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Agenda for January 11-16th


  • We wrote about our Winter breaks! We continue to use a writing checklist to help us check our work and look for a capital letter to begin, finger spaces and correct end punctuation. 
  • We built sentences and worked on adding interesting (juicy) words! We added words like tiny, enormous, fluffy, soft, wonderful, amazing, and excited.
  • We had music with Ms. Butner.
  • We worked on the number 6 and ways we can build it. Insects have 6 legs and a hexagon has 6 sides. 
  • We played a math addition game with a friend and added 2 and 3 numbers. 
  • We did 5 finger breathing 
  • We exchanged our library books


  • We created a simple sentence. Then we used descriptive words to make them more interesting! 
  • We created addition and subtractions equations for the number 7. We also looked for things we see in 7's! There are 7 days in the week and 7 letters in the word October
  • We worked on greater than and less than
  • We read from our Poetry books and our Sight Word Poem book
  • We are working on reading stories and identifying the problem and the solution. 
  • We had music
  • We worked on our Sight word poems
  • We read a book and generated words that start with the letter F. We then wrote sentences using words that start with f and tried adding descriptive words to make our sentences more interesting.
  • We are working on greater and less than 
  • We are learning about 3D shapes
  • We read a winter sight word story
  • We counted by 10 and looked for the pattern in a hundreds chart
  • Mrs. Townsend read us a story called Share. We talked about how the story made us feel and if it reminded us of anything
  • We are working to identify the problem after reading stories. We then are sharing how the problem was solved
  • We played a subitizing math game where we try to recognize dot patterns in different forms
  • We worked on addition and subtraction and checking for what operation we need to use
  • We generated words that start with "g" and then wrote complete sentences with descriptive words
  • We are working to learn sign language. We tried signing our names
  • We talked about kindness and how we treat others
  • We listened to a story and identified the problem and solution
  • We read from our mini books
  • We worked on 2 and 3 D shapes
  • We wrote about the letter "h". We wrote sentences using as many h words as we could and adding descriptive words
  • We worked on checking our sentences for word a capital letter to start, finger spaces and period at the end. We also are working to use our word lists and and the word wall to check our words
  • We read our sight word poems

Important information

  • Please note to the right (or bottom depending on your device) there is a list of GRADE 1 AND GRADE 2 high frequency words posted. There is also a link to a website that shows different fun ways to practice learning high frequency words!

Please see below for a self assessment tool that parent need to do daily before sending their child to school and entry guidelines. 

Self Assessment Tool for Parents

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