As noted in CBE policy, all school buildings and property are smoke free. And in accordance with the Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act, it is illegal for students to possess or consume tobacco products. E-cigarettes or vaping are likewise prohibited.

Vandalism / Property Damage

Students who intentionally or through carelessness damage school property will be accountable for repair or replacement. The School Act allows recovery of costs from parents for such damage.

Alcohol and Drugs

Students must not possess, use, or be in contact with alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medication intended for another person on school property, during the school day, or at any school-related activity.


Bullying means repeated and hostile or demeaning behavior by an individual in the school community where the behavior is intended to cause harm, fear or distress to one or more other individuals. Bullying can take different forms including physical, verbal (name calling and threats), social (exclusion or spreading rumours), and cyber bullying. Students have a responsibility to not participate in or tolerate bullying of another student.

Bus Conduct

Bused students will be assigned a specific bus and are responsible to the driver and the school for their conduct. Drivers will inform the school’s administration of any discipline concerns. Students who do not have charter passes may not ride the bus. If eligible students need to take another bus they must obtain a note from the office at the beginning of that day.

Food in Classrooms

Food and drinks should not to be taken into classrooms. Students may bring bottled water into class. Chewing gum is not permitted in the school because of the choking concern in PE or other classes where students are active and the mess and hygiene issues it creates when left stuck to desks and chairs. 

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