconciliation as they learn the significance of all our responsibilities as Canadians to create change.

English Language Learning (1001)

ELL students may be required to complete an English language assessment upon arrival in order to determine their language proficiency level and ELL class placement. The focus of all levels is to develop English communication skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Besides the English language component, Canadian culture and academic skills also taught. Advancing to the next level is dependent upon the student’s competency at mastering the language requirements. Other courses will be included in the student’s timetable and we will try to tailor each timetable to reflect the individual student’s interests, goals and English level.

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