Sabrina Sessarego Michaluk

Hola! My name is Sra. Sessarego and I am at the school part-time this year working as a Learning Commons Teacher. As a Learning Commons Teacher, I support small groups of students in Spanish and English Literacy as well as Mathematics and Organizational Skills. I am originally from Argentina but grew up in Calgary, AB. I am happy to be a part of the Robert Warren Team.

We use a variety of tools and strategies during our Mathematics sessions, such as:

- Number lines and graphs

- Base ten blocks and other manipulatives, such as fractions, dice, cards, coloured squares, etc.

- Visuals 

- Reviewing past mathematical concepts that are foundational to Middle School and High School concepts, such as fraction operations, working with integers, solving algebra problems using PEDMAS (Paranthesis, exponents, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction), etc.

In our Literacy Blocks we use a variety of strategies, such as:

- Graphic organizers to organize our ideas for written projects, such as letter writing, paragraph writing, essay and story writing

- Reading fluency and reading comprehension support

- Use of EN/SP dictionaries, thesaurus

Organizational Skills

- Binder organization - dividers, schedule, bell times, making sure papers are in the appropriate section

- Time management - use of timers, weekly and monthly agendas to recall important dates, assignments, sports games and practices, etc.

- Locker organization

- Note taking

Student work from their Learning Commons Blocks are stored in their binders under the appropriate binder section. 

Please send me an email to my CBE account if you have any questions -

I will be updating this page throughout the year with more resources and strategies that we use.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

"Una escuela debe ser un lugar para todos los niños, no basada en la idea de que todos son iguales, sino que todos son diferentes" - Loris Malaguzzi Reggio Emilia 

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