Grade 3/4 A


June 20-24

MONDAY-Today we worked on measurement in math and students played a game, working to measure different lines and add up their lengths to make the greatest sum. 

TUESDAY- Students had a guest teacher in the morning and worked on reading and retelling from our story- The Secret Zoo. In the afternoon we began an exciting building project to try and create a marble run with our small groups. Pictures to come!

WEDNESDAY-We will be continuing our marble runs today, as well as working on learning about shapes in math!


FRIDAY- TODAY IS PAJAMA DAY!! Please feel free to wear your favourite jammies and bring a stuffy as well. Students should also bring a bag on this day as they will be starting to bring things home from the year. 

June 13-17

Monday-Our new health unit has begun! Students will be learning more about the human body and how it functions and grows. In math we are learning about Area and Perimeter. Students are learning to calculate the perimeter of shapes, and how to figure out the length of an unknown side.

Tuesday-Today was our last day with Coach Bob- learning about lacrosse. We learned and practiced so many skills and the kids in Room 2 did SO WELL! They have awesome lacrosse skills. We finished our map of Alberta today and we will be working on the legend tomorrow. 

June 6-10


Tuesday-Today we did a really fun science building activity and learned about the properties that make strong building materials. 

Wednesday- Our plants are coming home today! We grew radishes with our self watering planters. 

Thursday-Today we worked on our weaving project with Mrs.Butner in art and also learned more about paragraph writing in language arts.


May 30-June 3 

Monday- This morning we had a new desk set up in our classroom! We did some review in math and also learned about division today. We are learning how multiplication and division facts are all related! We also finally made our classroom goal of getting to 10 tally marks for 10 great classroom clean ups. Our prize that we voted on is a theme day where we dress like our favourite character! More information about this to come later this week. 

Tuesday-We have an assessment on our knowledge from our plant unit!

Wednesday- Today is a very special day, Sandra Lamouche is a world renowned hoop dancer and is coming to our school to teach the kids about hoop dancing and First Nation's culture. She will also perform for our school at 1:45pm in tha afternoon, outside in the soccer field area. Families are welcome to attend this!

Friday- We made lighthouses with our buddies today and continued to work on our maps of Alberta!

**Reminder! Monday is CHARACTER DAY! Students in room two worked hard to earn this special day and are invited to dress as their favourite character on Monday June 6.

May 24-27


Tuesday-We worked on the first part of our science lesson today on how plants reproduce and how humans have impacted many of the plants-fruits and vegetables we eat today! 

Wednesday- Today we visited Heritage Park for our school field trip. All DIV 2 kids had the chance to explore the park and learn more about Alberta's amazing history. We had a blast seeing all of the artifacts and taking a train ride!

** JUST A REMINDER FOR PARENTS- Please ensure your child is coming straight to you/a guardian after school and not lingering on the school grounds and park without a guardian/supervisor. Students who meet parents in cars should be going directly to their car to check in with their grown up and students who walk home should head straight there after school. Students have been given this reminder also! 

Thursday and Friday- Mrs.Reid is away today and Ms.Stobo is filling in. Kids will be busy with multiplication practice, science lessons, writing and hanging out with their little buddies.

May 16-19

Monday-We learned about "Author's Purpose" today and learned the acronym PIE- Persuade, Inform, Entertain. We spoke about the different kinds of texts and how to identify each one and then took some time to write about what we think our class read aloud- The Secret Zoo is and why. In science we are continuing our work on plants and we observed and measured our seedlings. We also created a flipbook about photosynthesis and learned about what plants consume and produce. *TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR SOCIAL STUDIES CUBES TO BE TURNED IN.

Tuesday- Today we worked on persuasive writing and worked on a Book Review page about a book we love and want to persuade our classmates to read. We also spoke about identifying a book's genre and practiced identifying what the author's purpose is when writing our book of choice. In gym we had our last day of mission impossible and took the time to explore all of the stations. This afternoon, Ms. Friesen taught us about seed dispersal and we practiced making and testing different kinds of seed pods to see how they travel and spread to create new plants.


Thursday- TODAY IS PIZZA DAY! Pizza is being provided for all staff and students from our Parent Council. We are so excited and lucky!! 

May 9-13

Monday-Mrs.Reid is away today and Mr.Marshall is filling in. The student's have a wonderful opportunity today to work on a glass fusion project with an artist in residence and I am so sad to have missed it. I can't wait to see what the kids were able to create today.

Tuesday-Mrs.Reid was away again sick. She hopes everyone had a fun day with Mr. Marshall.

Wednesday- We are having a ton of fun in the gym playing Mission Impossible! Check out some pictures of our adventures!  Today we began a Plant Unit and planted radish seeds in our self watering planters. We are anxious for them to grow!

Thursday- This morning we spent some time working on Interesting vs Important details with our read aloud. We are working on filtering information that we read and figuring out which details really matter! In science we are beginning to learn more about the parts of a plant and the things it needs to grow. We will dive into some interesting topics about plants and we will continue to nurture our seedlings!

May 2-6

Monday-We know many families are home today celebrating Eid and we wish them a very happy day with their loved ones! 

Tuesday- We had a busy and fun day today! We worked on our Social Studies project and continued to learn about how to turn our research into a GOOD COPY. We watched a special performance of a story with the CPO and we went to the gym with Mrs. Andres class for gymnastics. 

Wednesday- HATS ON- for Mental Health day. Wear a hat today to support Mental Health initiatives. We are going to be continuing our work on multiplication strategies and build our knowledge of multiplication facts for better fact fluency. 

April 25-29

Monday- Today we began a new read aloud called The Secret Zoo. The kids chose from four book options and this was the clear winner! We are continuing our work on multiplication strategies today.

Tuesday-We are working on a dance routine with Mr. J in gym!

Wednesday-We are working on some fun things in science! We are completing some experiments this week to learn more about how vibration travels through solids, liquids and gases and participated in some fun activities including creating kazoos, using a balloon to measure sound vibration, and watching how vibration travels through water using a tuning fork.

Thursday- Today we are going to perform our group dances in front of the entire class. We worked hard all week to memorize and create our routines and learned a lot about communication, teamwork, and performance. We made cards for Mr.J to say thank you for the fun experience!

Friday- This morning we worked hard on our Social studies projects and we are learning a lot about the process of doing research and turning it into a good copy. We are also learning to find information and write it with our own words! We met our little buddies for the first time today and spent time reading and drawing pictures with them. 

April 19-22

Monday-PD day, no school for all students

Tuesday- Our dance residency begins today! We will be learning about hip hop from an instructor in our gym period this week.

Wednesday- We are working on a couple of collaborative art projects including creating 1/4 of a flower-which ties in our fraction unit, as well as art. We are also working on some fun new dance moves with Mr.J in the gym and he is teaching us about rhythm, the language of dance, and how to come together as a community to build each other up.

Thursday- Today we are spending time on our Alberta research project. Students in room 2 have been using various sources to find more information about a specific region of Alberta- ask your child what region they have and what kind of new information they have learned.

Friday-Today we are going to be trying out a new science experiment within our Hearing and Sound unit!

April 11-14

Monday- Ms. Reid is sick today and Ms. Butner is filling in! 

Tuesday-We have a Spring Assembly this morning and the Kinders and PLP classes are going to share their learning with us. We are continuing our research on the Alberta Regions today. Ask your child which region they are studying and what they know about it so far.

Wednesday-Today we have a guest teacher in the afternoon while Ms. Reid works with grade 3 students. We played fraction bingo, and watched a Bill Nye science video about hearing and sound. 

Thursday-We are going to play Omnikin with the grade 5's and the other grade 3/4 class today. This is a great chance for all of the Div 2 kids to come together and participate in a fun, cooperative activity. We are continuing to learn about sound and vibration in science. Today we are going to be participating in a science experiment using cups and strings. Ask your child how it went!

April 4-8th

Monday April 4- We had a great first day back at school together. We did some writing and sharing about our Spring Break and also completed a "Find a Friend" page and chatted about different things we did during our time away from school. In gym we played a new game called "Sink the Ship" and in math we worked on a new page in our math journal all about fractions. Ask your child to tell you one new thing they learned or remember from their first day back!

Tuesday April 5- We have Mr. Marshall for gym today and we will begin our Social Studies-Regions 3D cubes project. We also began our Mindfulness Journals today as well as played a fun game in language arts called- Fortunately, Unfortunately. See if you can get your child to teach you how to play!

Wednesday April 6-

Thursday April 7-We have a fire drill today at 9am- Practice being SAFE! SILENT! SERIOUS!

Friday April 8--It is our Chapters/Indigo Books fundraiser tonight at Chinook Mall-Chapters store. Any purchases made at the fundraiser will help raise money for RMS! :) We had an extra gym period today! Ms. Ryogoku and the grade 5 class taught us all about playing Omnikin! We also began an art/math project today and created pixel art.

March 14-18th

Monday March 14- We began working on fractions in math today. We used our playdough to create one WHOLE, and then split it into halves, quarters and eighths. We worked on our regions flip book in social studies, and we also started watching the movie Wall-E to wrap up our science unit, and to celebrate finishing The Wild Robot.

Tuesday March 15- Today we continued our work on fractions in math. We worked on making the letters of our names into fractions and counting how many vowels/consonants we have and how we can write that in fraction form. In Social Studies we are continuing to learn more about the 6 regions of Alberta. Ask your child to tell you something about one or two of the regions! 

Wednesday March 16-Today we worked on a fraction sorting activity and also played a fraction game. We are learning skills and games with scoops and balls in the gym and student's are practicing their hand eye coordination!

Thursday March 17- Happy St Patrick's day! All kids are invited to wear green today. We will be working on some special St Patrick's day activities such as building fraction rainbows and learning about the history and traditions of St.Patrick's day with a reading comprehension activity. 

March 7-11th

Mon March 7- The book fair is open and kids are welcome to bring money and shop during school hours. You can also continue to log on and shop through the virtual book fair. This morning Mrs.Reid had to run out so Mrs. Polga stepped in and worked with the kids for the rest of the day. They worked on learning more about our Alberta Regions this afternoon and drew pictures of the landscape. 

Tues March 8- Today we are working on our Social Studies unit on the regions of Alberta. Kids are working on drawing the landscape of each region and will start learning more information about features of each region such as the vegetation, 

Wed March 9- Today Mrs. Reid is away and our guest teacher is Mrs. Butner. The kids are working on a study guide for the science quiz tomorrow, and we are wrapping up our Waste in our World unit. Students are also going to be making a book review for our read aloud- The Wild Robot.

Thurs March 10- Tonight parent teacher conferences take place from 3-730pm. 

Friday March 11- NO SCHOOL- parent teacher conferences.


-Cookie Dough Orders/forms are due on MONDAY

-Check out Ms.Polga's Fine arts blog:

-Next week is our last week before Spring Break!

-On Thursday students are invited to wear green for St.Patricks Day!

FEB 28-MAR 4th

Mon FEB 28- This morning the grade four students participated in a survey which asked them questions about their feelings and experiences at school. In math we did an assessment on our multi digit addition and we started a new topic in Social Studies, talking about our Quality of life and what influences quality of life for people around the world.

Tues MAR 1- We played pillow polo in the gym with Mr. Marshall! In science we are continuing our waste free lunch challenge and students are doing a great job sorting the items from their lunches to try and reduce the amount of waste in our garbage daily. Thank you for all of your hard work and involvement in this project.


-The RMS bookfair is on!  If you'd like to order from the book fair online between Feb. 28th- March 10th-scan the QR code on the flyer that was sent home on Monday. We will be previewing the Book Fair in person during school time on Wednesday. Students will be invited to purchase books from the book fair at school, next week.

-Booking for parent conferences is open! 

Wed MAR 2- We previewed the book fair this afternoon and came home with a wishlist of things we had our eye on. Students are invited to bring money next week on MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY!  Just a reminder, PT interviews are next week on Thursday and Friday. Booking opens Friday.

Thurs MAR 3- We had a fire safety presentation this afternoon- be sure to ask your child about what they learned and chat about your family's fire evacuation plan.

MAR 4-

FEB 22-25

FEB 22-Today was a busy day. We worked on our elaborative detail in our writing and worked to describe a winter scene. We did a lunch audit and went through what we had packed for lunch and what things went into the garbage, compost, recycling etc. In math we are working on multi digit subtraction and used blocks to practice the concept of borrowing. In science we watched a video about a Trash Eating Robot that is helping clean up garbage from our oceans.

FEB 23- PINK SHIRT DAY! Students are invited to wear a pink shirt to school today and we will be participating in an anti bullying presentation in the morning. This afternoon we had library and we continued our work on subtraction and in science we discussed our ideas for cleaning the ocean and reducing the amount of waste we put into the world. 

FEB 24-This morning we worked on a reading assignment which focused on National Random Acts of Kindness day. Ask your child what they learned about this important day. We also began creating acrostic poems about KINDNESS and in science we are working on reducing our food waste for our lunches and snacks. A note is coming home today about an upcoming challenge! Next week the kids in grade 3 and 4 are going to participate in a WASTE FREE/WASTE REDUCTION challenge with our lunches and snacks.

**Cookie dough fundraising forms came home yesterday! Orders are due on March 14. 

FEB 25- We has an extremely busy finish up Friday! Kids worked hard today to finish science posters, kindness poems and math. Have a great weekend!

FEB 14-18

Feb 14-Happy Valentine's Day! Students are invited to wear pink, white and red if they choose. We had such a fun day together-making Valentine cards, creating messages of kindness for our school Kindness tree, and just being together again in person. 

Feb 15- Today we worked on creating kindness reminders/messages for our classroom. The students were asked to write about what they thought it meant to be a kind classmate and student in the school and what they would do to show kindness to their peers. In math we used special treats to graph and answer math questions. The students are bringing home their treats to check with parents before they eat them! In science we began a lesson about the human heart and how it works. We will continue this lesson tomorrow.

Feb 16- We are working on reading and gathering information today and learning more about Kindness in the world. Students will read a passage about Random Acts of Kindness day and will use their close reading skills to remember and acquire information. We will finish our science lesson on the heart today as well!  We also have a special kindness assembly led by the grade 1/2 classes in the morning. 

Feb 17-TEACHERS CONVENTION-No school for all students

Feb 18-TEACHERS CONVENTION-No school for all students

JAN 24-28

Jan 24- This week we are continuing our work on story planning and story writing. We are working on our addition strategies, and in Science we are beginning to learn about Waste in our World!

Jan 25-Today we reviewed nouns and verbs. Most of us remember this from last year but we need to review and continue our practice! You can help point out nouns and verbs at home or in the car!  We will also be expanding this to include adjectives and adverbs. In math we are practicing addition using expanded form- have your child show you! This is a great video if you need some review at home:

Jan 26-Today we worked on elaborative details of critical characters in our stories. We worked on describing a Snow Monster and then wrote a short story about coming across one in the forest. In Science we are learning about producers, consumers and decomposers today- along with the energy cycle. Check out this video for some great information and a fun lesson.

Jan 27- Grade 3/4 students had a guest teacher in today and worked with her on some laptop jobs throughout the day. They read more of our classroom read aloud- The Wild Robot, answered questions about the story, worked on mathletics jobs and played volleyball in gym. They also created flip books for Producers, Consumers and decomposers and made notes about information they learned from videos.  

Jan 28-

JAN 17-21

Jan 17-We are working on story writing using picture prompts. We learned about creating dramatic, suspenseful and descriptive beginnings. In math we started a data collection project and in gym we are beginning our unit on volleyball.

Jan 18- Today we continued with our work on story writing and used a picture to create descriptive beginnings. We brainstormed adjectives to describe the things we were seeing in the picture and then wrote an entertaining beginning. In math we continued our work on pictographs, and we also continued our projects on Data Collection. Each student and their partner is working on creating a survey question and collecting data. In Social Studies we learned a little about Tunisia and the holy month of Ramadan. We also learned about Eid and many students in our class shared their experience with these two important traditions.

Jan 21-We had a busy and productive Friday morning. We spent time learning about festivals and holidays in Tunisia and also in Ukraine and discussed how we can read for information using our textbooks and other resources. We played a game in volleyball called Pass 21 and we did our best to finish up activities from earlier in the week. Have a great weekend everyone!

JAN 10-14

Jan 10- Welcome Back!! Thank you to all of the students for doing such a great job with their masks today and we will continue to practice being together safely.  In Phys Ed we started a fitness unit and we will be working to build our conditioning and strength, tracking our progress and also setting and working towards goals. In Science- we learned about how animals survive extremely cold climates/habitats and we are completing a lesson on building a home to suit a cold climate.

Jan 11-We worked on our writing from yesterday and really tried to concentrate on expanding our ideas and giving details to the reader. We also used checklists to ensure that we were remembering our sentence structure, punctuation etc. In math we learned about pictographs and we will be continuing to learn about collecting data and showing in in different forms.

TERRY FOX UPDATE (Better late than never :) )

This year, Roland Michener School came together to raise an incredible $638.95 for cancer research for our Terry Fox School Run. The Terry Fox Foundation is so grateful for our commitment and dedication. It is wonderful to see that Terry continues to inspire millions of students across the country. If you have not donated and would still like to contribute, our school donation link is still open at 

Jan 12

Jan 13-This morning we worked on creating an interesting beginning using a picture prompt that we pulled from a basket. It was a surprise about which prompt we would get and each student needed to formulate a story idea and beginning to match the prompt. Many of us found this quite challenging! In math we are working on data collection and learning how to create bar graphs and pictographs. We are working hard on our self portraits. Check out the photos attached!

Jan 14

DEC 13-17

DEC 13- **Today it is 'DECORATE YOUR DOOR DAY!*  Our science project presentations start today! This morning we worked very hard on our door design and the students worked collaboratively to plan, vote, graph and build our beautiful door. This afternoon we worked on a math data collection and graphing job, and we also continued to learn and practice our song on the instruments with Mrs. Butner. Three science groups presented this afternoon and they did a great job. 

DEC 14-**Today is 'SILLY CHRISTMAS/WINTER SWEATER DAY' All of the winter/Christmas sweaters looked great! Thanks for showing your holiday spirit!  This morning we worked on identifying a character in our Wild Robot book and exploring their traits, feelings and actions using evidence from the book. We played gaga ball in gym and we worked on a math review booklet in the afternoon. Our science presentations continued today and all of the groups did a wonderful job!!



DEC 17-**Today is 'PAJAMA DAY!' Today was the last day of school before winter break. We had a lovely and fun morning, and watched our winter assembly. I hope you have a wonderful break and we will see you all again on January 6th!!

DEC 6 -10

DEC 6-We are continuing our work on our Endangered Animal project today and working on our research with a partner. In math we built number lines with a variety of numbers from 0-1000, putting them in order from smallest to greatest. 

DEC 7-We worked on some writing jobs in our Wild Robot books today made connections with the emotions that our main character Roz is feeling. We wrote about times in our life when we have felt similar emotions. We are also learning how to do 'Close Reading' and are using a bookmark to identify things in our reading such as- evidence, connections, and interesting information. 

DEC 8- This morning we worked on identifying the characters from our book The Wild Robot and using evidence from the text to describe their character traits. We learned a new game called Netball in the gym today- ask your child if they liked it. In science we are beginning to start our good copies for our Endangered Animal project.

**Please remember to continue to send in Loonies for Lunches. Your small donation helps children and families in need!


DEC 10


Monday November 29: 

This morning we began reading from our book "The Wild Robot" and we sketched the setting of the story while we read. We used evidence from the text to support the reasons that we were drawing things and listened closely to the details. In math we used our shakers to come up with 2 different numbers and compare them using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. We spoke about the knowledge of First Nations people and how they pass that knowledge down to their children through oral traditions. We did NOT visit the library this afternoon- we will go on Wednesday this week instead.

Tuesday November 30: In math we worked on ordering numbers today from least to greatest. In grade four- students are expected to be able to order and compare numbers up to 10,000 and in grade 3 students should be able to do this with numbers up to 1000.

Wednesday Dec 1: Mr.Marshall was in for Mrs. Reid today as she was home sick.

Thursday Dec 2: We worked on identifying animal adaptation examples in our read aloud this morning, and also worked on character traits for our main character Roz. In math we are exploring some math/number talks and did some Estimation mysteries together. In science we are beginning our Endangered Animal Unit today! Ask your child what animal they chose and who they are working with.

Friday December 3: This morning we were very busy! We had the pleasure of watching the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra perform Little Red Riding hood during our snack time. In math we continued our work on rounding whole numbers and will practice more next week. We began our research for our science unit today- ask your child what their animal is and who they are working with. Many of the students had the chance to hold Eloise today and a big shout out to Sophia and Lukas for helping with her daily care! They are doing and amazing job.

NOVEMBER 22-26th

Monday November 22: Today we worked on writing our best personal narrative, using a checklist and a rubric to guide our work. We spent the afternoon observing our mealworms and documenting their progress, as well as learning more about Eloise the bearded dragon. We spoke about her natural habitat and her diet and the kids were excited to watch her hunt!

Tuesday November 23: Today we learned more about how to begin stories in an exciting way in order to "hook" the reader. We learned about 6 different ways we could begin a story and Mrs. Reid read examples for us to listen and identify which one the author was using. We used this knowledge to re-write two story beginnings with our own interesting ideas! In math we are continuing to practice representing numbers and we did a quick assessment of our knowledge. We are also continuing to practice our math addition and subtraction fact fluency. 

Wednesday November 24: Today we used story prompts to rewrite story beginnings in two different ways- choosing from these beginning ideas: ACTION, DIALOGUE, THOUGHTS/QUESTIONS, SOUND, SETTING and CHARACTER.  Ask your child which ones they chose!  In math we did a place value assessment which will be coming home this week, and in Social Studies we worked to finish some of our letters from our First Nations ABC project. Our mealworms have been a fun project and today we fed them carrots!

Thursday November 25:

Friday November 26: NO SCHOOL TODAY. PD day

NOVEMBER 15-19th

Monday November 15:

Today we worked on-->

-We spent the morning working on Persuasive Writing and tried to convince Mrs. Reid in our journal what kind of class pet that we want. We learned how to brainstorm our reasons and build arguments to support them. Ask your child what animal they chose and the reasons why!  We also started a new unit in gym today and we will be learning and playing badminton. 

-In Science we are starting a new unit on Animals! Today we learned that scientists classify animals on similar characteristics and we learned the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. Ask your child to explain this to you tonight!

Tuesday November 16:

Today we worked on-->

-This afternoon we worked on the letters I and J in our First Nation's alphabet book today. With a partner, we used our Social Studies textbook, along with videos from Mrs. Reid to gather important information about the topics iinii and jump. Ask your child what they learned about these topics!

-We worked on our persuasive writing this morning and used the OREO graphic organizer to guide our work. We learned how to state an opinion and give reasons and evidence for our opinion. 

-It was EXTREMELY cold and windy out today. Please remember to send your child with a warm coat and winter shoes so they can be comfortable during their time outside. 

Wednesday November 17:

Today we worked on-->

-EXCITING NEWS! We got a new friend in our classroom today. Her name is Eloise and she is a bearded dragon. A note and permission form is coming home with your child today. Please read through, sign it and return it to school as soon as possible. We will be observing her, taking care of her and learning about her over the next few months to help support our science curriculum. I'm looking forward to sharing this exciting classroom opportunities with students.

**THANK YOU TO ALL PARENTS WHO SENT IN A CONTAINER FOR OUR CLASSROOM CRITTERS. We will be raising mealworms and learning more about their care and life cycle. 

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