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Sept 23 2022

Dear Parents of Robert Warren Students,

Welcome back to scheduled classes at Robert Warren. This is my second year at Robert Warren and I will be focusing heavily on Grade 6 this year! I will be teaching Science, Humanities and Comm Tech to our new grade 6s this year, as well as Construction 7, PE + 7 and filling a new role for me, supporting students in the area of mental health.

All courses have a related Google Classroom where you can find assignments, course content such as PowerPoints and more. If you are looking to find out if your child has handed in their assignments or see what grade they recieved, please check these on PowerSchool. The 1-4 grade on each assignment will not be visible on the main page, only if they have submitted it or not. To see the grade themselves, you must click on each assignment and find the STEMS section where each assignment will recieve up to 5 different grades depending on the class. For example, a student's ability to Understand a topic may exceed their ability to Write about it, so they will recieve one grade for how well they understood the topic, and a seperate grade for their Writing mechanics about the topic. 

In the event of a return to online instruction I will post instructions in the news feed of my Google Classrooms and begin to utilise my CBE YouTube account to post lessons and content videos for students. In the event we do go back online, my live classes will be held on Google Meet. The standard school schedule will remain in effect during online instruction.

with respect,

Señor Kozak

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