Nov 30
November 30 - Update

At Ron Southern we are very proud of our rich and diverse community that is composed of many cultural backgrounds. To celebrate this diversity, we will be sharing our various cultural celebrations throughout the school year. For December/January, we have identified the following celebrations:

- Winter Solstice

- Hanukkah

- Chinese New Year

- Kwanza

- Bodhi

- Christmas

It is important to us that all our cultures are included. If you notice we have not included your December/January festitivies, please contact Zoe Serediuk (403) 817-7536.

Nov 23
November 23 - Update

Parent/Teacher interviews are this week.  Interviews are an opportunity for parents/guardians to engage in conversation with teachers regarding your child(ren)’s learning and social/emotional development.  Interviews are in person, however, if you prefer a phone conversation please email your child(ren)’s teacher before Thursday and they will make the necessary arrangements.

At last week’s school council meeting we presented our Digital Citizenship plan.  Every year, as a school we create a new plan to support students in having the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to demonstrate responsible and respectful behaviours when using technology or participating in digital environments.  This year we are focusing on the digital competencies of being safe and respectful when using technology and being online.  To support these competencies, we will be working towards the following two student goals:

  • Students will understand the importance of protecting personal information online.
  • Students will be able to apply skills and attitudes that support engaging in safe and empathetic online communities.   

For the first goal, teachers will be supporting students in creating age appropriate passwords and learning about the importance of keeping them secure.  For the second goal, students will be using their understanding of “Language of Relationships” that we’ve used for our Wellness goal, and learning to identify which situations are empathic and caring and which ones are not.  For more detailed information on our digital citizenship plan, please refer to the following   link

Nov 18
November 16 - Update

November 14 to 19, 2022 is Métis Week. Métis Week celebrates the culture, history and contributions of Métis people to Alberta and Canada. Our students are engaged in tasks/activities that help them understand who the Métis people are and their importance to Alberta and Canada.

A reminder that our School Development Plan is comprised of a literacy, mathematics and well-being for learning goals. Our goals are:

-Literacy goal (Third year): Student achievement in pre-writing and writing to develop, organize and express information and ideas will improve in English Language Arts.

-Well-Being for Learning goal (Third Year): The percentage of students who feel they are respected by other students and treated well by other students will increase.

-Mathematics goal (Second year): Student achievement in number sense within a problem-solving context will improve in mathematics.

Last year we saw an improvement in the number of students feeling respected and treated well at Ron Southern. We also saw an improvement in our September to June writing data which is exciting. In mathematics we saw a higher percentage of students sharing and asking questions in mathematics classes. Our next steps for this school year are as follows:

-to focus on the revision and editing phase of students’ writing;

-to continue to develop students understanding of others perspectives and empathy during conflict; and

-to focus students on making connections between procedures and mathematical concepts.

For this year, as a school, we identified key instructional strategies that will assist us in achieving these goals. More in-depth analysis of our school data can be found on our School Improvement Results Report (to be posted on Nov. 24th) on our school website under the “Our School” tab November 24, 2022. As well, we always encourage our community to attend the monthly School Council meetings. 

Nov 11
November 9 - Update

Tomorrow, we will be holding a Remembrance Day ceremony at the school. We would like to invite our parents and guardians to attend if you are available. Doors will open at 10:30 am. We have special guest Captain RH Delaney form the Regimental Gunnery and Training officer for Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) attending this ceremony. During the ceremony we will have performances from our students and our music clubs. Captain Delaney will also be visiting each classroom in the school either before or after the assembly. Students that are part of Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada are welcomed to wear or bring their uniform to school for this ceremony.

Lockdown Practice

Twice during a school year, schools in the Calgary Board of Education are required to hold lockdown drills. This allows students and staff to practice procedures we would use if an intruder were to enter the building. We do this to ensure the safety of all students in the event of such an emergency. These practice drills are done in a calm and orderly manner at a time in a school’s schedule that provides a variety of circumstances that could be encountered during a real lockdown.

Tomorrow, Thursday morning at 9:15am, we are having our first lockdown practice of the year. This is an announced drill so our students and staff have been reviewing procedures and practicing in their classrooms. Our second practice will be scheduled some time in the new year and will be unannounced to both staff and students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

Nov 02
November 2 - Update

What a winter day we are having today. With the colder weather, we would like to remind all families that unless the temperature dips below – 20 0C, the expectation is that all students go outside for morning and lunch recess. As such, we ask that students are prepared for the winter weather.

We had a great turn out at our last School Council meeting. We saw many new and familiar faces who had a variety of perspectives. Having many voices at the table is important as it allows us to be aware of and considerate of everyone’s views and values. These voices are essential in ensuring that the community and school events that are discussed and planned at Council are inclusive and equitable. We encourage you to attend our next meeting, and look forward to hearing your perspective at our next council meeting on Wednesday evening, November 9th.

On November 10th we will be holding a Remembrance Day ceremony at the school and this is open to our parents and guardians to attend. Doors will open at 10:30 am. During the ceremony we will have performances from our students and our music clubs. Students that are part of Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada are welcomed to bring their uniform to school for this ceremony.

Oct 27
October 27 - Update

Here we are nearing the end of October and Halloween excitement is in the air. For those of you who would like to participate in Halloween, students are welcomed to wear their costumes on Monday, October 31. We ask, for safety, that students do not wear costumes that involve weapons or scary masks. We will have students remove their masks when outside playing, during PE class as well as when walking in the hallways. In the afternoon, each class will be having a celebration in their classrooms. We know this is a huge ask but we would recommend that parents/guardians monitor how much candy comes to the school next week. We suggest one yummy treat in their lunch per day.

As the season and weather changes, so does our work around our School Development Plan (SDP). In September and October our work was about understanding our progress and what we can do to support our next steps in each of our school development goals related to mathematics, literacy and well-being for learning. Through this process of data analysis in the early fall, we identified that our next steps in mathematics involves further supporting student confidence and building their understanding of how procedures connect with the concepts in Mathematics. This Friday we will be working with teachers on our Math goal and supporting teachers in designing tasks that emphasize students connecting math concepts to the procedures they are using. You can also support this work at home by asking your child to explain their thinking when they are engaged in a math problem. For example, you can ask “What was your thinking when you added those two numbers together?” or “Is there another way you can solve that problem?”

Oct 19
October 19 - Update

Our first School Council meeting is today! We hope to see lots of our families attend this meeting. Each month the school shares important information related to system updates, school development plan, teaching and learning as well as exciting activities that your children are involved in. Your participation in School Council meetings also assists us in ensuring our stakeholders’ perspectives and voice are contributing to decisions made at the school level. In today’s meeting we will be sharing information and the progress we are making towards our School Development Plan goals. We will also be going over some exciting opportunities that are happening in our school.

Oh dear, I think we may have some cooler weather in our forecast. This week-end is a great time to dig out the gloves and toques and put them in your child(ren)’s backpacks. Please ensure that you child(ren) are dressed appropriately for the weather as the students are required to be outside for recess and lunch recess unless the temperature is below -20 including the wind chill.

To our families that celebrate Diwali, we wish you a happy Diwali and hope you enjoy your festivities with your families.

Oct 12
October 12 - Update

Hard to believe we are already halfway through our second month of school. We are happy to see that all the students have settled in and are engaging in rich learning tasks. As a school, we are reviewing and revising our School Development Plan (SDP) for the 2022-2023 school year. Our SDP goals are:

- Literacy goal: Student achievement in pre-writing and writing to develop, organizing, and express information and ideas will improve in English Language Arts (third year of three-year cycle).

- Well-being goal: The percentage of students who feel they are respected by other students and treated well by other students will increase (third year of three-year cycle).

- Mathematics goal: Student achievement in number sense within a problem-solving context will improve in mathematics (second year of three-year cycle).

The SDP will be posted on our website during the last week of November.

We appreciate the teachers volunteering and showing their commitment to the school community by offering various extra-curricular activities for our students. Clubs are a great way to learn, be connected to school community and meet new friends. All clubs are announced through general announcements in the school. It is important that students listen to these announcements. The clubs we are currently offering are:

- Art club (Div. I and II)

- Baton (grade 3 – 6) stating Monday October 19th

- Choir (Div. I and II)

- Friendship (Div. II)

- Hand bells (Div. II)

- Soccer club (Div. II)

- Yearbook (Div. II)

Oct 06
October 5 - Update

We are thankful for all our wonderful families and our fantastic Ron Southern community. It was great to see our families and some of our alumni attend the ice cream social hosted by the parent society. Who doesn’t love free ice cream! As always, we cannot express enough our sincere gratitude to our parent society team. They are an incredibly dedicated group of people who contribute to making our school community a strong one.

Mrs. Fernandez spent the week in Ottawa and received her Excellence in Teaching award directly from the Prime Minister! What a special experience that must have been for her. We are anxiously awaiting her return so we can hear all about her time in Ottawa.

We would like to welcome Madame Lapthorne who is our new French as a Second Language teacher. We received an OLEP grant that we are sharing with Woodman school to enhance our French language program in grades 4 – 6. Ms. Lapthorne will be teaching both our grade 6 classes as well as three of our grade 4 /5 classes. We are fortunate to have two of our grade 4 /5 teachers who are graduates of French Immersion themselves and can teach their own French. Hopefully, this will inspire our students to consider late French immersion for grade 7 or to take French or any other language through their school careers. This is one-time funding and a wonderful gift for our school.

This Friday the staff will be participating in a system-wide professional learning day focused on Indigenous Education. The first system-wide Indigenous Education Professional Learning Day was held on October 18, 2021 following support and approval by the Superintendents’ Team to design an annual system non-instruction day of professional learning focused on improving all staffs’ professional knowledge and practice.

Sep 28
Sept 28 - Update

We would like to welcome Yu Bin Tong (Mr. Steven) as our new facility operator to Ron Southern School.We would also like to congratulate Vicki Fernandez for being selected to receive the prestigious national certificate of excellence for the 2022 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.  Her leadership and expertise continues to impact her students, colleagues and the entire staff at Ron Southern School.  Receiving this award is an honour and proud moment for her, our school and community. 

Thank you to all our families that attended our Meet the Teacher interviews.  It was a pleasure to see everyone face-to-face and to have our school buzzing with energy and a sense of community.  Don’t forget to stop by on Thursday for the ice cream social hosted by our amazing Parent Society.  It will be a great way to mingle and connect with each other. It will be a “scream!”

This Friday is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The purpose of this day is to acknowledge the residential school experience, to witness and honour the healing journey of the survivors and their families, and to commit to the ongoing process of reconciliation. The orange shirt is a symbol representing the impact of residential schools. On Thursday, we are encouraging our school community to wear something orange or colors that make up orange (red or yellow). 

As a school, we engage in learning around Truth and Reconciliation throughout the school year. With community building being a focus in the month of September, our teachers are leveraging Indigenous teachings to support our on-going work in building community at Ron Southern School. Teachers are posing the following question to our students: What can we do to ensure we treat all Treaty 7 students with empathy and mutual respect every day? As a community we feel this is an important question to reflect on as people of Treaty 7 includes all people who make their homes in the region of Southern Alberta.​

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