Social Studies

Social Studies courses explore relationships among individuals in various societies and
between societies. You examine cultural, economic, ethical, legal, and political issues that
communities face. These courses focus on understanding: who am I, what kind of society
do I want, and how do I and others shape our world?

Credits: The following Social Studies courses are 5 credits.


50% minimum is required to progress to the next level in a sequence

see Appendix B for details about transfers between course sequences
Sometimes schools offer a blended Social class, which combine two or more course
sequences in the same classroom.
Some schools have separate Social classes in which English Language Learners develop
language abilities and cultural knowledge while learning course content, skills and

Diploma Path | -1 and -2 Course Sequences

Social 10-1, 20-1, 30-1
 examine historical and contemporary aspects and relationships among citizenship,
identity and:
 globalization in 10-1
 nationalism in 20-1
 ideologies, such as liberalism, in 30-1
 examine relationships between citizenship and ideologies

Social 10-2, 20-2, 30-2
 explore historical and contemporary aspects and relationships among citizenship,
identity and:
 globalization in10-2
 nationalism in 20-2
 ideologies, such as liberalism, in 30-2

Certificate of High School Achievement Path | -4 Course Sequence

Social 10-4, 20-4

 connect your learning to everyday experiences as you respond to key questions:
 “Should we embrace globalization?” in 10-4
 “Should we embrace nationalism?” in 20-4
 emphasize the importance of diversity and respect for differences to promote a sense of
belonging and acceptance
Important | written consent and a learning plan are required to register in each -4
Knowledge and Employability (K&E) course

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