Mrs. Gilliland

Welcome to our 2021/2022 School year!

I am thrilled to be teaching here at Robert Warren again. On this page you will find information related to Band/ Music and PE.

PE 6/2 -6/3 

Reminder that all students need to have proper athletic footwear every day for class. Also, masks must be worn while doing any activities inside the building. Health will be wrapping up on Tuesday. All assignments are due. We will be working on Volleyball games for the next little while. This will give the students a chance to use the skills they have built earlier in September.

PE 8-1 

We will be starting our 1st health unit on Wednesday. Reminder that we alternate with Football games and proper footwear and outdoor clothes are required.

Music 6-1

We have started with our 1st of 4 instruments this week and they are super excited. We will be having our first performance tests on Thursday.

Jazz Band - We have started rehearsing Wednesday mornings at 7:30am. If anyone is still wanting to join please speak to me. It is encouraged that students have played their instruments for at least a year before attempting Jazz band as this is a unique style of music.

Junior/ Senior Band

It is so much fun to have everyone playing their instruments already! We are making huge progress in all the grades. Reminder that practice sheets are for homework. Please write down the amount of time and on what day you practice. At the end of the month have parents sign the page and hand it in. I encourage 15 minutes of practice 2-3 times a week. The you practice the more interesting the music will get. 

Senior Band Rehearsals will begin on Thursday October 28th at 7:30am

MPARW - Our wonderful band parent council meets the 1st Tuesday of every month. All are welcome to join or attend. We are looking for new members to help us out this year. Please contact me if you are wanting to be on the email list.

* Please note that all students will be bringing home a box of cards fundraiser. Please use this box as a demo box to share and all cards need to be sold as a unit and not individually. If your family does not want to participate please just return the box the next day. Students will earn $5.50 per box they sell towards their band accounts and the other $5.50 will go towards our band program. This wraps up the 18th.

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