Grade 3/4 B – Room 7

Weekly News Jan 11th to Jan 15th

Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to assist your child with online learning.  We have enjoyed seeing them at our MEETS while watching them learn and grow.  They were active participants on our class MEETS and it was nice to get a glimpse into their lives through our Show and Tell.

A Few Reminders:

·      Just a reminder that in-school learning begins again on Monday, January 11th at 8am. 

·      Please have your child bring their masks and full water bottles.

·      We have the playground so please send them with warm snow gear each day next week.

 Things to Note:

·      We are hoping to change the full class seating plan to accommodate learner needs.

·      Non-Instructional Day January 29th

 We are looking forward to seeing them again on Monday.  Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Butner (  &  Mrs. Friesen (

Weekly News Jan 4th to Jan 8th

Ms. Butner, Ms. Andres and Mrs. Friesen wanted to send home a letter regarding the expectations for the week and some of our plans.  Here you will find a very similar format to our last online adventure in November with a similar workload expectation. Students will have mandatory MEETS with us twice a day where we will log attendance and where we will teach virtually for the block of time. Your child will be given the opportunity to set up MEETS with us through-out the day for individual support or will have the option to reach us through email/phone if they have quick questions.

We will have a combination of curricular daily lessons on Google MEETS and will offer open question time at the end of each MEET.  We will also be offering one on one lessons and learning support times each day.  At 8am each morning, the tasks will be shared with students in our Room 7 Google Classroom (Students are required to log on and complete their attendance in the classroom). All subjects will be taught on Google Classroom, however the focus will be on the core subjects – Language Arts, Math, Science and Social.

Google Classroom

Your child should already have joined and accessed their google classroom in class.  If your child is having difficulty accessing their email or google classroom, please let us know.

Please See your Email for Google Meet Info or Contact Us

Schedules- These schedules are flexible and are to be modified based on each learners need.  If your child is sick we are not expecting them to complete any assignments.  They may work on these tasks when they are feeling well enough to complete work.

The schedule each day will be (Monday-Thursday):

8:00am - Daily work will be posted each morning in both Room 7 Google Classrooms

8:00am-9:30am – Assignment Completion Block/One-on-One Support

9:30am - 10:15am – There will be an Instructional Lesson and we will be taking attendance at this time. This will be live at 9:30am on Google MEET and you will need to use the code:  Room7RMS

10:00am - 11:30pm –  Assignment Completion Block/One-on-One Support/Literacy Support


1:00pm - 1:30pm –Assignment Completion Block/One-on-One Support

1:30-2:15pm – There will be an instructional lesson with a focus on Math and we will be taking attendance at this time. This will be live at 1:30pm and you will need to use the Google MEET code:  Room7RMS

2:00pm-2:40pm – Assignment Completion Block/One-on-One Support


Friday Schedule:

8:00am - Daily work will be posted each morning in both Room 7 Classrooms

8:00am-9:30am – Assignment Completion Block/One-on-One Support

9:30am - 10:30am – There will be an Instructional Lesson. This will be live at 9:30am on Google Meet and you will need to use the code:  Room7RMS

10:00am - 12:00pm –Assignment Completion Block/One-on-One Support

12:00 ‘Dismissal’

During One-on-One Support, a teacher will be available to assist students if they require extra support to complete lessons or have questions they need answered.  To book a time with us, please contact us email and we will set up a time where we will offer additional help with lessons, reading supports and other assistance. 

If your child is unable to attend an instructional lesson or is too ill to complete work, please let their teacher know so we can adjust their lessons as necessary.

This schedule starts to Monday, January 4th and goes to Friday, January 8th at noon.  We will make sure that students have a little extra time to do the first few assignments in case there are any problems logging on.

Thank you for your patience as this gets sorted out together. We will email all the information out to you in the New Year again, before school begins.


With sincere appreciation,  

Sandra Butner/  &  Kirsten Friesen/

Roland Michener Elementary - (403) 777-8240

Weekly Class News for Dec 14th – Dec 18th 

We are looking forward to a fun filled week as we write letters to an assisted living facility, create holiday arts/crafts and wrap up our unit on Charlotte’s Web!

Room 7B Weekly News:

  • We will be creating a Power Point about all the information we learned during our Alberta Animal Research Project.
  • The last day to give for Mayor’s Food Drive is Monday, Dec 14th.  We are accepting cash donations at the office or we have a virtual donation page similar to the one we had for Terry Fox donations. Here’s the link:  

·       Google Classroom is set up and running!  We are posting a variety of lessons for your child if they are home sick/isolating.


  • Christmas & Silly Sweater Day is Wednesday, Dec 16th
  • Christmas & Crazy Hat Day is Thursday, Dec 17th
  • Christmas & Fuzzy Pajama Day is Friday, Dec 18th
  • Our Virtual Winter Celebration Assembly will be held tomorrow, Dec 18th.
  • There is Last Day of School before the Break is December 18th
  • School starts back up and done through and on our Google Classroom platform from your own homes the week of January 4th to January 11th

Hope this email finds you are well. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Kirsten Friesen & Sandra Butner 

Gr 3/4 Teachers  

**Mayors Food Drive-Dec 1st-14th**

 3 Ways to give:

  • The drive is accepting food donations this year same as every other year but we are trying to limit the touch contact (more below)
  • Great items to give are canned, boxed or anything in a sealed bag or tin.  
  • We will have a box for cash donations in the office. We may have to manage these the same way we managed the Remembrance Day donations.

Week of December 7 - December 11

Monday Mayor's Food Drive: Thank you for the donations! If you wish to donate online to to  We have new Word Work words (List 6) this week. 

Tuesday We put our Word Work List 6 in alphabetical order. Today we used laptops and worked on our Mathletics assigned tasks as well as Raz Kids for reading.

Wednesday Our animal research projects are almost done! Next week, students will be creating a google slides show with all of the information they gathered and learned. In math we have begun to learn about rounding numbers. Ask your child about the two rounding rules.

Thursday We started a new unit in Social Studies today: Communities in the World. In math we practiced rounding to the nearest 10.

Week of November 30 - December 4

Monday - November has come and gone! On this last day in November we started a new Word Work List, reviewed Waste and Our World vocabulary and wrote about what we are grateful for. Mayor's Food Drive begins tomorrow, December 1st. Friday December 4th there is no school as it is a Professional Development Day for staff.

Tuesday - We had the laptops today. Students read books on Raz Kids, math on Mathletics and keyboard skills with the in Dance Mat Typing. In science, students participated in an online activity where they sorted materials either waste, recyclable or compostable. There was a practise firedrill this afternoon, which went well. Thank you for your donations for the Mayor's Food Drive!

Wednesday - Students participated in Charlotte's Web activities. We brainstormed characteristics of Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider, created a Venn Diagram to compare them, and watched the original movie (1979). In math we further explored expanded form by playing the game Beat The Teacher.

Week of November 24 - 27

Tuesday Nov 24

This week we came back from self-isolation on Tuesday. Laptops were given out and students worked on Mathletics and Raz Kids as well as some assignments in Google Classroom.

Wednesday Nov 25

While in self-isolation we began a Science unit called 'Waste and Our World'. Students have been learning about organisms that break down plants and animals (decomposers), the importance of reducing, reusing, recycling and how we can reduce the amount of organic matter as well as man-made materials that go into our landfills.  

Thursday Nov 26

Art card orders were sent home. Some are still to arrive so if you have not received your order we will be receiving more orders during the next three weeks. 

Friday Nov 27

We are participating in the Mayor's Food Drive which begins December 1st and goes to December 14th. If you would like, please send non-perishable food item donations to school with your child. Cash donations are also being collected (in envelopes or sealed bags). Donations can also be made online at

Mugs that were ordered through our art card fundraiser were sent home today. 

Next week - Please ensure your child wears suitable outdoor clothing. Playground - we are scheduled to use the playground next week for outside time. Indoor shoes - please ensure your child has a pair. Outdoor clothing - please be sure to send your child to school with the appropriate outdoor clothing.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

Ms. Butner and Mrs. Friesen

Weekly Class Update for Nov 23rd – Nov 27th 


The children got straight to work unloading their bags and organizing their desks.
Today we found everything we needed without a problem!

We just wanted to let you know that we had a great first day back! The students were very excited to be back at school learning, had lots of stories to share and fell quickly back into routines. It was very nice to be learning in person again.  We miss those who were not able to be with us today, but hope they are well and will be rejoining us soon.  Today we counted and we have 17 student days left until the Winter Holiday Break (as Dec 4th is a PD Day)! Just a few more weeks and we will be off for a break.   Thank you for trusting us with your children. We are working hard to keep everyone safe.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I have updated the blog with pictures of students opening up their treasure bags.  
 Hope this finds you well, 
 Kirsten Friesen

Students desk have been cleaned, wiped and bagged.
Our bookshelves have been blocked off, dated and put in quarantine.

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated online and made the effort to encourage their children to sign onto meets, work hard and complete their lessons!  We know you are busy and we appreciate that you took the time to set your child up to learn.  The transition was a lot smoother this time and we are thankful to all our new computer skills that allowed us to transfer online so quickly.  It was an unexpected change in routine and now we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back again tomorrow, November 24th (as it is our lift date).   

We had a discussion with the students about our classroom this morning and what it will look like when we return.  On November 11th, the CBE sent in a team of trained cleaners who sanitized and disinfected our entire classroom. It has remained untouched up until this point.  There are pictures posted on our classroom blog if you would like to see what our classroom looks like after the cleaning has taken place.  As we mentioned to the children, we will continue to follow all the CBE protocols (mask wearing, sanitizing, staying within our cohorts, social distancing, etc.) to ensure we are keeping your children safe as they return back to class.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them or we can direct you to who will be able to help you. 

Room 7B Weekly News:

  • The weather appears to be above zero this week so we are looking forward to spending more time outside.   Please continue to send: Boots, Mitts, Toques, Snow Pants and a Warm Winter Coat.
  • We will wrap up our study on Alberta’s Land and Geography as we complete our stunning maps!
  • In Science, we will continue to work on the Waste and Our World unit we began online last week. 
  • Google Classroom is set up and running!  We are posting a variety of lessons for your child if they are home sick/isolating.
  • Here is the link to our classroom blog.  This week you will find class pictures! Please check it regularly:


  • There is No School on November 20th (PD Day)
  • Last day of classes, before our holiday break will be held on Dec 18th

Hope this email finds you are well. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Kirsten Friesen & Sandra Butner

Gr 3/4 Teachers in Room 7

Happy Long and Spooky Weekend!

In the Dark, Dark Wood Art to Compliment our Poems

October 29th, 2020  

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for Parent/Teacher Interviews!  We are looking forward to seeing you.  If at all possible, we would love for your children to join us at these conferences so that they may hear the great things we say about them and share their experiences and concerns.  We will be asking each parent to share 3 stars and a wish about their child (3 great skills/talents and 1 goal).    

By now, you should have received a link to admit you the conference at your selected times.  To meet with us, please click on the link labeled: Continue via browser and it will take you to the waiting room where we will be able to let you into the Conference Room at your selected time.    

Please know if there are complications with the links, we will phone you and have a phone interview in place of the video conference to save time and allow us to stay on schedule.   

Note: If you haven’t had a chance to book an appointment but would still like to connect, please email us and we will make time to connect with you.      

Thank you for all your support this year!

Class News for Oct 26th - Oct 30th


Learning about Wolves
'Look at our Big Snowball!' - T

Hello! It has been a great week here in Room 7 as we have learned more about Ourselves (as begin reflecting on our Growth Mindset Journey) and our home Province.

Room 7B Weekly News:

  • In Social, we have begun a beautiful map of Alberta!  Please look on our blog to see how we are learning about the different geographical regions in Alberta.
  • Our Alberta Animal Research Project has been quite fun, but very challenging. We are learning a lot of new skills to complete this project. Please support your child by reading about their animals in the evening.
  • Sleigh Bells Ring… Thank-you for sending snow pants and warm clothes!  The students have loved the extra time on the playground! **Please continue to send: Boots, Mitts, Toques, Snow Pants and a Warm Winter Coat.**
  • Thank you to everyone who has been sending extra masks and for supporting us as we are trying to keep everyone safe
  • Google Classroom is set up and running!  We are posting a variety of lessons for your child if they are home sick/isolating.
  • Here is the link to our classroom blog.  This week you will find new class pictures!
  • We have our first Virtual Set of Interviews next week (October 29th) and are looking forward to a new experience! When you sign up for a time, we will send you a link so we are able to visit face to face.  We are looking forward to ‘seeing you’ and chatting about your children.
  • We will celebrate Halloween on October 28th.  Students are welcome to celebrate by wearing a costume, but we ask they please abide by the list that follows as some of our traditions have changed due to covid:
    • Students must wear regular covid masks (no costume masks allowed), no weapons/gore, no costume props, no sharing of any treats, students must be dressed appropriately for weather and students must still be able to participate in all school activities (i.e. gym)


  • PICTURE RETAKES will be Monday, October 26th.
  • Halloween Event will be held on Wednesday, October 28th (See above for details)
  • No School: October 29th (Virtual Interviews 8:30am-7:00pm), October 30th (IPP Interviews), November 11th (Remembrance Day) and November 20th (PD Day)

Hope this finds you are well. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Kirsten Friesen & Sandra Butner

Week of October 19th-23rd


Read With Me Club 25 sheet was sent today! When your child reads and/or is read to, a parent or guardian signs and dates it. Please read for at least 15 minutes each night, and record it on your sheet (only ONE entry per day, please). Make sure a parent initials each day, or it won't count. When you have finished 25 readings, bring the form back to school, pick a prize, and then become a member of Read With Me 50 Club!

Our Weekly Classroom Computer Day! Happy Tuesday!

Weekly Update (October 19th–Oct 23rd)

We have had a great fall getting to know each other better and understanding how unique and fun our class can be together.  Your children are eager to learn and work hard to complete tasks and do their best work.  Sorry this is so long again… but it’s full of important information.  Please take the time to read through each bullet. 

Room 7B News:

  • In Social, we have begun our study of Alberta and its geography.  Please share stories you have about your Alberta ‘Vacations’ with your child so they feel more connected to our discussions and increase their background knowledge. 
  • We have begun a fun project in Language Arts involving Animals that live in Alberta.  Your student is very excited about researching and gathering information about their animal.  Please support your student by reading at night about their animal or printing off a web info sheet they can bring to class about their animal
  • This week we get the playground and are very excited to enjoy the fun structure and great exercise. It is hard work climbing up and down the bars!
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland… The weather has changed dramatically this last week.  With our option of having the playground during gym class, we will be spending more time outdoors this week.  **Please send your child with: Boots, Mitts, Toques, Snow Pants and a warm winter coat.**  We do not want anyone freezing and may call parents to drop off warmer gear if needed. 
  • Children are beginning to forget their masks.  We have a limited supply and will be asking parents to come and bring them masks if they continue to forget them.  To avoid this, please send extra masks with your student and double check they grab them in the mornings.  Thank-you for supporting us as we are trying to keep everyone safe
  • Google Classroom is set up and running!  We are posting a variety of our in-class daily lessons on the classroom.  Your child does not need to complete their list of assignments if they are in class as they will be repeated lessons.  It is just an option for those home sick and isolating to stay in touch and complete work. If you require passwords please email and we will send them to you.   Here is the CBE tech support link for your in-home support:  
  • Here is the link to our classroom blog.  This week you will find new class pictures! Please save it to your phone home screen as we will try to update it regularly:
  • We have our first Set of Virtual Interviews next week (October 29th) and are looking forward to a new experience! Booking becomes available the morning of October 22nd.  When you sign up you will choose a time and I will send you a link so we are able to visit face to face.  We are looking forward to ‘seeing you’ and chatting about your children.


  • PICTURE RETAKES will be Monday, October 26th.
  • No School: October 29th (Interviews 8:30am-7:00pm), October 30th (IPP Interviews with extended time slots 8:30-2:40pm), November 11th (Remembrance Day) and November 20th (PD Day)

Hope this email finds you are well. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Kirsten Friesen & Sandra Butner

Weekly Update (Sept 28th - Oct 2nd)

The Playground

We played hard today! We should all sleep well tonight! 

Meeting Our New Pets!

It's crawling on me!  -S

Learning about Animal Life Cycles

My worm is playing hide and seek... or he is sleeping? -M


We have had a great time with our friends in Room 7!  It has been a busy week full of laughter and fun while we have been learning and creating. Here is a little update of what has been going on in our classroom!

Room 7B News:

  • Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in Meet the Teacher on Sept 24th. It was lovely to connect with you and hear how your children are doing.
  • Our New Pets have been enjoying their new habitats and are quite spoiled. They are growing, mottling and some have transitioned into the pupa stage already. Please ask your children about this process. Check-out our blog for pictures and updates!
  • We FINALLY get the playground for the week! You have never heard more excited kids at recess!! See the pictures on our blog! J
  • Google Classroom is set up if your child is missing school for an extended time.  It will not be the exact lessons we are covering in-class, however it will be curriculum based and at grade level.  It will be initially set up for up to 10 school days and then adjusted the time if necessary.  If your child is feeling quite ill, we will not expect them to complete any lessons until they feel able to work.  Here is the tech support link for your in-home support:  Please watch your email and for paper sheets to be sent home with google classroom log-in information.    
  • Here is the link to our classroom blog.  This week you will find new class pictures! Please save it as we will try to update it regularly:
  • Terry Fox was a great success this year. We surpassed our fundraising goal of $500 that we had set for Cancer Research! Thank-you for all your support.
  • We have our first Virtual Assembly tomorrow (September 29th) at 10:15am and are looking forward to a new experience!
  • Orange Shirt Day is Wednesday, September 30th. Please discuss this day with your children and if possible send them in an orange shirt and we celebrate All Children Matter.
  • Parent Council is Meeting on October 6th. We would love to see new faces so please join them! The time is 6pm to 7pm.

Hope this note finds you are well. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Kirsten Friesen & Sandra Butner

Gr 3/4 Teacher 

Weekly Update (Sept 14th - 18th)

Our Rainbow Fish Art

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish learns how to treat others how he would like to be treated.  Artist: B!

The Best of Me Project

The Best of Me Project

Writing about the best part of me! Writing by: T!

We are having a great week here in Room 7!  We are settling into routines and enjoying learning lots about each other’s lives.  Here is a summary of our week.  It’s a bit lengthy but full of good information.

1.     This week we have started the book Charlotte’s Web. We have enjoyed meeting most of the main characters.   If you have any farm stories, please share them with your children so they can make more connections to Fern’s life on the farm.  

2.     In Phys Ed, we have begun preparing for our Terry Fox run on Thursday, September 24th. The students have been running laps around our school yard and as of today our class has currently completed 157 laps! During this event, we usually ask for “Toonies for Terry”.  This year we are asking for your toonies to be send via our Terry Fox Fundraising Page. All funds raised will be donated towards Cancer Research. Please support your child as they run by clicking and donating on the link:

3.     We are looking forward to meeting our ‘pets’ next week as we are beginning our units on Animal Life Cycles and Alberta’s Land.  If you haven’t already done so, please send a small Ziploc type contain with a snap shut lid to school that can easily fit in your student’s desks.  We are hoping to meet our new friends Monday. 

4.     September brings the beginning of Fire Drill Practices. We will be reviewing the safety rules and practices with the children as we prepare for our drills this month. 

5.     Our classroom blog will be updated regularly with important information.  You can find it at this link:

6.     We have booked Meet the Teacher Conferences to be held September 24th from 4pm - 8pm. There is more information listed below.  To sign up for a phone conference please click the on link below the class picture and follow the directions 


  •  Meet the Teacher Phone Conferences (September 24th , 4pm-8pm).  Please note you will receive a call from me at the time you have selected and it will be a blocked number.  If we miss each other please email me ASAP and I will try again.  :) 
  •  School PD Day next Friday (September 25th). There is No School that day. 
  • Orange Shirt Day (September 30th).  Join us as we celebrate Each Child Matters!


·      Please send a sweater and coat with your child everyday.  Our classroom can be chilly and we are encouraging outside play.

·      Please send a large water bottle with your child (to help us reduce hallway travel) and indoor running shoes.

·      If your child has been diagnosed with asthma or severe allergies send an inhaler/epipen in your child’s lunchbox and send me a message so we can store it appropriately.

·      Our classroom is quite large, please let me know if your child has glasses that they should be wearing during work times. 

For questions or information please contact:

Kirsten Friesen –

(also sent on behalf of Sandra Butner)

Our Classroom! It will look brighter once we decorate it with the students art! :)

Health and Wellness:

Is your child feeling ill?  Please see link below as it is the self assessment tool that parents/guardians need to do daily before sending their child to school and entry guidelines. If you have any questions please call 811 for answers as we are not healthcare professionals and can not provide answers.  

Self Assessment Tool for Parents

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We’ve shared an update with CBE families with important system information for the return to in-person classes on Monday, Jan. 11 #WeAreCBE